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WCW Thunder 11/2/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

A limo arrives!!!! Schiavone bellows that it could be Springsteen! (it is NJ). I wish.

Three Count are in the ring and start arguing about who is the boss (no pun intended-see above) and here comes the Dragons and Leia Meow and we get a montage of her in all sorts of clothing and poses. Damn, she is hot.

Match 1: Three Count v. Jung Dragons

Within a minute there are bodies everywhere! Helms just obliterates a Dragon and then brainbusts him. Moore is in and his hiptoss is blocked and he is turned inside-out with a clothesline. Noble is in and he misses the springing legdrop but he makes the tag and Moore dodges two Dragons and they collide. They go back and forth. Here comes Karagias who was arguing with the other two at the beginning and he is strutting and flexing as he takes it to Kaz. He slams him around and Helms tags himself in with an angry glare towards Karagias. He stomps on Kaz but the latter is up and he misses a few kicks but he tags in Yang who unloads on Helms and then takes down Moore and nails Evan with a standing dropkick. Four are in the ring and they are running all over the damn place. Count kicks two down. Two fly out of the ring. Now it is Noble and Moore in the ring. Rocker Dropper from Moore and Helms joins him and they 3-D him and Evan runs in and pins him!

*** Five minutes of pure action!

Count is arguing and Dragons attack and Noble is down and Meow unmasks him and Evan and Noble are left alone in the ring. Noble is white. The announcers are baffled.

Gene is with Palumbo and Nash. Nash has made a match between Perfect Event. Nash atta boys Palumbo and a giggling Gene.

I missed some random shit in the back. I saw Crowbar though. It was brief.

Elix Skipper comes out and he asks if the people know what time it is. It is Prime Time babyQ This is his house and he built it. He is going to get some payback against Loco. He did not like being mimicked on Nitro. Loco does not look like him or can wrestle like him and there can only be one Prime Time.

Match 2: Elix Skipper v. Lt. Loco

They show that the mimicking of Team Canada took place last week. I thought it was earlier than that. Oh well.

Loco runs him over and then knocks him out to the floor. Skipper is knocked back to the floor and they fight out there. Back in the ring, Loco goes for a spinning slam but drops him. He keeps after him and after a powerslam gets two. Elix does a Matrix to get away froma punch but he is grabbed and both go over the top rope. Skipper yanks him down as they hung there and now he goes to work and drops him throat first on top of the railing. He strikes with a slingshot into a corkscrew, and rolls him back into the ring getting two. Loco counters right back with a Tornado DDT. Both are slow to get up and slug it out, but Skipper is hooked and back suplexed. He kicks him into the corner. Loco lets Gunns in the ring and she tears off her white top and goes to kick him but the ref blocks her and this allows Skipper to grab Loco but he is rolled up. Ref was distracted though and the count is too late. Skipper tosses him across the ring and has a ring but Gunns stops him and Loco goes for a sunset flip but cannot get him over. Skipper decks him and the ref was dealing with Gunns. Skipper wins.

**1/2 Another solid match. Give these guys more time.

Match 3: Chuck Palumbo v. Sean Stasiak

Nash is at the announce table. Stasiak has been booted from the Thrillers. Stasiak comes out first and no Palumbo. He was wiped out in the back. He is on top of a broken table. Nash heads to towards Stasiak who acts innocent. Nash heads to the back where he checks on Palumbo and they think Stasiak attacked him before the match and so he will be SOL and they all make honking noises or some shit.

I thought I saw Bigelow during the Crowbar segment earlier. But I was not sure and too lazy to rewind. He attacked him. Bigelow is pissed that he has not been called by WCW for five months. He also wants Goldberg at Mayhem, too bad for Lex as he took him to the limit once before and will do it again. Crowbar flies at him. But Bigelow shrugs him off and they are pulled apart.

Long Goldberg/Bigelow promo about their battles two years ago.

Here come the Animals. Konnan does his thing. Kidman tells Jindrak and O’Haire look good because they make them look good. The FA will take their titles. He then stammers about Disco and how no one can make him have a good match.

Match 3: Filthy Animals v. Boogie Knights

They run to the ring and the fight is on. Disco and Wright go on the offensive but Kidman takes down Disco and tags in Rey who runs around the ring, stinging Disco with a flurry of moves. Rey snaps him over with a hurracarana and follows up with a guillotine legdrop. He tags in Kidman who nails him with a top rope elbow and gets two. Kidman goes off the ropes but Wright pulled down the top rope and out goes Kidman. Wright hammers him and rolls him back in where Disco stomps him over and over and over. Ref warns him so he drops the forearm, snaps him over and sets him up for a slingshot splash courtesy of Wright and then eh drops a few elbows onto the back. He pulls him up, kicks him into the corner and then holds in the backbreaker. Disco is tagged in and he kicks him into the corner but runs into a boot but he stops Kidman with a neckbreaker onto the knee. Disco dances, snaps him over and rolls him on his back for Wright again who goes up top and drives the knee into the small of the back. He snap suplexes him and then yanks back in a half-surfboard. Abstretch and Disco is lending a hand for leverage. He turns Kidman around, decks him and here comes Disco who nails him with an inverted atomic drop but Rey clocks him and Kidman strikes with a back suplex. Both are down. Kidman crawls over and both men make the tag. Rey knee liffts Wright over and over. Disco is down and he springs into a moonsault but Wright made the save. Disco was not the legal man. Wright hucks him across the ring and he gets two as Kidman made the save. Kidman kicks him and launches him over the top rope. Disco is doubled up and Rey dropkicks him into the corner, baseball slide into the nuts! Bronco Buster! Wright comes in from behind, spikes Kidman and gets two. Rey is sent to the apron and Rey hangs on and scissors Disco down and then flies into him with a crossbody. Kidman hits the Kid Krusher on Wright for the win!

