TNA Impact 8/16/2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Wrestling Zone)
August 16, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s IMPACT Wrestling recap. Filling in for Josh this week as he recently had shoulder surgery and will be off for a little while. Wanna send well wishes to Josh on a speedy recovery, ROLL TIDE!

So with that being said, if you all are ready, then let’s get to the show!

We see video highlighting the sights & sounds from HardCore Justice, with a look at last week’s BFG Series matches. We then see the ongoing saga with The Aces & Eights before we head to the ring.

Mike Tenay & Taz welcome us to the show and hype up tonight’s 3 BFG Series matches between Styles vs. Daniels, Magnus vs. Joe & Bully Ray vs. Hardy before we hear the familiar music of the World Champion Austin Aries, who makes his way to the ring. We see stills of what happened in the World Title match between Austin Aries & Bobby Roode at Hardcore Justice before we go back to the ring, where the champ has a microphone.

Aries says for the last 4 weeks, he has had to constantly hear the word FLUKE. So much so that he almost believed it himself. But at Hardcore Justice, he erased his doubters. To his doubters, Aries say they can go FL**K themselves. He is now the face of IMPACT Wrestling and he is running the show. Since he is running the show, he has a message for Aces & Eights. As long as he is champion, TNA will not be held hostage. No matter who wins the BFG Series, he will walk into BFG as champion and walk out as champion.

Jeff Hardy’s music interrupts the champ as Hardy makes his way to the ring. Hardy gets a mic and says hello to the creatures. Hardy says he has been chasing the World Title for the last year and congrats Aries. Hardy says he will win the BFG Series and he & Aries will tear it up at BFG. Last Sunday, Aces & Eights cost Hardy 20 points, so he CALLS THEM OUT!

Its not Aces & Eights, though, but it is Bully Ray, who powerwalks to the ring and says Hardy is stupid. Bully says James Storm is behind Aces & Eights. Bully says he always knew Matt was smarter than Jeff. At the PPV, Aces & Eights said they were coming for him. Bully says the reason they didn’t is because Storm superkicked him. Bully says when Hardy had Storm in trouble, Aces & Eights came back out. Bully says he got lucky when he won the match, but he still beat Hardy, lucky or not. Bully says he will win the BFG series and win the TNA World Title.

Aries says before Bully wins the World Title, he has to beat the man that made him tapout. Aries then questions if Bully has anything to do with Aces & Eights. Bully says once again that Storm is behind it.

Aces & Eights interrupt on the video wall and they say that tonight, they will make their presence felt in a very big way as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see video highlighting the 3 BFG Series matches from HardCore Justice.

We see the current BFG Series leaderboard before we go to Magnus backstage.

Magnus says that he has been preparing for a match with Joe for a long time. Magnus says he not only knows Joe the wrestler, but Joe the man. And if you can get in a man’s head, then you can beat the machine.

BFG Series Match: “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Magnus

Magnus with a side headlock, but no one moves off a shoulder tackle. Joe with an inverted atomic drop, big boot, and a back senton. Magnus with a roll-up for a 1 count. Joe goes for a submission, but Magnus slips out to the outside. Back in the ring, Joe backs Magnus into the corner and applies a hammerlock. Magnus breaks free, but Joe with a hard forearm. Joe with a series of jabs, but Magnus with a hard right hand. Joe sidesteps a back drop attempt, but Magnus with a clothesline for a nearfall. Magnus with a version of a Northern Lights Bomb for another nearfall. Magnus with an uppercut, but Joe with the running back elbow, followed by the turnaround kick in the corner. Joe setups for the Muscle Buster, but Magnus blocks it. Magnus goes for a top rope elbow drop, but Joe moves. Magnus charges, but Joe catches him with the ST-Joe. Joe locks in the Kokina Clutch, but Magnus runs up the ropes and gains a nearfall.

Joe then with a La Magistral for the victory.

Winner and earning 7 points in the BFG Series: “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe by pinfall (La Magistral)

Magnus is not happy about the loss while Joe celebrates his win, but out of nowhere, Magnus goes to hit Joe with a steel chair, but Joe gets his arms up to block it, however he is still knocked down. Magnus backs off as Joe has an angry look on his face.

