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TNA Impact 8/23/2012

Impact Wrestling Recap
August 23, 2012 (Open Fight Night)
Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Taz
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

First day of school AND recapping Impact Wrestling…YES PLEASE!

I am the substitute’s substitute tonight. Please keep Josh in your thoughts and prayers (or wish him good karma) as he recovers from his shoulder injury and Jason Namako will be back next week.

So, let’s ROLL TIDE!

The show starts with Aces and Eights riding motorcycles and some country music accompanying the ride.

Recently, Aces and Eights attacked the TNA roster. Meanwhile, Hogan will return and Aces and Eights attacked James Storm.

Impact Wrestling Starts NOW!

Tonight: Bound for Glory Series, Gut Check, and Sting wants Aces and Eights.

Sting’s music hits and Sting enters the ring with Kurt Angle, Devon, Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Gunner, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and other members of the TNA locker room. Sting told security to clear out and he calls out Aces and Eights. Sting takes us to the big screen and shows the victims. The big screen shows the graphic details of the recent attacks. Sting said that these men (wrestlers and victims) want to fight. Sting now wants to invite James Storm to the ring after the doubt is over.

James Storm enters walking a bit fast to the ring with a ticked off look on his face. Storm takes the microphone and said Sting was right. Storm said the evidence stacked up against him, but Aces and Eights jumped him like everyone else. Storm want this an @$$-whipping show tonight. Sting said he heard the Hogan chants and now he will return because of their taunting of Brooke Hogan.

Aces and Eights now are in the crowd and Sting wants them in the ring. Sting and Angle attack two members of Aces and Eights. Sting asks is if that is all. One member is trying to talk, but thanks Sting for the attacks. The Aces and Eights member said they got patched in and they all in for a long, painful night. Sting and Angle then attack as we go to our first commercial.


Promo for Bound for Glory. They are going to Phoenix

Moments ago, The Aces and Eights Prospects are destroyed, but one said they are in for a long, painful night.

Brooke Tessmacher makes her way to the ring. Last week, Tessmacher won the Knockouts’ Title. Tessmacher on the mic and she said thanks to Brooke Hogan for righting a wrong. Tessmacher then said tonight she calls her mentor, Tara out.

Singles Match (non-title)
Miss (or Brooke) Tessmacher vs. Tara
Special Referee: Taryn Terrell

The action begins with a tie-up and Tessmacher tosses Tara to the corner of the ring. We have another tie-up and after a few hiptosses I lose my stream……….

…………..And I get the stream back up in time for the finish. Tara hits the Superplex, floats over, and scores the pin.

Winner by Pinfall: Tara
Grade: INC (Since I did not catch the entire match. I am honest and sorry if it upsets anyone.)

After the match, Tara and Tessmacher embrace. We see some replays and Tara stares down Tessmacher, who is clutching the Knockout’s Championship.

At Hardcore Justice, Aces and Eights destroy D’Angelo Dinero’s shoulder and now he is out for the rest of the Bound for Glory Series.

Sting talks about Dinero’s injury. Sting talks to the remaining three opponents (Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, and Robbie E) and then calls for a Triple Threat for the points. Robbie E’s associate, Robbie T, is out for the match.


Bound For Glory Series Triple Threat Match
Robbie E (5 points) vs. Rob Van Dam (55 points) vs. AJ Styles (50 points)

Robbie E gets the VIP entrance despite Robbie T’s absence. Mike Tenay mentions AJ Styles’ paternity test to see if he is the father of Claire Lynch’s Baby (I don’t care if misspelled Claire’s name, it was a doomed gimmick).

The match begins with Robbie E being upset, then RVD and Styles double team Robbie E and after a double back elbow, Robbie E is out of the ring. RVD and Styles are now chain wrestling well and it ends with a few kicks from Styles. RVD then goes with a Scissors Pin but Styles kicks out. Robbie E tries to get offense in, but leaves after Styles hits the Back Suplex.

RVD applies the headlock on Styles. Styles escapes, and hits an tremendous dropkick that sends RVD over the ropes. Robbie E clotheslines Styles and slows the match down with some stomps to both Styles and RVD. Styles then whips Robbie E to the corner and Styles with a jumping forearm to the clothesline. Robbie E then corners Styles and we go to commercial.


Robbie E slams Styles and covers for a two count. During the break, we saw RVD’s Monkey Flip in which Styles flew to the corner. Styles is back up with punches to Robbie E. Styles tries for a leaping forearm, but Robbie E sidesteps away and sends RVD out of the ring. Robbie E applied the chinlock to Styles. Styles comes back moments later with a jawbreaker and chops, but Robbie E connects with a back elbow. RVD then catches Robbie E on the run to the ropes and brawls with him outside the ring. Styles is back up and comes back with an impressive flying cross body to the floor. Styles places RVD to the ring and hits a fireman carry neckbreaker for a two count.

