TNA Impact 7/12/2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
July 12, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Fresh off the heels of this past Sunday’s incredible Destination X PPV, Impact LIVE opens with highlights from Austin Aries becoming the “Greatest Champion that Ever Lived” at Destination X followed by a rundown of the BFG Series setting up tonight’s matches (RVD-Joe, Angle-Anderson) and the drama between Bully Ray and Joseph Park.

Anything Goes Unsanctioned Street Fight
“Calfzilla” Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

Bully Ray is holding his restraining order he has against Abyss as he comes down to the ring. Ray taunts Park as the bell rings and dares him to punch but as Park swings Ray backs away and taunts him more. Park swings wildly again and Ray avoids it and then slaps Park upside the head and then kicks him. Ray slaps Park and shoves him repeatedly and then spits in his face! Park with a b*tch slap sends Ray reeling and the fans going nuts! As Park gets hyped up Ray hits him from behind and puts things to an abrupt halt. Ray stomps Park down and then pulls his phone out and sends a tweet. By the way he really sent that tweet, I checked. Ray goes out to the floor and pulls weapons out from under the ring and tosses them in! Ray grabs a chair and goes to hit Park with it but Park takes Ray down and hits him with a series of punches! Park then picks up the chair! He holds the wrong way and took too much time allowing Ray to take him out again. Ray picks up a road sign and NAILS Park with it and then whacks him with a trashcan lid. Ray lays Park out on the trashcan lid and then goes for the Splash, but Park moves and Ray lands on the trashcan lid! Park gets fired up and lays into Ray with punch after punch and then bounces off the ropes with a series of Shoulder Blocks! Park then hits the ropes again and charges but eats a Big Boot from Ray! Ray goes back out to the floor and pulls out a bag from under the ring, I think it’s thumbtack time! Tenay says this is Ray sending a message to Abyss (as he has been well known to use the tacks). Ray grabs a microphone and says he’s going to do to Park what he should have done to his “sticking brother” a long time ago and then asks everyone if they know who he is! Ray grabs a kendo stick but walks into a cheese grater to the nuts from Park! Park then lays Ray out with the kendo stick! BIG POP! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! Park charges at Ray in the corner but Ray catches him with an elbow and then a clothesline. Ray grabs Park to slam him into the tacks but Park explodes out of nowhere with a Spinebuster into the tacks! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! Park picks up a trashcan and as he goes to hit Ray with it he walks into a shot from a chain wrapped around Ray’s hand! 1…2…3!

Winner: Ray via pinfall

After the match we see blood running down the face of Park as Ray taunts him. The look on Park’s face seems to change instantly as he sees the blood and he snaps! Ray charges at Park but eats the Black Hole Slam! THE BLACK HOLE SLAM! After he hits the Black Hole Slam he seems to snap back into himself as the fans chant “that was you” at him.

In the back Sting is walking with the Ace’s & 8’s cards before he rips them up and laughs into the camera.


Back from the break a replay of Park snapping is shown.

In the back Ray is picking thumbtacks out of himself and then says “who was that…who was that?!” He says he beat Joseph Park, but who was that after the match? Ray then walks away with a look of confusion on his face.

A look at the BFG Series Leaderboard shows Samoa Joe now on top with a one point lead over former leader James Storm.

BFG Series Match
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

Samoa Joe is in the lead with 37 points while RVD is in great need of a win here with just 7 points. Joe shoots in for a lockup but RVD smartly avoids it and Joe’s momentum takes him into the corner where RVD hits him with a dropkick from behind sending him crashing into the turnbuckles. RVD then drags Joe to the center of the ring and goes for a Mexican Surfboard on Joe but Joe quickly scoots to the ropes to break it. Joe and RVD lockup this time and Joe forces RVD into the corner but RVD uses the corner to kick himself off and then goes for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex but Joe blocks it and the two exchange Forearm Smashes. Joe gets the advantage after a European Uppercut and then he sends RVD into the corner. Joe charges at RVD but RVD gets his boot up! Joe catches his boot and then swings wildly at RVD but RVD ducks and nails Joe with a Spinning Heel Kick sending Joe into the corner! Joe SCREAMS and then goes flying at RVD with a Lariat! RVD retreats to the outside to catch a breather. RVD comes back into the ring and hits Joe with a leg kick and then goes for a 2nd one but Joe catches his leg and hit’s a Dragonscrew Legwhip! Joe puts the boots to RVD’s leg now, working on it. Joe and RVD exchange round kicks now but then Joe grabs RVD’s now bad leg and rolls him up into a Leg Bar! RVD gets to the ropes but Joe immediately goes back to work on the leg, stomping and standing on it. Joe picks RVD up and RVD backs Joe off with a series of body shots and then hits the ropes but gets caught with a Snap Powerslam by Joe! Joe looks like he’s going to go for the pin but then grabs RVD’s arm and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar! RVD rolls over and gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Joe hits RVD with a Knee Strike and then grabs RVD but RVD catches him with a high kick out of nowhere followed by a sliding dropkick to Joe’s legs taking the big man down! RVD follows up with a Spinning Heel Kick to the kneeling Joe followed by a NASTY Rolling Thunder to the BACK of Joe as he was kneeling! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! RVD goes for a Monkey Flip out of the corner but Joe blocks it and hit’s an insane Knee Breaker! Joe then locks in the Figure Four! RVD fights it and almost gets to the ropes so Joe breaks the hold to pull him back to the center of the ring but gets caught with a rollup from Van Dam! 1…2…3!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (rollup)

