WCW Thunder 11/8/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Booker demands a match against Stasiak. Sanders tells him that Nash already has him tonight but Booker does not care despite Sanders wanting him to be a team player.

Match 1: Evan Karagias v. Jaime Noble

They are going back and forth, exchanging moves and now pinfalls. Jaime goes up top but is crotched, hung upside down and kicked over and over. Noble though rolls him up and gets two. Evan catches a running Noble with a powerslam getting two. He stomps on Noble and then slaps him. Evan continues to work him over. He picks him up and dumps him chest first onto the top rope and chokes him out. Noble is up and tries to fire back but Evan recovers and keeps after Noble. He hammers him but Jaime comes back with a big guillotine legdrop and then strikes with a series of suplexes. He gets two and connects with a running clothesline. Another whip and a backbody drop, followed up by a dropkick. He mounts and pounds him in the corner but is knocked off, kicked and then run into the post after being placed on the apron. Two Count runs down and destroys Evan. Noble wins

**1/2 Good match.

Disco and Wright are with Gene. Disco asks for Gene to feel his hat and Gene tells him that the hat sucks. He is facing Konnan tonight and talks about beating him. Wright babbles in German.

Match 2: Reno (c) v. Crowbar for WCW Hardcore Title

Reno greets him with some shots from the Kendo stick. The fight spills to the floor and Crowbar counters by running him into a garbage can filled with objects and back in the ring he uses the chair with his legdrop. Crowbar hammers him and brings in a ladder and knocks it into Reno. He gets two after a bridged Northern Lights and then chops away in the corner. Reno reverses the whip, back drops him and now he hammers Crowbar. He goes for the Roll of the Dice but gets hit with a lid. They go back and forth, Crowbar is thrust into the ladder and sent over the ropes but he skins the cat and whips Reno into the ladder and kicks him and then front suplexes him onto the top rope. They head to the floor with Crowbar ripping into him. Crowbar sits him in a chair, puts on a brief sleeper and then heads to the apron, flies off with and connects with a lariat on the sitting Reno. Reno staggers up the ramp and Crowbar comes at him with a chair but is kicked and hit with the chair. Reno nails him with it, driving it into his back for good measure. They fight into the backstage area. Crowbar is thrust around and they fight to the stage. Vito comes in and kicks Reno off the stage. Crowbar hits the splash from the stage getting the win.

*** Good match! New champ.

There was a celebration during the break with MIA and Awesome. After the break Crowbar talks about being the new champ (that is what the celebration was for).

Match 3: Konnan v. Disco Inferno

Konnan takes him down but Disco is up and has the arm, Konnan rolls through and has Disco all tied up. Disco is up and gets in some offense. He snaps Konnan over but Konnan takes him down and low dropkicks him. Maybe two minutes later Konnan wins.


Knights are talking to Kronik in the back.

Awesome is with Gene who talking about Crowbar and other things.

Madden who does not like the Cat is interviewing him in a restaurant. Cat does not give a damn if he does not like him. Madden makes the Cat sick! He goes off on him and they bicker. Cat is also tired of Flair and Cat thinks he has been the best Commissioner. This goes on for another minute.

Steiner tells Sanders he is trying to control his temper and willing to get help. But then threatens to tear his fricking head off if he screws him etc.

David Flair is still searching for the father and calls out Rey and asks him. He is not and Tygress slaps him and Rey tells him that he is going to be Flair’s daddy.

Match 4: Rey Mysterio v. David Flair

Rey makes fairly short work of him.

*1/2 Please end this Flair shit.

Nash is leading the Thrillers out.’

Match 5: Kevin Nash v. Sean Stasiak

Stasiak waits at the top of the ramp and out comes Kronik and now he heads down. Stasiak talks about the Thrillers and acts tough and Kronik leaves. Sanders says that Stasiak is not the one SOL and Nash looks befuddled and he gets swarmed and dismantled. Booker runs them off.

After the break Nash is getting checked out by the trainer.

Gene is with Luger and he brags about how he is going to retire Luger. Bigelow comes in and he agrees with Luger and they are going to be a team tonight or something.

Team Canada comes down and he talks about why he hates America and he is intolerant of incompetent people like in the US and Isle of Tonga. He will teach them respect and has everyone rise for the Anthem.

Match 6: Lance Storm v. Meng

Meng clobbers him. Storm comes back but Meng takes him down. Canada tries to help and Meng is on the floor and he chokes out Duggan and Skipper. Storm wins via count out.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Kwee-wee is in the ring and he jaws with Storm. He drops him. Storm leaves.

Match 7: Mike Awesome v. Booker T (c) for WCW Title

They jaw at each other and lock up, neither get the upperhand. Awesome pushes him into the corner and the ref forces the break. Awesome puts him in a headlock and cinches it in. Booker escapes but Awesome is relentless. Awesome takes him to the floor and blasts him withi a chair. Back in the ring he takes down Booker and goes out, grabs a table and then runs over Booker with a lariat. Awesome leans the table up in the corner and has him up for the Bomb but Booker slips behind. Awesome ducks the Harlem kick and Booker is back suplexed into the table! Awesome covers him but only gets two. Awesome goes up top and nails Booker. two count. Here comes Booker with a big kick and he gets two. A spinebuster and two more. Booker doubles him over. Axe kick! Booker is slow to recover but spins to his feet and strikes with the Harlem kick and Awesome barely kicks out. Both are up and Awesome hits him but runs right into the Book End.

*** Good match but it became cliched by the end as Booker hit all his moves…..Oh well. Still good.

Some scraggly blonde is with Bob Sapp. He was in the NFL and she gushes over him. This is his debut. Not sure what he did here but was signed to a developmental contract and later wrestled in Japan. He was a kickboxer too and a part of MMA. He talks about the Power Plant and taking on the Fridge etc. Greco has been training him too.

Match 8: Luger and Bigelow v. Goldberg

Before Goldberg comes down, Kronik comes down and High Times the ref. Boogie paid them off as Disco thought the ref fast counted the Konnan match.

Goldberg takes both men down but now he is overwhelmed and punished. They overpower him for the next couple of minutes. Goldberg comes back and hammers them on the ground. But they come back and Bigelow hits a top rope headbutt for two and both sledge him over and over. He is up and clotheslines both. He spears Bigelow and goes for Luger who bails to the floor. Bigelow is finished.

*1/2 Angle advancement. They had more fight than Kronik. Poor Bigelow.

**1/2 By the numbers and disappointing when compared to last week. There were a couple of decent matches though such as the opener and the Hardcore match and the title match. I guess it might deserve a higher rating but at the same time there seemed to be no spark. Nothing really happened. All the angles seemed to move in slo-mo. You know Goldberg is going to win. Steiner briefly showed up. I guess the Nash swerve that I did not see coming but at the same time, they need to move things along, such as ending the David Flair stuff. Booker and Steiner are the best thing going right now. Too bad that is probably ending in three weeks.

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