After Robbie gets taken out to the floor by Styles, RVD gets in a Thrust Kick and Rolling Thunder. RVD then hits the moonsault on Robbie E. Styles then gets up and botches the Stylin’ DDT (RVD was not positioned correctly in my eyes). RVD pops up, kicks Styles but Styles comes up top. RVD fights off the corner. RVD hits the 5-Star Frog Splash. As RVD clutched his ribs, Robbie runs in, rolls up RVD and gets the upset victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Robbie E (now at 12 points)
Grade: C+

After the match, RVD stares at Robbie E and Robbie E celebrates. Robbie E moves up to 11th, only ahead of the injured D’Angelo Dinero.

Jeff Hardy is walking. He is up next.


Jeff Hardy is making his way to the ring. (Side Note: I was very critical of Hardy after last year and with his comeback it has been simply amazing. Gold Star, Jeff Hardy.) Hardy poses, gets a mic, and is ready to talk. Hardy said hello to his creatures. He talks recent history and calls out Robbie T tonight (in which Robbie T slams “The List” down), so no Bound for Glory match for Jeff Hardy tonight.

Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie T

Hardy goes right at Robbie T with punches and a kick until Robbie T connects with a clothesline. Robbie T then clubs Hardy in the back. Robbie T pulls him up to deliver another club to the back. Robbie T then shows his power with a slam. Robbie yells for Hardy to get up, but Hardy gets a back elbow in and then hits Whisper in the Wind. Hardy pops up and gets a few body blocks, then Robbie T powers out a move. But Hardy counters with a Twist of Fate, and finishes it off with a Swanton.

Winner via Pinfall: Jeff Hardy
Grade: C-

Christopher Daniels (with Appletini) and Kazarian are backstage and they talk about AJ Styles’ paternity test, that will be coming up soon. Daniels asks Kazarian if he wants an Appletini, in which Kazarian refuses.


Sting is backstage, screaming for Aces and Eights. Sting is ready deal the “Dead Man’s Hand”.

A recap of AJ Styles’ crazy storyline with Dixie Carter, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Claire Lynch, and a baby. We leave off with AJ Styles taking a paternity test after his victory over Daniels.

Jeremy Borash gets his Maury Povich on and welcomes AJ Styles to the ring. Styles with a mic and said we are going to find out who the daddy is. Styles tells us how he feels and he is sorry to his friends, fans who put up with this crap (Thank You), and his family. Styles did not remember that night, and wished it never existed. Styles knows one thing, if he is the father of the baby……..and I lost the stream again……but then mentioned something where I think he will beat up Daniels.

Borash asked for Claire Lynch, and enter Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Kazarian said to cut the crap. Kazarian said he is only protecting himself and it makes him sick. Kazarian said Styles is bullying and is an absentee father. Kazarian said it is Styles’ fault for prisoners. Kazarian said starting now he needs to be concerned about “the little one”. Daniels talks about the damage that was already done. Daniels then talks about Lynch and how Styles turned his back on her for weeks. Daniels said Lynch is not here tonight because of a placental disruption and he wishes her a speedy recovery. Daniels asks Styles if he is happy.

Some lady in a business suit enters, and Daniels calls Styles selfish. She is Lynch’s attorney. Daniels tries to speak, but the attorney wanted none of it. The lawyer said Lynch was approached by Daniels and Kazarian to blackmail AJ Styles. Lynch said she did illegal activities and spiked Styles’ beverage. Then photos were taken for fraud and blackmail. Lynch took responsibly for the actions. The truth is that Lynch was NEVER pregnant. Daniels and Kazarian are circling around, and Lynch said she can’t convey her regret and hopes that Styles can forgive her. The attorney leaves. Daniels and Kazarian are in denial. Styles attacks Daniels and both his opponents leave.

Rejoice! It’s over!

So, long story short Lynch was not pregnant, the cola was spiked, and Styles was NOT the father.

Kris Lewie is the latest participant for Gut Check. He said he was blessed for this opportunity, and it came out of nowhere. He will kill himself for a contract. He will blow the roof off the arena.

Backstage, Aces and Eights walk. Sting approaches then and said this all about games. It’s called 52-Card Pick-up. Sting then plays another game and tosses his bat Hogan clubs Aces and Eights with a bat (Sting tosses it to him) and said if they attack his daughter again he will feed them to his dog. Hogan has “the beard” and Sting said “Hollywood, you are back!” It’s Showtime! Hogan growls like a dog and is ready to destroy those that harmed his daughter.


Moments ago, we saw the destruction.