Tenay questions if Joe was too focused on going for submissions and the bonus points and cost himself.

Earlier Today TNA cameras catch up to Crackhead Claire and she has nothing to say. For a crackhead she sure drives a nice car.


In the back Hulk Hogan talks trash about the Ace’s & 8’s and says that both he and Sting are here so “let’s dance.”

The TNA Tag Team Champions, Daniels & Kazarian, make their way down to the ring following their insanely physical, and entertaining Last Man Standing Match this Sunday. Highlights of the match are shown as Daniels & Kaz come to the ring. I don’t know what was sicker AJ’s Phenomenon on top of the stage or the Styles Clash off the stage through the table. After the match AJ was shown talking about Kaz and Daniels and saying that he did what he said he would do, be the last man standing. Kazarian congratulates AJ on a “hard fought victory” and then he says he’s sure AJ thinks he’s finally put an end to this whole thing with them and AJ. A big “AJ” chant starts but Kaz says AJ has only heard “one verse” and they haven’t even gotten to the chorus so this is only the beginning.

Daniels says he hears the fans booing AJ for his actions at DX and he agrees with them. Daniels says AJ will do anything to keep the truth away from the fans so he wants to bring Crackhead Claire out to the ring to answer some questions. After a minute she walks down to the ring and Kaz mockingly helps her into the ring. Daniels says he’s not a monster and he sympathizes for her situation because he knows she hit rock bottom and she was looking for any hand to help pull her out and that hand happened to be AJ. He says that in a situation like that mistakes can be made and accidents can happen which causes Crackhead Claire to get pissed. AJ’s music hits and the Phenomenal One is not in a good mood.

AJ mockingly says he’s shocked Daniels is able to stand or even speak after what he did to Daniels Sunday night. He says as far as he’s concerned this “story” was over weeks ago but Daniels says that’s where he’s wrong. He says there is a part of the story AJ doesn’t know. Daniels claims that he and Claire had a discussion and that addicts need to come clean in the end. He tells Claire needs to come clean and tell AJ what she told Daniels, but AJ says she doesn’t have to tell “this prick” (Daniels) anything. Daniels asks AJ why he has to proof but AJ asks him if he has to knock Daniels teeth out to shut him up. They continue to argue and Claire tries to get between them to say something but AJ pulls her back and says this doesn’t have anything to do with her and everything to do with Daniels. Claire says it has everything to do with her and Daniels is right. Claire says AJ IS the father of the baby but he says that’s not possible. A big “Jerry” chant breaks out. Claire says “you don’t remember the night?” and AJ says “NO.” They continue to argue as the screen goes dark.


Footage of the AJ drama from before the break is shown.

In the back Kurt tries to ask AJ what just happened but he just blows by him and then AJ screams at the camera man and says he has no idea what’s going on.

A vignette hyping up Anderson-Angle is shown for later.

Highlights of Zema Ion winning the X-Division Title are shown as well as a promo by Zema after the match where he trashes Jesse Sorensen and says “jackasses don’t run with race horses.” Zema talks about how last year he was at DX fighting for a contract and a year later he’s winning the X-Division Title. He says he breaks necks, cashes checks, and keeping titles.

Dakota Darsow talks about Zema injuring Jesse and Zema mocking Jesse after DX. He claims that he and Jesse are really good friends. He says Zema doesn’t have to worry about Jesse right now, he has to worry about Dakota.