We go backstage with new Knockouts champion Madison Rayne, who says that after a year and a half, she is the Knockout Champ again and she did it all by herself. Madison is interrupted by an attendant, who says Brooke Hogan wants to see her as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as the new Knockouts champion “The Queen Bee” Madison Rayne, makes her way to the ring. Madison gets a mic and says Brooke Hogan has made a special request to see her. The Queen has regained her throne and she is the new Knockouts champion. So tonight, thanks to Brooke, there will be a party and she hopes Brooke brings cake. Behind every great woman, there stands a great referee. Madison asks Earl Hebner to join her in the ring. Madison & Earl embrace in the ring until the head of the Knockouts, Brooke Hogan, interrupts them.

Brooke says this is the behavior she was talking about. Brooke says to keep the integrity around TNA, Earl Hebner will no longer ref the Knockout matches in TNA. Brooke says Miss Tessmacher has her rematch clause and it will take place tonight with a special referee.

Madison says who does Brooke think she is. Madison says Brooke rides her coattails off the Hogan name and then says for Brooke to meet Madison in the ring personally to tell her the changes. Brooke runs into the ring while Madison & Earl go to higher ground as Brooke wants Madison to come back in the ring. All of a sudden, Aces & Eights come from the crowd and stalk Brooke in the corner. Then, Aries, Bully, Hardy, Sting & Angle run out, flanked with steel chairs to chase off Aces & Eights, with James Storm slowly making his way to the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see what happened before the commercial break involving Aces & Eights.

Sting has a mic in the ring and says that tonight is a defining night for Aces & Eights because it showed their true character when they tried to go after Brooke Hogan. Sting says next week its Open Fight Night and at 8:00 PM ET, the fight will be on between TNA and the Aces & Eights.

We go backstage with Daniels & Kazarian, who talk about some comic book and complain about how AJ Styles won at Hardcore Justice. They talk more about Crack-Ho Claire & AJ when Styles interrupts and says that if Daniels beats Styles tonight, Styles will accept he is Crack-Ho Claire’s baby daddy. If Styles wins, he will get a paternity test. Daniels appears to be shaken by this while Kaz gives him a pep talk as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we take a gander at the updated BFG Series leaderboard before our next match.

BFG Series Match: TNA Tag Team Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/Kazarian vs. “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles

Before the match, we hear that TNA Interim GM Sting has agreed to AJ’s pre-match stipulations involving Crack-Ho Claire. Then, the referee throws out Kazarian and sends him to the back so this can be a fair fight. Daniels complains to the referee, but then AJ unloads with right hands before Daniels gives chase. Daniels tries to use the ropes on a pin attempt, but the ref catches him. AJ with a series of right hands & chops, followed by a slam. AJ with a leaping knee drop, then chokes Daniels in the ropes. Daniels tries to back off as AJ stomps away at him. Daniels tries to fight back, but AJ with an elbow and sends Daniels to the outside. AJ goes out after him and sends him back into the ring with a chop. AJ with a right hand, followed by a high back body drop as Daniels tries to reason with AJ. AJ will have none of it and hits a clothesline for a 1 count as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Daniels has Styles in a headlock. Daniels holds onto the headlock as the crowd chants for Styles. AJ breaks free and hits his customary dropkick for a nearfall. AJ locks in an Indian Deathlock while bridging back with a facelock. AJ then switches to a half crab to try and gain 10 points in the BFG series. AJ then goes right back to the Indian Deathlock with the bridge. Daniels then bites at AJ’s hand to break free. AJ with right hands, but Daniels hotshots him across the top rope.

