ECW on TNN 10/6/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: N/A

1.) Nova defeated Bilvis Wesley
2.) Kid Kash defeated EZ Money from Anarchy Rulz
3.) Joel Gertner defeated Cyrus from Anarchy Rulz

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is the final ECW on TNN episode. Thanks to TNN signing the WWF to a lucrative deal to jump from the USA Network, ECW was promptly kicked to the curb and left without a national outlet to air their programming. As a result, this episode is mainly airs matches from Anarchy Rulz and no new original programming, match wise, was provided.

2.) We saw highlights of Jerry Lynn winning the ECW World Championship when he pinned Justin Credible.

3.) ECW Television Champion Rhino cut a promo saying that RVD has never beaten him and he will never get the championship back. Rhino says that Van Dam is his bitch. He is the big fucking deal and continues to say that Van Dam has met his match.

4.) ECW World Tag Team Champions FBI are talking about the Unholy Alliance. Tony Mamaluke says they are nearly impossible to beat. Big Sal chimes in and says that the FBI are the exception.

5.) Sinister Minster says that the world is full of lies and the FBI are the biggest ones of all. He doesn’t like assholes. The FBI qualifies as being assholes. Whipwreck is setting a book on fire as Minister says that the FBI as tag team champions is coming to a close.

6.) New Jack cuts a promo asking if they really thought he wasn’t going to be at the pay per view. He showed up in Canada to just his hands on Rhino. He insults Francine calling her a hooker. He says that Justin Credible is going to be his next bitch. Jack is back wit a vengeance to take care of Credible and Rhino and make Francine his next trick.

7.) Steve Corino and Jack Victory are backstage. Corino says it’s not about how blood he can spill or how much skin their broads expose. Corino doesn’t care who it is, when the question is asked who the man is, it’s Steve Corino and Jack Victory, too.

8.) Dawn Marie says it’s all about her because she cuter and kisses at the camera.

9.) ECW World Champion Jerry Lynn says he has waited a long time for this opportunity and isn’t going to waste it. Lynn says the star maker has finally became the star. Justin Credible comes over and says he respects the championship and respects Lynn. Credible wants to shake Jerry’s hand, but Lynn isn’t interested in that. Credible tells Lynn that he is going to be the man who wins the belt. They shake hands, but Francine comes from behind to low blow Lynn and Credible sends the champ into the wall. Credible says “just because I respect you doesn’t mean I’m not going to kick your ass. That belt is mine.” A laid out Lynn closes the final ECW on TNN broadcast.

Final Thoughts:

It’s a shame that the program is over with as the last couple months of the show were really good programming on a consistent basis. I’m not going to rate a highlight show, either.

Thanks for reading.

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