Alex Silva is featured and is still thankful over his TNA contract. He wants to be the best wrestler in this business. He said to go for your goals.

Jeremy Borash welcomes us to Gut Check! Gunner enters and that is his opponent.

Gut Check Match
Kris Lewie vs. Gunner

Lewie goes face-to-face with Gunner and tosses him to the ring. Lewie with a shoulder block and tries to pin Gunner. Lewie gets the upper hand early, but Gunner brings him to a corner for punches. Lewie gets punches in, Gunner goes for the eye poke, and Lewie dropkicks Gunner down to the ring. Gunner then floors Lewie, then works the corner.

Lewie then escapes and brings a couple punches in. Then Lewie knees Gunner and drops Gunner with The Samoan Drop. Lewie went up top, missed the top rope attack. Gunner then finishes Lewie off with the Fireman’s Carry Facebuster and gets the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Gunner
Grade: D

Mr. Anderson is walking to the ring. He is up next.


ODB is backstage on the phone with Eric Young and is still hungry for chicken. She said Young needs to fish at her “Great Lakes” BAMMMM!

Mr. Anderson makes his way to the ring. He gets a microphone that fell from the sky and starts to speak. He said this is his last Bound for Glory Series match and saved the best for last. He calls out Bully Ray!

Bound for Glory Series Match
Mr. Anderson (40 points) vs. Bully Ray (48 points)

Bully Ray looks at a fan who almost dropped his phone, then poses like Hulk Hogan. Wow….

The match begins with a tie-up and a quick release. Then they tie-up again, and this time Anderson applies a headlock and Ray powers out. Anderson quickly gets back up. Anderson tries to gain control with a waist lock, but Ray powers out with clubs to the back. It looks like Ray picks a part and attacks the back with a Back Suplex. Ray shoves Anderson to the post and we go to commercial.


Ray continues to be in control with an elbow drop. Now Ray stomps at Anderson’s hands and chokes him at the ropes. Anderson slowly gets up, and Ray clotheslines him down. Anderson is frustrated, he just can’t get up right now. Ray then continues his run with a vertical suplex and pins him for two. Ray takes Anderson to the corner and connects with slow, heavy punches. Ray slams Anderson, then sets up and fails at a Vader Bomb. Both wrestlers and punching each other while kneeling on the mat. Ray runs right into an Anderson clothesline and neckbreaker. Anderson pins for a two count. Anderson continues a quick flurry with a spinning heel kick. Ray then counters an Anderson power spot and hits a neckbreaker. Ray goes up top again, but Anderson catches him and hits the Green Bay Plunge on Ray. After a two count, Anderson goes up top. Ray catches Anderson and now they both up top and Ray hits the Superplex. (Aces and Eights were walking, and TNA Wrestlers run attacked them). Ray picks up Anderson and gets in a Bubba Bomb. However, Anderson kicks out at two. Anderson pops up with a DDT and connects with a Kenton Bomb. However, Ray kicked out at two. Then after a couple counters, Anderson finishes the match with The Mic Check.

Winner via Pinfall: Mr. Anderson (now at 47 points)
Grade: C+

We see the updated standings, and Mr. Anderson misses out on the top four by 3 points. Had he won by submission, he would be tied for fourth.

Aces and Eights (in a deep voice) said they were playing games and unleashing hell real soon. They are ready to deal the “Dead Man’s Hand”.


Sting returns to the ring. There are a ton of TNA Wrestlers joining Sting and are ready to fight for the cause. Everyone is looking around the vicinity. Sting is asking where they are at and called them out. Sting the victims are ready and they are ready for Aces and Eights. After a few seconds, Sting said why don’t we chant for Aces and Eights. Aces and Eights enter The Impact Zone and everyone is fighting around the ring. With five minutes left on the show, Team TNA gained the advantage. The action is now backstage.

In the locker room HulkHogan, AJ Styles, and James Storm are on the attack.

With three minutes left, the battle is outside. Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Austin Aries are staying in the ring. The fight is outside as well. Taz and Tenay said that there are more members of Aces and Eights. Two minutes left and the action is mainly in favor of the TNA Wrestlers. Hogan is still going crazy.

In the ring, Austin Aries are outnumbered mainly 5-on-1. A member of the Aces and Eights team uses a chair and whacks Aries in the arm with it in front of a guard rail. Bully Ray runs in and Aces and Eights bail out.

Aces and Eights then leave on motorcycle to end the show.

Mr. V’s Thoughts

I like the way the show started off. Sting brought in what appeared to be most of the TNA roster and united they all have a common enemy, which are Aces and Eights. The attack on the first two members of the evil faction adds something to this episode that made me want to see how it panned out. Storm and Sting’s delivery on the promo was nothing special, but the message was sent. They are here and they WANT to DESTROY Aces and Eights. So from a storyline standpoint it was good.

