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WCW Nitro 11/6/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Earlier Steiner had attacked Sting as he arrived and they fought before being pulled apart.

Nash and the Thrillers watched the screen and giggled the SOL stuff. I was writing but it may have been the Stasiak interview….

Here comes Luger. They are in Chicago. Dark again and they don’t pan around the crowd. Too bad. Luger heads to the announce table and asks for Madden to please stand up. Luger is calling him out for saying he gained weight: It used to be 4 percent and Luger said 5 percent last week and Madden mentioned that. Luger goes off on how slovenly and fat Madden is. Luger is trying to use big words and he does say 4 percent. Luger tells him to shut up and he agrees too! Luger is in the ring and says this is how Nitro should begin and he mocks Buff and the bogus Streak of Goldberg and mentions legends like Bret and Flair and Sting and Savage who are real wrestlers. He will end the Streak. He has the WCW Magazine that has a story on Goldberg and brings in one of the dudes who works on it and has him look for a Luger story in it. There is not. Luger tells him to stand there and goes off on Goldberg some more and then as the worker dude (Not real sure if he is a part of the magazine) tries to leave he is kneed and Racked! Security finally saves him.

Goldberg arrives.

The guy is carted off on a gurney.

Nash and the Thrillers are with Pamela and he has the Goldberg book, reading it. She talks about Stasiak not being a part of the Thrillers anymore. Nash talks about that and then demands a title match tonight after mentioning weight and height about Stasiak I think. Stasiak comes up and apologizes and Nash tells him to take a hike but Stasiak begs him for forgiveness and will help tonight.

Storm comes out and mocks the US election which is tomorrow as it does not matter who you elect and you should emigrate to Canada! Oh, how ironic that statement is with the Florida debacle 24 hours away. How fucking hard is it to fucking vote? God Bless America!

Match 1: Lance Storm v. Kwee-Wee

Duggan takes him and brings him into the ring. Storm goes after Kiwi but gets hammered in the corner and is then clotheslined over the top rope. Kiwi goes after him but is flung into the railing. Storm yells at Paisley who is at the announce table and that allows Kiwi to come back and bring him into the ring. He gets two and then hits a missile kick. Storm kicks him in the head after some back and forth. They exchange moves and Kiwi spins him around, face plants him and then DDT’s him for two. USA chants as the fans taunt Duggan. Kiwi goes up top but is picked up and slammed. Maple Leaf! He taps immediately and Storm will not relent. Meng runs down as Paisley screamed for help. Skipper stayed in the ring and gets spiked.

** Way too short.

Gene is with Goldberg. Goldberg calls Bigelow a talent but calls him wanting a match with him a death wish. He goes off on Luger who always talks about his body etc. Luger comes up and brags about his achievements in WCW and Bigelow ambushes him with a pipe and they maul him. They leave and Goldberg is irate and yells that both are next.

Schiavone and Hudson are talking about some sort of shoot fighters in a show called Battledome. They wanted to take on some WCW guys. DDP along with the Cat, Rick Steiner and Buff and they had a donnybrook or some shit on the show.

I looked it up and it was a type of American Gladiator meets pro-wrestling but it had competitions and some wrestling on the show. Contestants were on it etc. It ran for two seasons and they added in some women in the second season and got rid of the title belt and they had wrestling like personalities but it looks like they had some quasi-real game-show competition etc. It lasted until April 2001. Terry Crews was in it! First season is free on something called Crackle.

Stasiak has a match with Reno but he is a no show and is laid out in the back. Thrillers look at him and do the SOL shit again.

Here comes Flair and hypes up the town and sports teams. He is the boss now etc….Jesus, we have had one three or four minute match and we are thirty minutes in and this does not count commercials! Flair is hyping up the PPV now and Rection got bleeped! He will be reinstating someone tonight. He talks about the title match and then talks about Steiner and how his attitude is not kosher. He will conduct himself with some professionalism. Steiner comes out and accosts him and calls him old and other names. Booker makes the save and Steiner is hauled off by security. Flair continues about the title match and how the company will be run professionally. The title match will be in a cage and there will be a Strait Jacket 12 feet up and you put your opponent in it and beat him up. But if Steiner touches any refs before the title match he is fired.

