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WCW Nitro 11/13/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

WCW had an off week compared to the previous week. They are nearing Mayhem and hopefully they step up the game with some wrestling. Some weeks they are on and sometimes off. They are in London this week and next before heading back to the states for the PPV. Ratings went up to a 2.6 off a 2.9 and 2.2 while RAW received a 5.0 off a 4.7 and 5.3.

Nice crowd of nearly 11000 in London.

All the wrestlers come out. Faces first. Now comes Flair and he thanks London for having them and how great WCW is. He knows Sanders has a lot on his plate but needs to be fair. Sanders has to defend his title as he has not done so and has 48 hours to do so. He talks about partying last night and asks if they are tired today. Tonight will be a London Lethal Lottery. It is done by random:

Awesome and Bigelow are Team One.
Booker and Luger are Team Two.
Boogie Knights are Team Four.
Scott Steiner (who gets a nice pop) and Sting are Team Five.

Steiner is not out there and Flair is not pleased and demands that he comes down. Here comes Steiner and he goes right for Flair but Booker stops him and now he and Sting go at it and everyone is in the ring brawling!

Thrillers arrive.

Some London dude is talking to Crowbar. Vito comes in and says that “We” won it. Crowbar does not appreciate that. Vito is shadow boxing and claims he is the real Hardcore champ and challenges him. He accepts.

Storm cannot wait until the PPV and wants Rection tonight. He gets it…From Sanders. Steiner comes up and Storm wisely leaves. Sanders stops him and Steiner glares. He has to sign up for Anger Management classes and does so. I think Sanders said that he does not have to participate in them. Steiner wants to know who booked the match with Sting as his partner and vows to find him.

Match 1: Big Vito v. Crowbar (c) for WCW Hardcore Title

Crowbar runs around the ring before the bell and gets walloped with a Kendo stick and out on the floor he gets bashed with a chair. Crowbar fights back but is up ended over the railing and they fight in the crowd heading towards the back. They brawl into the back and Vito gets the best of him as he runs him all over the place. Fans chant for a table after they get back to the ring. Vito sets up but first whacks him with the Kendo stick. He sandwiches him in the corner and then knocks him back to the floor where the table is set up. Crowbar reverses the whip into the railing and hits Vito with a chair. They tussle on the ground, Vito blocks a suplex and hits a neckbreaker. Crowbar is placed on the table and Vito is up top! He is perched and Crowbar rolls off the table and the fans boo in disappointment. Vito slams a lid onto Crowbar’s head and places the table over the top ropes and into the ring before bashing a garbage can over Crowbar’s head. Back in the ring. Ref gets wiped out. Mafia Kick but Crowbar comes back and hammers Vito. Vito returns the favor and both are up top. Crowbar is pushed off. Reno comes over and hits Vito. Crowbar fucking superplexes him through a table! Damn! Fans erupt.

*** Fun brawl. Actually it was a lot of fun.

Nash has arrived.

Gene is with Bigelow and Awesome who argue but try to get on the same page for tonight.

Here come the Thrillers. He has some sort of ballot and he has tallied the votes. He is talking about how bigger does not usually mean better and smarter. He goes on about Nash’s manipulative skills and his physical prowess and how he uses it to his advantage and that worked until last week. They do their stupid SOL shit. Stasiak speaks now. Nash fell victim to evolution. Nash comes out and gives one of his slow promos, rambling too. He is bringing up combustion engines and the Indy 500. He taught them a lot of things but they did not finish what they started and he is twice as dangerous. Sanders agrees and he wants to finish it tonight. He sets up a three on one and Nash calls them ladies and does not care if all six want a match. Tonight Stasiak’s ass is his. Stasiak looks worried.

Sting is yelling about Steiner getting his head on straight for tonight’s match and they will both get what they want.

Skipper stops Jones and wonders what she sees in the Cat. She says he is over and Cat comes out and tells Skipper to cool off and throws water on him. Skipper challenges him for later tonight.

Match 2: Mike Awesome and Bigelow v. Scott Steiner and Sting

Sting goes after Bigelow and Awesome and Steiner go at it. Awesome is nailed with a belly to belly. Stinger Splash on Bigelow. Sting and Steiner now fight and the other two join the fray. Order is restored and Sting and Awesome go at it. Sting gets the upperhand and takes him down. Steiner is in but Awesome drives him into his corner where he is doubleteamed. But Steiner T Bones Bigelow! Who gets mauled by Sting on the floor. Steiner and Awesome are going at it. Steiner hooks him up top and suplexes him off. Recliner finishes him!

**1/2 Not bad. Too bad Awesome ate the pin but Bigelow had been a lot lately.

Jimmy Hart informs us that some DJ from Georgia challenged Jimmy Hart. Hart brags that he knocked out Andy Kaufmann.

Disco is not keen to face each other when they win or facing Steiner. They offer to sell their spot on the Lottery. Kronik does not want to buy their spot. They want to be paid and Disco relents much to the chagrin of Wright.