Non-Title Match
Dakota Darsow vs. Zema Ion

Apparently TNA has picked the least talented guy from the X-Division Tournament to be Zema’s first match after winning the belt. Zema talks trash to Darsow before the match and then talks trash about Jesse which causes Dakota to punch Zema out. Dakota grabs Zema by the leg and slams him to the mat and then hits a running back elbow. Dakota slams Zema into the corner and hits a series of European Uppercuts and strikes before whipping Zema into the opposite corner. Dakota hits a Corner Splash and then a clothesline! Zema retreats to the floor and decides he doesn’t feel like wrestling anymore so he starts to walk up the ramp. Dakota hits him on the ramp and starts slapping Zema repeatedly. Zema shoves him away and then gets back in the ring and hits Dakota with a knee as he started to climb back in as well! Zema hits the ropes but eats a big Slingshot Spear through the ropes! Dakota hits a series of right hands and then Zema rolls back out to the floor again. Dakota grabs Zema’s hair and pulls him onto the apron but Zema catches him with a Jawbreaker onto the top rope and then Zema hits the Slingshot Tornado DDT off the ropes! Zema then follows up with the GORY BOMB! 1…2…3!

Winner: Zema via pinfall (Gory Bomb)

After the match Zema grabs Darsow’s arm and screams “SORRENSEN” at the camera before dropping down onto his back hard and pulling back on Darsow’s arm! Darsow screams in pain as Zema grabs a microphone. He says that if that “crippled jackass” Jesse Sorensen doesn’t want to see anymore of his friends get hurt he should probably let them know that he’s not just pretty, he’s pretty F’N dangerous.


Back from the break highlights of Aries winning the World Title are shown and then his music hits and the NEW World Champion makes his way down to the ring. Aries thanks the fans for the reception and then he says that he’s an “okay week” but then stops and says he had a GREAT week. He says he woke up this morning and said to himself that it was a great day to be great and it’s a great day to be World Champion. Aries says that he’s supposed to come out here and talk about how great of an achievement this is for him personally, and he says it is because he proved everyone wrong, but he says it wasn’t just a great moment for himself or for TNA but for the professional wrestling industry as a whole. He says Professional Wrestling runs in cycles, down periods & boom periods, and for the last 8 months there has been a buzz going about Impact Wrestling and there has been a special energy in it. He says he knows everyone feels like wrestling is ready for the next boom period and he says he’s ready to drive TNA into that next boom period. He says his win at DX was bigger than TNA because he got messages and texts after winning the belt from athletes and celebrities and even World Champions from “other promotions.”

He says that he was asked recently “how important are championships” and he says that championships are only as important as the person that holds it which means the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is the most prestigious and important championship in wrestling because he is the greatest wrestler going today and TNA is the greatest promotion going, but before he can say anything else Bobby Roode’s music cuts him off.

The FORMER World Champ walks out and Aries says Roode can’t just come out whenever he wants to anymore because Aries is the champion now. A big “loser” chant is directed at Roode as he comes to the ring looking “naked” as Taz says without his belt. Roode looks like he’s going to jump on Aries but stops as Aries holds the belt into the air. Roode starts to say something into the microphone but can’t find the words as the fans chant for Aries. Roode looks frustrated and then starts to say something again but again can’t find the words as he looks to be about to explode with anger. He’s actually shaking as he continues to find the words and Aries seems to be enjoying every minute of it. The fans chant “cry baby” at Roode. Roode yet again stumbles over his words as Aries holds the belt up into the air and in his face again. Roode starts pacing back and forth saying “no” but Aries holds the belt up again and says “yes.” Roode says Sunday, this, Aries is one word…but stops again and screams. Aries tells Roode he doesn’t have time for this because champions have things to do. Roode says it all is just one word…FLUKE. Roode screams “FLUKE” again and then walks out of the ring as Aries laughs. Aries says he has three words for Roode as Roode stops on the ramp… “NEW…WORLD…CHAMP.” Roode explodes on the ramp and losses his mind as he screams “FLUKE” and that’s his belt. Roode even hits himself in the head repeatedly as Aries kisses the belt.

In the back Sting and Hogan talk and Sting says he’s 100% and something tells him that he and Hogan need to go old school but Devon walks in the room with Garett Bischoff. He says he saw what those guys did when they jumped Sting and he wants to let them know that they have Sting & Hogan’s back. He says that all they have to do is let him know but Hogan says they’ve got it handled.


Another vignette hyping up Angle and Anderson is shown.

Footage of Madison making out with Earl last week is shown. Madison says Earl is an “icon” and that makes him such a powerful man. He says it’s common for a younger woman to fall for an older man and they share so many common interests like wrestling and the fact that they keep their bodies in peak condition.