Jimmy Hart is talking crap about radio DJ’s and drops all the big names. Mancow who is from Chicago comes up and gets in his face. Hart begs off but he is attacked as Mancow is sick of being mocked by Stern and others. Three Count saves Hart and Hart yells at Mancow taunting him.

Here comes Three Count. Well Two Count. They are happy to be rid of Evan. Here come the Dragons sans Noble.

Match 2: Two Count v. Jung Dragons v. Jindrak and O’Haire (c) for WCW Tag Titles

The champs have to run down as the other two teams go at it. They pummel both for a moment but get scissored over.

BTW: Nearly forty minutes. Basically half over (ads included it would be about an hour in) and this is the second match! The Stasiak one does not count.

The match breaks down and the the four focus on the champs and knock them to the floor. The Dragons and Count go at it and the Dragons launch themselves into Jindrak and Haire but are caught and slammed and one is tossed over the top rope into the ring. Moore flies into two on the floor. Moore spikes Jindrak. Belated count and Evan comes down and helps out the champs> Seanton Bomb finishes off Moore.

Maybe Three Minutes! Jesus. *1/2

Battledome guys are in the crowd.

Evan is stomped by the Dragons and Count. Noble wipes them out with a chair.

Smooth is at a limo and goes to open the door but shakes his head and says not yet. Flair’s reinstatement.

DDP! Nice pop. Too bad the crowd is nowhere near the size it was back in the glory days. Not even close. He tried to get out but was brought back and he is going to make it fun. He claims he is shooting. He did not want to come back due to all the crap going on in the past year. He had a match with Booker and did not really want to do it and then got a pop like he did tonight and the fans cheer and he grins about getting a cheap pop. He wonders why he was upset as he has a great job. He yells at some fan and laughs. He may be old but has a lot of heart. He got a call from Flair who wanted the greatest three time champ and he laughs more and says it went down just like that. He asks if the fans want him back and they cheer and he is back! Battledome dudes are in the front row and look like something from a Chippendales Calendar (Not that I would know what that looks like!)and one guy has facepaint. So it is clearly a bunch of scripted nonsense. I will have to watch a show. DDP taunts them and calls out Buff, Cat and Rick Steiner and all three challenge and make fun of them. They leap the railing and have to be held back as the scrum begins. The announcers keep mentioning Crew’s character and it is T-Money. Terrible. One guy is wearing a sleeveless flannel.

Stasiak does not like being accused of what happened earlier and tells Paulshock that. He claims that he is still sorry about what he said and he is a Thriller at heart etc.

Here comes JJ and now Steiner.

Match 3: Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner v. Buff Bagwell and Sting

Crowd is getting into this one. Sting takes it to JJ and hits a Stinger Splash. Steiner lends a hand and he comes in and suplexes Sting. Sting tries to fend him off but gets knocked around for a bit. Here comes JJ and hammers Sting in the corner. JJ misses but Sting still goes down. JJ makes the tag. Steiner belly to belly’s him for two. He touched the ref earlier and does it again despite the threat from Flair. Steiner pulls back on the arms of Sting. Sting powers out but is nutted. JJ is in and he goes after Sting but is grabbed and Sting tries for a sunset flip and he gets a hand from Buff. Sting gets two. JJ hits him and tags in Steiner who stomps on Sting and then decks Buff on the apron. He turns right into a DDT. Buff gets the hot tag and he unloads on both heels. JJ is clotheslined over the top rope. Steiner pounds on Buff but he fights back. Blockbuster! JJ hits him with the guitar and here comes Sting who runs off JJ. Recliner and match.