Daniels with a Northern Lariat for a nearfall. Daniels sends AJ to the outside and asks the ref to count AJ out as the crowd chants “Daniels sucks”. AJ gets back in, but is whipped hard into the corner by Daniels. Daniels with a stomp, then measures AJ with a soccer kick and says “Its good”. Daniels with a back suplex for another nearfall. Daniels with a neckbreaker into a falling clothesline for yet another nearfall. Daniels tries to use the ropes again, but the ref again catches him. Daniels sends Styles out to the outside again and wants the ref to count AJ out. AJ starts to get onto the apron, but Daniels knocks him off and into the barricade. AJ gets back in and does a Sunset flip, then tries to go for the Styles Clash, but Daniels blocks it. Daniels goes for the Urnagi, but Styles blocks it. Daniels then locks Styles in the Koji Clutch, but AJ will not give up. Daniels with elbows to the head, then hits a suplex for yet another nearfall. Crowd wills on Styles as Daniels with some open hand palm strikes. Daniels with some right hands in the corner, but AJ counters out with a running powerbomb and both men are down.

Crowd chants “Let’s go AJ” as AJ moves off a Daniels charge, then hits the springboard flying forearm. Styles with a pair of clotheslines, followed by a back elbow. Styles with a pumphandle gutbuster, followed by another clothesline for a nearfall. Styles with a suplex into a neckbreaker, but Daniels gets his foot on the ropes. Styles with a kick, but Daniels pulls down the top rope on a Styles charge as Styles sails out to the outside. Styles with an elbow to the throat of Daniels as they both head out to the outside. Daniels whips Styles, who leaps back into the ring, then gets a head of steam and takes out Daniels with a somersault plancha. Styles gets back in as Kazarian runs out to help Daniels.

Styles goes for a suplex, but Kazarian grabs the foot to pull Styles down for an apparent 3 count for Daniels, however the referee catches Kazarian in the act. The match is restarted as Styles then drills Daniels with the Pele for the victory.

Winner and earning 7 points in the BFG Series: “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles by pinfall (Pele Kick)

After the match, Styles hits Daniels with the Styles Clash, then celebrates his victory.

We go backstage where Sting is on the phone with Hulk Hogan. Hogan says he is not 100% yet but next week, he will be there with Sting in the fight against Aces & Eights. Hogan says “Old School is the only way to go”.

We then go to the lockerroom as Jeff Hardy approaches James Storm. Hardy says Aces & Eights cost him points, but helped out Storm twice. Storm says he is sick & tired of people accusing him and he thought Hardy was better than that. Storm says he will be there next week for the fight and will be ringside for Hardy’s match with Bully Ray tonight, to make sure Aces & Eights doesn’t show up.

Bobby Roode is making his way to the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as we see video of what happened in the TNA World Title match at HardCore Justice.

We go to the ring as “The It Factor” Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring. Roode says last Sunday, he had a chance to right the wrong, he had a chance to prove that Aries was a fluke. Roode says he did prove that because he defeated Aries on Sunday when the original referee counted to 3 and raised his hand. Earl Hebner restarted the match and now Roode is empty-handed. The crowd chants “Loser” as Roode says he should be World champion right now, but now he can get no more rematches as long as Aries is World Champion. Roode says that people don’t understand how much the World Title meant to him. It was his life, when people think World Champion, they think Bobby Roode. When people think Bobby Roode, they think World Champion. Roode says he looked in the mirror and says that Aries & Sting & the referees and the crowd are all to blame. Each and every week, he gives it all and yet, people treat him with disrespect. The people call him a “loser”. They say that I suck. The question is, now what Bobby? What are you gonna do now? Roode is at a loss for words as he drops the mic and leaves the ring.

Madison Rayne & Miss Tessmacher are getting ready backstage because the Knockouts Title match is……NEXT!


Back from commercial we see video of the next person who will take part in the TNA Gut-Check next week. This guy (who is never named) talks about his upbringing and when his brother died in 2003 from a gutshot. The guy says he has been paying dues his whole life and this is a 2nd chance so he can pay for a headstone for his brother.

Brooke Hogan comes out and introduces the special referee for the Knockouts Title match, Taryn Terrell, formerly the WWE’s Tiffany, making her TNA debut.