Brooke Hogan makes her way out to the announce table for guest commentary during the KO Title match.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Ms. Tessmacher (c) vs. Gail Kim

Gail jumps Tessmacher before the bell but Tessmacher turns it around on Gail and stomps her down in the corner and then hits her with a clothesline! Tessmacher hits another clothesline sending Gail into the corner. Tessmacher hits a dropkick sending gail into the corner and then hits a Hurricanrana! Gail rolls out to the apron and Tessmacher grabs her the hair and tries to drag her into the ring but Gail catches her with a jawbreaker and then slams Tessmacher into the corner. Gail cannonballs down onto Tessmacher’s arm and then slams it into the mat repeatedly. Gail hits a Running Shoulder Block as Tessmacher bounces off the ropes and then hits a Hammerlock Back Suplex! Gail gets a nearfall and then Leg Drops Tessmacher’s arm and then locks in an Armscissors on Tessmacher’s arm. Gail follows up with a Bridging Double Chickenwing! She just broke out Daniel Bryan’s Cattle Mutilation! Gail doesn’t get the submission so she rolls backwards into a Hammerlock but Tessmacher counters into a rollup! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! Gail comes back and tries to slam Tessmacher’s arm into the turnbuckles but Tessmacher turns it around and then goes to work on Gail with kicks and punches. Tessmacher hits a series of Clotheslines and then a Flying Forearm! She follows up with a Leaping Facebuster out of the corner on Gail! Tessmacher hits her finisher but can’t capitalize as she grabs her arm immediately but then finally rolls over for the pin! 1…2…NO Gail grabs the ropes! Brooke charges at Gail but Gail sidesteps her and rolls her up! 1…2…NO Tessmacher kicks out! Gail slams Tessmacher into the corner and then lifts her up to the top. Gail climbs up with Tessmacher and goes for a Super Eat Defeat, but Tessmacher blocks it! Tessmacher then dives off the top with a Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL KO Champ: Tessmacher via pinfall (Flying elbow Drop)


Clips of AJ and Claire earlier are shown. The camera guy approaches Claire again and says everyone will find out soon enough the proof of her and AJ. She says AJ needs to do the right thing with her and the baby.

A vignette hyping up Open Fight Night for next week is shown and Magnus talks about being overlooked and saying he’s going to make an impact next week. He then hypes up he and James Storm’s match for a live show this weekend.

Main Event
BFG Series Match
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

These two had a pretty intense rivalry back in 2010 which culminated in a wild Steel Cage Match at Lockdown 2010. They lockup and Angle shoots in for a takedown but Anderson quickly grabs the ropes and then they lockup again. Anderson forces Angle into the corner and then they break clean before locking up again. This time Angle gets Anderson in a Side Headlock Takeover and then Anderson fights up to his feet and shoves Angle into the ropes only eat a shoulder block from Angle. Angle comes off the ropes but Anderson catches him with a Hip Toss and then an armdrag and he locks in an armbar when he hits the mat. Angle fights up to his feet and pushes Anderson into the corner to break the hold and then Angle catches Anderson with a right hand and stomps Anderson down in the corner. Anderson turns things around on Angle in the corner and then attempts to whip Angle into the corner but Angle reverses it. Anderson explodes out of the corner with a clothesline and then a dropkick! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Anderson bounces off the ropes but Angle catches him with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Angle chokes Anderson in the ropes as we hit a break.


A live shot in between the break shows Anderson hit the ropes but eats a big knee from Angel for a nearfall. Back from the break completely Anderson hits Angle with a Back Suplex as Angle had him a headlock! Both men are down now. Both men up and Anderson catches Angle with a clothesline and then a back elbow followed by another clothesline. Anderson hits the ropes and connects with a kick followed by a Swinging Neckbreaker! Anderson follows up with an attempt at the Mic Check, but Angle blocks it and nails the Rolling German Suplexes! Angle screams at Anderson to get up and then goes for the Angle Slam but Anderson blocks it and hits the Green Bay Plunge! 1…2……NO Angle kicks out! That was about as close to a nearfall as it gets! Anderson goes for the Mic Check again but Angle blocks it and sweeps Anderson’s legs and goes for the Ankle Lock! Anderson kicks Angle off and charges at him but Angle sidesteps him and then hits the Olympic Slam! 1…2….NO Anderson kicks out! Angle gets fired up and takes the straps down as he goes for the Ankle Lock! Anderson blocks it but Angle is able to synch it in as Anderson screams in pain! Anderson fights the hold and just as he almost gets to the ropes Angle drags him across the ring! Anderson rolls through and sends Angle flying across the ring and then as Angle charges at him Anderson catches him with the Mic Check! 1…2…NO Angle still kicks out! Anderson goes for the Mic Check again but this time Angle counters into another Olympic Slam! 1…2…3!