** Not bad but how does the ref not see all the shards? Oh well.

Storm is at the announce table.

Match 4: Alex Wright v. General Rection (c) for WCW US Title

Wright is speaking German as Disco is translating. Wrongly.

They lock up and Rection gets him into the corner but Wright fires back and sandwiches him in the corner. Wright works him over for a bit. Morrus is down in a nerve hold. Rection is up and hooks the ropes off the whip, Wright misses the dropkick and Rection gets two. Rection chops him up in the corner. Rection floats over off the whip reversal into the corner. But Wright catches and takes him down. He hammers him for a bit. Here comes Disco for some reason towards the ring or he gets closer to it and MIA chase him off. Wright slugs away, goes up top but is grabbed and tossed off. He is crushed into the corner and Rection slowly heads up top and hits his finisher. Over.

** Not bad.

Four minutes or so.

Bigelow is walking in the back.

Duggan is yelling about Canada and what is wrong with America and points at me and says it is you.

Paulshock is with Booker. He is fine with giving Nash a title shot and he has no love loss for him. He is glad that Flair is putting things straight and talks about the PPV.

Match 5: Bam Bam Bigelow v. Goldberg

Goldberg runs into the ring and clubbing blows from Bigelow who splashes him in the corner and stomps him to the floor. He goes after him and rakes the eyes, staggering Goldberg and he keeps after him only to be flung into the railing but he bounces right off and clotheslines Goldberg. He places him back in the ring and goes in after him. Goldberg fires back and tosses him with ease. He spies Luger watching from the top of the ramp. Bigelow back suplexes him and then nails him with the top rope headbutt. He gets two. Bigelow whips him into the ropes but is speared and Jackhammered. Over!

** Not bad but they should have saved this….Right before or after the PPV and give it a few minutes. I know they are trying to make Goldberg a monster but this could have been a brawl but it was still okay.

Steiner is already in the ring after the break and he does not take orders and Flair can kiss his ass. He had Booker at the PPV and will kick his ass. The only drama is finding out who Booker’s mom is! Steiner heads to the announce table and they are scared.

Match 6: Kevin Nash v. Booker T (c) for WCW Title

They circle around one another. They lock up and neither gets the advantage. Nash clubs him and Booker pushes him back as the fans chant for Hall. They lock up again and Booker is knocked to the floor. Nash goes after him and rams his head into the apron and then right in front of a taunting Steiner. Booker fends him off and hits him with a chair. Back in the ring he takes him down for two. Nash though strikes with the big boot. He takes a moment to recover and hits a sideslam. Two count. Nash pulls back on the arms. Booker is vertical and starts to power out but is kneed in the gut. Booker ducks and goes off the ropes twice striking with forearm shivers. A kick sends him down. Two count. He knees him in the gut and scissor kicks Nash. Spinarooni! He measures Nash for the Harlem Kick but he ducks and down goes the ref. Nash swings and misses and is hooked for the Book End but Stasiak runs in and cracks Booker with some knucks! Nash sets up for the powerbomb but Stasiak knocks him out and places Booker on top for the win. Stasiak looms over Nash and gives the crotch chop.

** Kept both strong and now Stasiak and Nash will probably face off at the PPV.

Steiner goes to leave but decides to attack Booker as we fade.

**1/2 Not enough wrestling. But I will say that the show went by pretty fast and did work towards the PPV. But the first hour just had no wrestling. But the Flair stuff was fine as was DDP’s return. There were the obvious swerves but Steiner continues to impress and it is time to pull the trigger and give him the title. I am tempted to bump this up as I enjoyed the show more than I thought I would as it got better and the second hour was fun. Still, I have to stick by my guns as there were not really any long matches but overall the angle advancement worked and hopefully Thunder continues with the wrestling and we get a bit more next week. Also, I think they could have built on the Bigelow match and made it longer and the Mancow stuff was nonsense but he is from Chicago….

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