TNA Knockouts Title: Miss Tessmacher vs. “The Queen Bee” Madison Rayne (c) (Special Referee: Taryn Terrell)

Madison backs Tessmacher as Terrell breaks them up. They go at it again and again Terrell breaks them up. Madison with a knee, followed by a pair of forearms and finally a clothesline. Madison sends Tessmacher into the corner and taunts the crowd. Madison chokes Tessmacher with her boot, then has words with Terrell. Madison with a hair-mare, followed by a Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Tessmacher with an inside cradle, then a Jackknife pin for a pair of nearfall. Madison with a roll-up, but Terrell catches Madison using the tights for leverage. Madison with a club to the back, but misses a boot as Tessmacher nails her with a Spear. Tessmacher with forearms, followed by a pair of clotheslines and finally a dropkick. Tessmacher with a roll-up for a nearfall. Madison knocks Tessmacher off a waistlock attempt. Madison runs into a boot from Tessmacher, but then moves off a Tessmacher dive. Madison tries to use the ropes, but again Terrell catches her in the act.

Madison & Terrell exchange words, but then Tessmacher with the belly-to-back facebuster to regain the title.

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Miss Tessmacher by pinfall (Belly-to-Back Facebuster)

Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy are shown walking backstage because their match is……..NEXT!


Back from commercial, we once again see video of the attempted attack by Aces & Eights, then the challenge laid out by Sting for next week and finally the fact that Hulk Hogan will be there next week.

We go to video from Aces & Eights who say next week, they will be there in full force, but they still have some unfinished business to take care of tonight.

We see the updated BFG Series leaderboard before the main event.

Main Event in a BFG Series Match: “Calfzilla” Bully Ray vs. “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy (James Storm at ringside)

Bully backs Hardy into the corner and breaks clean. Bully gets into the ropes to back Hardy away as James Storm makes his way to ringside. Bully wants to know where Aces and Eights is as he hits a series of clubs to Hardy. Bully sends Hardy into the corner, followed by a pair of right hands. Bully has words with the ref, then hits another club before heading outside to have words with Storm. Bully shoves Storm, but is nailed by a Hardy baseball slide. Hardy leaps off the apron onto Bully and sends him back into the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Bully with a pair of nearfalls. Bully measures Hardy and hits an avalanche in the corner. Bully stands on Hardy’s hair, then hits an elbowdrop for a nearfall. Bully locks in a chinlock as the crowd wills on Hardy. Bully locks in a headscissors while the crowd continues to chant for Hardy. Hardy gets his foot on the ropes, but then Bully with a suplex for another nearfall. Hardy fights back, but Bully with a back elbow. Bully then misses a leaping splash as Hardy moved out of the way.

They exchange right hands from their knees until Hardy gains the advantage. Hardy with a flying forearm, followed by a pair of back elbows. Hardy with an inverted atomic drop, double leg takedown, leg drop to the gut and finally a front dropkick for a nearfall. Hardy then misses a clothesline as Bully hits the Bully Bottom for a nearfall. Bully goes for the Bully Bomb, but Hardy counters and hits his unique enziguri, followed by the front dropkick in the corner. Hardy takes the shirt off and heads up top. Hardy hits the Swanton, but somehow Bully is able to kick out. Bully goes to the outside while the referee has words with Storm. Hardy goes for a plancha, but Bully moves and Hardy accidentally takes out Storm. Back in the ring, Bully with an overhand chop, but Hardy gets his boots up on a charge. Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind, but then Aces & Eights run in the ring. One of them has Bully’s chain, but then Aries, Sting, Styles & Angle chase off Aces & Eights.

Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Bully, followed by a roll-up for the victory.

Winner and earning 7 points in the BFG Series: “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Bully attacks Hardy after the match and is frustrated about the loss. Storm just stands there on the outside as Bully grabs his chain. Bully wants Storm in the ring and Storm obliges. They exchange words until Bully shoves Storm. Storm then goes for the Last Call, but Bully moves and Storm hits Hardy. Bully says its always been Storm as he leaves. Storm stands over Hardy as Aces & Eights run in. They begin to clap for Storm, until they then attack him. The beatdown on Storm commences as we go to credits.

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