Tessmacher vs. Tara – Well, I think we just got the start to the next Knockout’s Title feud and an upcoming Tessmacher heel run. Maybe I am crazy, but the way Tessmacher was holding the title after her loss made me believe that she will win the title by any means necessary. The finish was great, but I think the match was too quick.

It is a shame what happened to Dinero. He had a legit injury and is out for a few weeks (or months). Is it just me, or has he been inactive more than active since he signed with TNA Wrestling. As a result, TNA made a good decision to allow a triple threat to those that were supposed to wrestle for the points.

Robbie E vs. Van Dam vs. Styles – The first half to the match was a pretty simple formula. Each participant looked like a threat thanks to the quick segments by Styles and Van Dam while Robbie E slowed the pace down with basic tactics. The second half was an enjoyable story, but RVD and Styles really got sloppy near the end. If I had to put a blame on anyone, I would say RVD for being a little too far back for Styles to connect the Inverted DDT. The pin for Robbie was surprising, but it was no harm for anyone. In the end, Robbie gets a much-needed victory (without his bodyguard of all things), RVD and AJ Styles are still in the top four. I still expect one of the two to miss out, and in my opinion I hope it is Van Dam. Styles has a more compelling story, which means Styles may miss out as well.

Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie T – The match was for redemption, and Hardy got exactly that after Robbie T cost him a match in the Bound for Glory Series match weeks ago. A quick story probably ended, and since it was not really deep I was ok with it.

So Styles was never the father, but was blackmailed. Who did NOT have that in the office pool? I am glad this story is over and now we can give all three of them a better story. Kazarian did his best with the material he was provided. Styles cut his best mic work in recent memory and will hopefully go ape-crap on Kazarian and Daniels for doing this to him. So this ends the Claire Lynch story…may we never have this happen in professional wrestling again. It was awful, but the conclusion was fine.

Kris Lewie vs. Gunner – Ouch, it was bad. It started off well with the strikes but fell apart afterwards. Lewie’s comeback attacks were really sloppy and I don’t think anyone can change my mind. There is raw potential for Lewie and if I was one of the three Gut Check officials, I would say “no”. He has intensity, but needs to fill out if he wants to wrestle in a TNA ring again.

Small thought, I feel bad for ODB. She is hungry and all she wants is Chicken. Her BAMMM line about the Great Lakes might be the awesome liner I heard from a TNA wrestler in years.

Anderson vs. Ray – The first half was a power start with Ray in control before we went to break. Ray picked apart the back, and it might have been the first time it happened on this show.

At the end I thought Bully Ray was great in control. However, the match got lost with the fast action and the lack of any selling. The ending was just disappointing with Anderson just popping up after a Bully Ray finisher. Also, (just being picky) with Anderson being down by 10 points and a Submission Victory being worth 10 points why didn’t Anderson get booked to win by submission?

The main event was fine, I was just lost with the way it was booked in the end when no one sold anything and it was counter-heavy.

And now the final segment of the show. After Team TNA controlled Aces and Eights for the most part, five members of the rebel gang broke through the cracks and took out the biggest name in TNA today, Austin Aries. It was a great cliffhanger. Now Aces and Eights have increased their membership and there are some pawns to their kings and bishops. It is a classical game of chess in which Aces and Eights once again got the minor advantage. Hogan’s intensity was there, Sting was good on the mic, and I thought the all-around brawling among the participants were well-done.

All in all, this episode had a lot of misses but the ending showed the most potential. Thank goodness the Lynch storyline is over and we will hopefully never speak of this again until the “Rotten Apples of 2012”.

I will conclude my thoughts with this. After accusing James Storm of being aligned with Aces and Eights, where in the world is Bobby Roode? Storm attacked last week and now Aries? This could lead to another Roode reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion. It made me think at least.

Match of the Night: Styles vs. Van Dam vs. Robbie E (Grade: C+)
Note: The grade was the same as Ray vs. Anderson, but I liked the surprise element of Robbie E winning more than Ray vs. Anderson.

Segment of the Night: Aces and Eights vs. Sting and his merry men.

Grade: C

Bound for Glory Standings (Top 4 Advance to No Surrender)
1) James Storm 66 points
2) Samoa Joe 61 points
3) Rob Van Dam 55 points
4) AJ Styles 50 points
5) Kurt Angle 48 points
Bully Ray 48 points
7) Mr. Anderson 47 points
8) Jeff Hardy 42 points
9) Daniels 33 points
10) Magnus 28 points
11) Robbie E 12 points
12) The Pope 7 points (Injured)

No Surrender Card

**No Matches Announced**

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