WCW Saturday Night 2/20/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Lakeland, FL

1.) Lash LeRoux defeated Bobby Blaze
2.) The Barbarian defeated Hector Garza
3.) Fit Finlay defeated El Dandy
4.) Hugh Morrus defeated Dave Taylor
5.) Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Ciclope
6.) Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Lodi & Al Green
7.) Mike Enos defeated Barry Darsow
8.) Hak defeated Bull Pain
9.) Psychosis defeated Villano V
10.) Booker T defeated Chris Jericho by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Judging by the edited in crowd responses, WCW likes to change whether or not Bobby Blaze is a babyface or heel depending on who he is wrestling. However, Blaze seemingly always acts like a babyface.

2.) Backstage, Meng is searching for Jimmy Hart and he sees him but has a brawl with the Barbarian! These former friends are beating the crap out of each other until some officials enter the scene to break up the fight.

3.) Morrus catches Taylor coming off the ropes and locks in a bear hug but Taylor is able to counter with a headlock takedown. Taylor hits a dropkick and taunts the fans failing to take advantage of his control. That allows Morrus to hammer away on Taylor with some right hands and gets a two count. Jimmy Hart gets involved choking Taylor over the bottom rope while the referee was distracted. Morrus splashes Taylor in the corner three times. Morrus heads to the top rope and perfectly hits the No Laughing Matter for the win. (*. Morrus was one of the best moonsaults by a big guy and one of the few that actually hit the move. This was essentially a squash match.)

4.) We’ve got a rematch from two weeks ago with Enos taking on Darsow. Enos chases Darsow on the floor and has the putter that knocked him out two weeks ago. Darsow has one as well and they are having a standoff with putters. Enos breaks the putter over his knee and Darsow attacks from behind and has the advantage in the corner. Darsow tosses Enos over the top to the floor. Darsow punches Enos after sending him into the ring steps. Darsow runs into an elbow in the corner but comes back with a two count after a clothesline. Enos drops Darsow with a clothesline and counters a scoop slam with a back suplex. Enos hits a power slam and Darsow soon knocks the referee to the floor. Enos has the cover but the referee is outside on the floor. Darsow goes to his putter and misses a shot. Enos picks up the putter and knocks Darsow out! Enos gets the referee and gets the win. (1/2*. Yeah, this little feud needs to come to an end. Enos is capable of much more than feuding over putters.)

5.) Booker runs over Jericho with a shoulder block to start the main event. Booker delivers a side kick and a forearm shot for a two count. Booker hits a standing spin kick and Jericho bails to the floor. Booker rams Jericho into the guard railing a couple of times. Jericho drops Booker across the top rope and delivers a kick in the corner before delivering a clothesline. Jericho follows up his offense with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Booker is sent to the floor and Jericho comes off the apron to deliver an elbow strike. Jericho sends Booker into the railing as well to maintain control of the bout. Booker rolls Jericho up out of the corner but can’t get a three count. Jericho hits a slingshot splash from the apron but Booker kicks out on the cover attempt at two. Booker runs over Jericho with a clothesline but doesn’t follow up. Jericho catapults Booker throat first across the bottom rope. Jericho delivers a back breaker and tries for a submission but doesn’t get one. Booker avoids a dropkick and catapults Jericho into the corner. Booker hits a back suplex and both men are down. Jericho dropkicks Booker and gets a two count. Jericho misses a splash and lands on the middle rope. Jericho avoids a splash and Booker hits the corner hard. Jericho wraps Booker’s right knee around the ring post a couple of times. Jericho comes off the top but Booker gets his boot up and hits the scissors kick! Jericho flapjacks Booker but is met with a Harlem sidekick from Booker! Booker heads to the top rope but Disco Inferno comes out and shoves Booker off! Jericho and Inferno attack Booker until Perry Saturn runs out and cleans house sending Jericho to the floor with a t-bpne suplex. Booker nails Inferno with the scissors kick! Saturn and Jericho brawl to the backstage area. (**. It was an alright match with the lame DQ finish to protect both men. A strong main event on paper but it didn’t deliver the expected result.)

Final Thoughts:
A below average episode this week as the feature matches didn’t have much entertainment quality attached to them. On the plus side, at least there are some angles only for Saturday Night even if they are rather lame like the Enos/Darsow feud over a putter. A forgettable show that promoted Superbrawl tomorrow night quite a bit.

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