Booker has no love for his partner but is willing to work with him etc.

Animals saw what they did and make fun of them from a monitor.

Flair saw what the Knights did and they blame each other. Flair claims they are big players and has a surprise for them.

MIA are making fun of Storm. Rection is ready for him etc.

DDP and his crew fight with the Battledome dudes.

Match 3: Lex Luger and Booker T (c) v. Kronik

Booker gets the upperhand early and tags iN Luger who does his thing on Adams. He does suplex him. They battle for the next couple of minutes. Booker goes for the axe kick but Luger tosses Booker to the floor and gets Full Nelson Slammed! Booker flies in with a missile kick and Steiner comes down with a lead pipe as Booker goes for the Book End. Booker is knocked out. High Time and match.

** Stevie Ray yelled that they won’t be able to get Booker up. Jesus.

Kronik are a well-oiled machine and if one wins the belt then both do….They were talking to Gene.

Match 4: Perfect Event and Sean O’Haire v. Kevin Nash

Nash starts strong and gets a near fall but he is overwhelmed. Haire hammers him and so does Stasiak. He gets a near fall. Palumbo joins in the fun. Nash tries to fend them off but they make quick tags and keep hammering him. Nash though comes back and mauls Stasiak. Big boot and Reno runs down and is taken down and so is Sanders. He has Sanders ready for a powerbomb but Jindrak flies in and they pummel Nash. DQ.

** Angle advancement.

Match 5: Cat v. Elix Skipper

Cat taunts Skipper telling him to get his ass in the ring. Skipper runs in and gets kicked. Skipper hooks a dancing Cat but gets taken over and kicked some more. Down he goes. Cat mounts and pounds him in the corner but gets dropped down headfirst onto the top buckle. Skipper hammers him and dumps him to the floor. He whips him into the side of the ring but keeps ogling Jones who helps out the Cat and the Cat takes advantage of that and hammers Skipper. Cat is knocked down and Skipper has his Grey Cup ring but misses and Cat misses a kick but not the next one. Feliner and match.

**1/2 Nice fight but could have been better.

Boogie Knights come out and their big surprise is Goldberg!

Match 6: Boogie Knights v. Goldberg

The Knights are game but Goldberg is slaughtering them. Spear on Wright and Jackhammer on Disco! Jackhammer on Wright. He covers both.

*1/2 Squash.

Match 7: Lance Storm v. General Rection (c) for WCW US Title

Lance is going to be serious for a minute. He has no time for this or the fans and wants Rection right now. He needs to lose with some dignity. Anthem time.

Rection hammers him right at the bell and gives him a big backdrop. Storm comes back with some chops that have no effect. Rection returns the favor but he is nutted. Storm sandwiches him in the corner but Rection fires back with a series of clotheslines and the last sends him over the top rope. The mats are peeled off. Well one….Storm counters out of a suplex with a DDT. Back in the ring he springs into a missile kick and gets two. They go back and forth, Rection powerslams him and gets two. Here comes Team Canada and now MIA stops them and they fight on the floor. Storm is laid out, Rection pulls him up and slams him. He heads up top and Gunns is trying to hold Storm or something and he moves and she gives him something and Rection misses and is decked. He is nearly pinned. Maple Leaf and Gunns throws in the towel!

**1/2 Good fight that sets up the blow off match. The swerve was stupid.

Gunns is heinous and claims she is proudly Canadian to Gene.

Match 8: Kronik v. Scott Steiner and Sting

Adams and Sting go at it. Adams press slams him and then runs him over but Sting falls on his nuts after the collision. Both make the tag. They brawl and Clark hammers him into the corner with kicks and chops. Steiner comes back, takes him down and drops the elbow. He gets two and keeps after him. He hits a belly to belly and goes for another suplex but Clark floats over and kicks him and takes him down. Steiner fends him off and hits Adams and he is doubleteamed. Now all four are in the ring. Steiner is dumped to the floor. Stinger Splash on Clark and another. Deathlock! But Adams decks him Steiner tosses him to the floor and he T Bones Clark and goes for the Recliner. Adams comes in and Full Nelson Slams him and it is High Time! Midajah runs distraction and Sting helps out and Sting nails Clark and they go at it and hits the Deathdrop for the win!

**1/2 Not bad.

Steiner hits Sting with a chair and so Booker comes down and wallops Steiner. Booker then hits Sting and we fade!

**1/2 Decent show. But then again it was fairly by the numbers. They did minimize the promos but at the same time it takes too long to get started. Start with a brawl or match. The Goldberg thing has become old. Booker and Steiner and Sting are the best part going. It was nice to see the Thrillers dump Nash but I am sure he will dominate the feud. The MIA thing is going on for far too long and needs to end but it is clear they have nothing else for them to do. The Cat is just kind of floating around though he and Skipper could have a solid feud. WCW is not quite spinning its wheels but at the same time not much has changed but for the most part it is fairly entertaining. Oh and the whole Battledome and Jimmy Hart stuff. Not very good!

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