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WCW Worldwide 1/7/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Scott Norton defeated Rick Valentino
2.) American Males defeated Scott D’Amour & Otis Apollo
3.) Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater defeated Men at Work
4.) VK Wallstreet defeated Frankie Lancaster
5.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Scott Armstrong
6.) Sting defeated Sgt. Craig Pittman

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene interviews Col. Robert Parker with a microphone that isn’t on, considering the echo. Parker talks about Sherri and how he is going after her love. All his money would belong to Sherri.

2. Pittman arm drags Sting to kick off the main event. Sting gets taken down with a fireman’s carry takedown. Sting gets some offense in and Pittman bails to the floor. Sting controls Pittman with a headlock. Pittman counters with a head scissors on the canvas. Pittman delivers a head butt to Sting’s midsection to get control of the bout. Craig focuses his offense on Sting’s left arm. Pittman could have gone for the Code Red, but simply decides against doing so. Sting fights back with a scoop slam but misses an elbow drop. Sting avoids a splash in the corner and a high knee lift. Sting kicks the knee and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock to win the match. (DUD. That was incredibly boring. Pittman is incapable of putting on an entertaining match with his poor choice of offensive moves.)

3. Mean Gene talks to Jimmy Hart about turning on Hulk Hogan. Hart puts over his own managing skills and Gene talks about all the guys Hart has screwed over. Hart doesn’t want to talk about Hogan but rather talk about the Dungeon of Doom. Hart storms off unhappy with the direction of the interview.

Final Thoughts:
A bad show to kick off the new year for WCW. The positive of the show was the performance of Scott Norton, who came across like a complete badass. I really enjoyed his squash match.

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