*** Really long! Decent too.

Crowbar talks about his star rising and he will get Bigelow tonight.

Here comes A-Wall with a table.

Match 4: A-Wall v. Lance Storm

Storm has a mic and he has not forgotten about all the MIA clowns. Slight USA chant. Storm has found him an opponent who could not say no and he brings out Meng!

Wall assaults him right when he enters the ring but Meng fires back with some chops and headbutts but he is run over by a huge clothesline. Wall grabs a chair and tosses it into the ring. Meng takes it from and wallops Wall. He brings in a table and sets it up. But Wall grabs and chokeslams him through the table, getting the win!

*1/2 This should have been more of a brawl. Well it was but longer.

Storm yells at Meng who is no Canadian but he thought he was tough. Tongan Deathgrip!

Vampiro is with Gene and rambles about evil. He thanks Awesome for the top rope powerbomb as he lives for the pain.

Stasiak in a “shoot” with Tenay: Stasiak states the obvious that he was never a part of the Power Plant as he came from the WWF. He was never accepted etc. He respects Nash but calls him a manipulator and uses the Thrillers to do his dirty work. The Thrillers are being used and then about Palumbo and we will find out soon enough about their real issues. He does not care what anyone thinks and he is above the rest of the Thrillers and he will become champ.

Here comes Storm again. He is holding his throat. He tries to speak but really cannot due to the Deathgrip.

Match 5: Lance Storm v. Norman Smiley

Storm applies a hammerlock but Norman counters with a wristlock but Storm is out only to miss the elbow drop after taking him down. They lock up again and Norman has the arm and wrist. They are tussling and exchanging holds and moves. Lance shoves him, drops him with a dropkick and gets two. He pulls him up only to be punched off, however he comes back with a knee to the gut. He pulls up Norman and hits a backbreaker getting two. Storm goes on a long offensive, slowly picking him apart with a couple of slams and a headscissors. He works him over in the corner but Norman comes back with a few chops and then hangs him upside down before slamming him. After a two count, Storm reverses the whip into the corner but he runs into a boot and is then hammered. Norman knocks him to the floor, slide kicks him into the railing. He tries to bring him back into the ring but Lance floats over and tries to bring him back but Norman holds onto the ropes, he rolls up Lance but Wiggles! They tussle and Storm hits a Northern Lights suplex for two. Storm takes him down but Norman hangs on only to be rolled up and both exchange two counts. Norman hooks him, takes him over with both arms, gets two but he is nutted. Storm goes for a piledriver but he is barely backdropped. Norman is winded as he cannot bridge out of the pin and just struggles! So Lance finishes him with the Mapleleaf.

*** Good match. Norman was winded at the end but solid.

Meng runs out and Storm kicks him. No effect, so he wisely leaves.

Match 6: Bam Bam Bigelow v. Crowbar

Bigelow starts strong but Crowbar is game and they have been tearing into each other for about three plus. They have been out on the floor and Bigelow is DDT’d onto the concrete. Back in the ring they continue to battle. Bigelow spikes him and then chokes him out. But Crowbar spikes him in return and clubs the chest. He bounces off the ropes, caught and Asbury Park time!

**1/2 Nearly seven minutes on this one. Good match.

Gene is with Booker who has been to hell and back with Steiner. But he did not pin him, therefore he wants Steiner who can make the rules! Booyah because he is going to git with ya.

Match 7: Jeff Jarrett and Vampiro v. Sting and Mike Awesome

He sarcastically praises Flair for making this match but he still reminds him that he has all the Stroke and he is the new Jurassic Slap Ass! He calls Vampiro, Count Chocula!

Sting and JJ go at it as the other two rip into each other. The former on the floor and now they switch and are in the ring. All four are in the ring and both heels are sent to the floor. They rest out on the floor and now Vamp and Sting go at it. Sting is hammered into the corner and JJ is tagged in and they run him over with back elbows. JJ gets two. Sting comes back and they now go back and forth. JJ puts him in a sleeper. Madden says the crowd is electrified and I think he is being sarcastic as it is small….Not very loud. Sad. They get a bit behind Sting as he finally powers out with some elbows but he is raked in the eyees and sent into the ropes. Both hit the clothesline and are down. Both make the tag and Awesome pounds on Vamp and hits the Frog Splash! But Vamp kicks out. Here comes JJ with the guitar but Sting blocks it with the bat and chases him to the back. Awesome Bomb and match!

** Weakest match of the night but still pretty good. Nice win for Awesome.

**** Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling! That is what I wanted. Man if the WWF did that with their kick ass roster! Long matches, not the greatest but it worked. No stupid promos, just some interviews and straight up action! No gimmicky shit other than the Stasiak interview but at least it was not too long and not too bad. Bigelow returned in Jersey….Entertaining to say the least. I am a happy bear again! Now if Nitro can follow up with a good show…Too bad about the small TNA sized crowd from the looks of things. Oh well.

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