WCW Saturday Night 1/31/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Rome, GA

1.) Jim Duggan defeated Louie Spicolli
2.) Mike Enos & Wayne Bloom defeated Disorderly Conduct
3.) Eddie Guerrero defeated Len Denton
4.) Yuji Nagata defeated Barry Horowitz
5.) Mortis & Wrath defeated Villano IV & Villano V
6.) John Nord defeated Evan Courageous
7.) Glacier defeated Bobby Blaze
8.) Chris Adams defeated The Renegade
9.) Steve McMichael defeated Kidman
10.) Bill Goldberg defeated Meng

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.) Scott Hudson and Mike Tenay are on commentary to take over for Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes.

2.) We hear from Raven after several matches. Raven says people need different things. Some people need family or they need titles. He says that Page is a prime example. He has known Diamond Dallas Page for quite some time. They have been friends and enemies. Raven says that DDP claims he doesn’t need the WCW United States Championship but yet he brings the title out every week and his trashy Nitro girl to the ring. There can only be one who is the best. Raven says Page may have came up with the diamond cutter but the Snake gave him the DDT.

3.) Lee Marshall conducted an interview with the WCW United States Champion, Diamond Dallas Page. Marshall talks about what Raven said earlier, but Page has no interest about that. They talk about Chris Benoit challenging for the WCW United States Championship. Page puts over Benoit as a hard worker and working his way up to being a top guy in Japan. Diamond says that he listened to the fans to give Benoit a shot at the championship. Page notes that a lot of people don’t help the young guys and he is going to help Benoit out because he is confident that no one will take his spot in the company. DDP doesn’t think that Benoit will be better than him on Thunder because nobody wants it more than DDP.

4.) Meng and Goldberg start off trading right hands until Goldberg takes Meng down with a body scissors. Meng backs Goldberg into the corner to deliver several more shots. Goldberg plants Meng with a spine buster. Goldberg and Meng trade strikes until Meng drops Bill with a boot to the face. Meng chops Goldberg in the corner but Goldberg fights back with a clothesline in the corner. Goldberg no sells some chops in the corner and gets a second wind. Meng gets control after kicking Bill on the knee. Meng nails Goldberg with a side kick and hammers away on Goldberg. Goldberg catches Meng and dangerously drops Meng on his head on a power slam attempt. Goldberg press slams Jimmy Hart off the top and Hart dangerously lands on his head. Goldberg finishes Meng off with the spear and Jackhammer to win the match. (*. Yeah, at this point Goldberg is still quite green as he dropped two guys on their heads. It was mostly a brawl between these two big men. I was surprised that Meng got as much offense he did and that the match went roughly five minutes instead of the normal two minutes or less for Goldberg.)

Final Thoughts:
A rather boring show this week. The feature match didn’t really do much for me. The one positive was Raven’s promo on DDP. They could have a fun feud if handled correctly.

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