WCW Thunder 12/20/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Flair assures us that this will be a great show. Steiner is here too.

Match 1: Jamie Noble v. Chavo Guerrero (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

Chavo comes down and talks about his title match at the PPV against Helms. If he loses tonight then he gets a rematch at the PPV, and Helms does not get a match.

The bell rings and they lock up. They apply headlocks, both escape and Noble hits a dropkick and slam. Chavo goes down and basically tells him to apply a move. Oh well. Chavo is taken down again and he retreats to the floor. He paces around. He gets back in the ring and Chavo gains the initiative after a lowblow. He hammers him and Noble counters with a neckbreaker. Both are down and now up and exchange punches. Nobles hits a standing dropkick and now a lariat. Chavo is begging off. Noble goes after him and places him up top. Helms comes down and hooks Noble so he cannot superplex him. He is shoved off, Frog Splash and brainbuster finish Noble.


Funk used to be Crowbar’s idol and he will pass the torch etc.

Cat rides up on an ATV to confront Ric. He wants Steiner’s ass right now. Flair had already booked it and it is on for the title. He leaves in a limo.

Bigelow tells Crowbar that he will not have a legacy after he gets through with him.

Match 2:

Nope it is Duggan in street clothes who comes down. He is a sad bear. He will not take too much of our time. He is blaming himself but is telling why he did what he did. Everyone said that he was done a few months ago. He is apologizing to his family and fans for what he did.

Thrillers are going to dominate tonight etc.

Rection forgives Duggan.

Match 2: Three Count v. Jung Dragons

Oh it is the Tag Team Battle Royal

They are all going at it. Yang and Karagias are gone. Noble is gone too. Meng tosss out Three Count. Vito comes out and attacks his brother, and beats his ass out on the floor. Johnny the Bull comes out and lays out Sanders. Mamalukes hug i tout.


Harris Boys are out. Kidman is done and so the Animals are ousted. It is the Thrillers left. Sanders crawls in and has the mic. It takes him two minutes two minutes to start to speak as he is selling the Kendo stick from Johnny the Bull. Also, he needs to learn brevity. I kid you not it has taken him nearly four plus minutes to call for the bell and declare the Four Thrillers the winner and not continuing the match. They will win the title at the PPV. Jesus. I aged considerably….It was Event and Jindrak/O’Haire. This makes HHH and Vince McMahon seem like speed readers. Even Schiavone is irked!

Gene is with Steiner. He calls the Cat a lamb coming to the slaughter. He does not give a damn who the mystery opponent is.

Match 3: Elix Skipper v. Konnan

They lock up and tussle. Skipper takes him down and stomps a hole in him. Konnan comes back and drops him but is nailed with a standing dropkick. Skipper is on the apron and is caught by Konnan but he headscissors him over. Skipper kicks him in the head but only gets two. He drags him to the ropes and stands on his back. He slings over the top and nailed, kind of, Konnan in the head. For the next minute or two Skipper is hammering him with forearms and kicks. He applies a submission hold for a moment. He whips Konnan into the corner, swats away the float over attempt and then takes him down, strikes with a guillotine legdrop. He slowly covers him and gets two. Fans chant boring as they battle. Idiots. So they finish it off and Konnan hits the Rolling Thunder and makes him tap with the Sunrise.

*** I enjoyed it.

JJ is with Gene. I like JJ but he does not need another title shot. He is not going to fucking win. Steiner trusts him but he will have something for him in case he does not.

Cajun and Wall confront Rection for forgiving Duggan so quick but not Chavo. They are not happy and leave him trying to explain himself.

Match 4: Crowbar v. Bam Bam Bigelow

Bigelow is selling a knee from his match at the PPV. They go at it. Bigelow sandwiches him in the corner and then tosses him across the ring. He holds him up for a big vertical suplex and just drops him down! Crowbar after the two count comes back and goes after the knee. On the floor, Crowbar is flung into the railing and pummeled. Daffney runs up and rakes his eyes and Bigelow hobbles after her and he gets ambushed by Crowbar. Crowbar gets back into the ring and baseball slide shim into the railing and then splashes him from the apron. Bigelow is rolled back into the ring and Crowbar slingshots onto his back. Crowbar rolls him over and heads up top but Meng comes down and knocks him off. Ashbury Park and match….I guess he cost him a title shot against Funk on Nitro….Oh yeah he did. I forgot.

**1/2 Not bad. But if Crowbar is going to face and probably beat Funk then why doesn’t he get a big win?

Norman is psyched after watching the Glacier promo and then is told he has a make up match.

Match 5: Norman Smiley v. Goldberg

They did give Goldberg the win on Monday. I swear these chants now have to be canned. Not that he isn’t over but come on, it is a bit loud for the small arena. The match is short and it is over….

DUD. This has officially gotten old.

Luger and Buff are on the screen and it will be a tag match at the next PPV with them v. Goldberg and Sarge. They are making fun of him. Goldberg states he kicked their asses once before and they are both next. He helps Norman up.

Douglas is with Kronik and Gene. He is giving them cash to take out MIA. They are cackling.

Tenay is interviewing Flair. They are talking about who the mystery man is and Flair will not give it away. He talks about being CEO and how he is not out to get Steiner as he is the man right now. He wants the title and has earned. He is not jealous of him etc.

Cat tells Gene that Steiner does not scare him and he will get the title tonight.

Match 6: Shane Douglas and Kronik v. MIA

He hates Virginia and makes fun of their lives and their women and how they are jealous of him.

Rection and Adams are going at it. Both get in their licks. Cajun is tagged in and his blows have no effect but he goes low and down goes Adams. Cajun works him over but he is plastered with a few slams. Rection has to make the save. Clark and Wall are in and the latter is downed. Here comes Douglas to pick up the pieces. Wall reverses a whip, spinebuster. The match continues as it breaks down. They are fighting on the floor. Douglas is massacred by Rection who hits his finisher. Adams makes the save. Wall runs him off but he is nailed with a chair shot. Douglas finishes off Rection with the Franchiser.

**1/2 Angle advancement.

The heels maul them after the match.

Team Canada comes down and Storm makes fun of the US political system as the man who lost the election had the most votes. One has to wonder….Oh well. America! Duggan comes down and he and Storm yell at each other as Duggan chants USA. Awesome comes down to help Duggan but of course turns on him and he is a part of Team Canada now.

Match 7: Cat v. Scott Steiner (c) for WCW Title

Less than five minutes left when they lock up and Steiner powers him into the corner and punches him down. He chokes him out with his boot. He takes him down adgain. he does some push ups and flexes. He yells at Ms. Jones who flips him off. He goes back to work on the Cat. Cat unloads on him with a series of kicks. He flings him to the floor and then into the railing as Jones and Midajah go at it. Cat hammers him for another minute but is nailed with a belly to belly suplex. The mystery dude in a mask is at the top of the stage and is dancing and shit….Cat attacks. Feliner and he covers Steiner who barely kicks out. Steiner counters with a jawbreaker and the Recliner ends it. Steiner runs after the masked, mystery dude as we fade….The guy had already run off.

** Not too bad. Short though.

*** Basically an inoffensive show. Nothing spectacular and the Sanders nonsense dragged it down, but it covered a lot of bases as we will only get one Nitro and two Thunders more before the PPV. While Nitro is not that great I am bitter that it is not one. Also, next week’s Thunder is a best of 2000, so it will be ten minutes long. Kidding. It is really swell to give them Christmas and the New Year off but at least tape a show.

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