Winner: Angle via pinfall (Olympic Slam)

Angle’s lip is busted as he celebrates the win, not sure how that went down.

Hogan and Sting continue to talk in Hogan’s office when Roode walks in and stares Sting down before telling Hogan that they need to talk.


Back from the break Sting leaves Roode and Hogan alone in Hogan’s office. Hogan guesses Roode wants a rematch and Hogan says he can have it at Hardcore Justice but Roode says he wants him sooner than that because it was a FLUKE! Hogan suggests Roode prove he’s the better man next week at OFN and if he beats Aries at OFN it will make him easy pickings for Roode at Hardcore Justice. Roode says he WILL prove it next week and he’ll take Aries out so Hogan says it looks like he’s got his Main Event for next week!

Sting makes his way down to the ring for the first time since the mystery men took him out and Sting is carrying his trusty bat with him. Sting talks about the guys who jumped him, Ace’s & 8’s, and they say they want to take him out anytime then this seems like the right time, but this time he’s got Hulkamania with him! Hogan’s music plays for several minutes but no Hulk. Sting looks on in confusion as no Hogan walks through the tunnel. Finally the music stops and Sting says “where is Hogan, come on out!” The fans chant “we want Hogan” and then his music drops for a 3rd time but for the 3rd time, no Hogan. We then see Brooke Hogan running into Hogan’s office in the back as Hogan is laid out and the mystery men are surrounding him! They leave as they scream at Hogan and Brooke checks on her dad. Hogan says it’s his leg and then Sting starts to walk towards the back but several guys jump Sting on the ramp from out of the crowd! This time there’s 5 guys jumping on him! They beat the living hell out of Sting gang style on the ramp as the show comes to a close!


Another wild show for TNA tonight. Not as much good in the in-ring aspect of the show as previous weeks but still a ton going on especially coming off the heels of Destination X.

I liked the switch up of opening up with a match instead of a promo which is always nice. Park-Ray had a nice garbage-style match but it was a lot like their Slammiversary match with Ray cutting Park off everytime he started to get a little offense. The really interesting aspect was at the end when Park seemed to snap and turn into Abyss sort of. Park’s facial expressions have been such a big factor at how great the character has been and the way his face completely changed when he saw the blood was excellent.

RVD-Joe was a little too short but still solid stuff there and I love the story they’re telling with Joe. He’s continuously going after submissions instead of pins and it has put him in the lead but it also cost him here and could end up costing him down the line.

Zema-Darsow was okay and Darsow actually looked better than he did any time we’ve seen him in TNA. Zema’s promo after the match was great but he isn’t getting near the kind of heat you would think someone continuously mocking the guy who’s neck he broke would get.

Aries-Roode was really well done with Roode almost losing his mind in anger as Aries taunts him the whole time by holding up the belt. I’m glad they’re going to continue this feud as well.

Tessmacher and Gail put on a solid match and Gail looked REALLY good. Tessmacher HAS to be in the ring with girls like Gail or she just won’t have a good match.

I kind of have an idea where they’re going with the AJ Styles storyline (Daniels twisting Claire’s head or something) but at the same time NOT really sure.

Angle-Anderson had a GREAT match, back and forth with tons of great nearfalls. Just as good as Storm-Hardy. I love the way TNA is playing up that all of these guys in the BFG Series are so equal that anybody can beat anybody in this thing (well, except Robbie E).

The Ace’s & 8’s thing just gets more crazy. They teased that they would reveal who they are only to reveal there are more than just the initial 3 we saw the first time. That segment was really well done in my opinion and I can’t wait to see where this heads.

1) Anything Goes Match: Bully Ray def. Joseph Park
2) BFG Series: RVD def. Samoa Joe (7 points)
3) Zema Ion def. Dakota Darsow
4) TNA KO Title: Ms. Tessmacher (c) def. Gail Kim to retain the title!
5) BFG Series: Kurt Angle def. Mr. Anderson (7 points)

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Roode/Aries and the Ace’s & 8’s
– Match of the Night: Angle vs. Anderson (****)
– Overall Grade: B+

BFG Series Standings
1) Samoa Joe (37 points)
2) James Storm (36 points)
3) Kurt Angle (27 points)
4) Jeff Hardy (21 points)
5) Magnus (14 points)
RVD (14 points)
6) Mr. Anderson (9 points)
7) AJ Styles (7 points)
The Pope (7 points)
8) Christopher Daniels (5 points)
9) Bully Ray (0 points)
Robbie E (0 points)

Scheduled for Next Week:
– BFG Series Open Challenges
– Non-Title: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Hardcore Justice Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Bobby Roode

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