ECW on TNN 9/29/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Salem, NH

1.) ECW World Champion Justin Credible defeated Steve Corino & Jerry Lynn to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles says this episode wasn’t supposed to air on TNN and welcomes everyone to ECW. Here comes Lou E. Dangerously to cut off their usual opening. Dangerously says that he is taking over the segment, but Joey tells him to shut up. Styles doesn’t take Dangerously seriously enough and he has better things to do than waste his time with Lou. So, Joey and Gertner leave, but Joel is stopped on the apron. Dangerously rips on Gertner calling him fat and has no talent. Dangerously takes credit for writing Joel’s material when they were managing the Dudley Boys. Gertner says he couldn’t stand Lou as a member of the Dudley Boys and now as a rip-off of the Paul E. Dangerously gimmick. Gertner wants to know what instrument Lou plays for Cyrus, the skin flute or the meat whistle? Lou wants to fight Joel right now. Gertner knocks Dangerously down and plays to the crowd until Cyrus comes in and attacks Joel from behind. Joey Styles actually runs in with a steel chair to make the save for his broadcast partner!

2.) The opening segment was from Salem, NH, but the triple threat was taped in Canada, the show that aired last week. It’s the only fresh material for the episode this week.

3.) All three men start trading strikes until Lynn takes Corino down with a head scissors and Credible is backdropped over the top to the floor. Lynn leaps off the top and takes both opponents out with a cross body. Lynn sunset flips Corino from the apron for a near fall. Lynn boots Credible in the corner to hit a tornado DDT for a near fall. Credible plants Lynn with a reverse DDT and clotheslines Corino to keep control of the match. Credible slams Lynn face first onto a chair several times. Corino gets some offense going by sending Justin off the apron with a right hand and stomps away on Lynn. Corino baseball slides a chair into Credible’s face and plays to the crowd. Lynn kicks a chair into Steve’s face and Corino falls off the middle rope to the floor. Lynn clotheslines Credible over the top to the floor where Corino gets a shot in. It looks like all three men are busted open at this point.

Lynn leaps over the railing and clotheslines both Corino and Credible. Lynn sends Corino into the guard railing and trades rights with Credible. All three are back in the ring where Corino accidentally knocks the referee down with an elbow strike. Credible uses a kendo stick to stop the cradle piledriver. Lynn spikes Credible with the cradle piledriver and new referee comes out. Of course, it’s the heel referee Danny Daniels who doesn’t count the fall. Francine enters and that allows Credible to hit Lynn in the face with a kendo stick. Credible hits the That’s Incredible but HC Loc comes out and takes care of Daniels. The two referees are brawling on the floor. Lynn nearly pins Credible with an inside cradle. Corino super kicks Lynn and that allows Credible to hit the That’s Incredible, who pins Lynn. Luckily, the match is an elimination match.

Corino decks Credible a few times to get some momentum in his favor. Francine trips Corino and that causes Corino to chase after her. Credible attacks Jack Victory but gets hit by a super kick from Corino, which nearly gave him a win. Corino and Credible trade a bunch of chops. Credible stops Corino with a low blow. Francine tapes Corino to the top rope and that allows Credible to use the kendo stick. Corino is out of it but kicks out at two. Corino counters That’s Incredible with the Old School Expulsion onto a chair but Francine breaks up the pin fall. Here comes Dawn Marie to have a cat fight with Francine! Corino goes to attacks Francine but rolls up Credible for a near fall. Francine hits Corino with a kendo stick and Credible hits That’s Incredible to win the match and retain the title. (***1/2. I really enjoyed the triple threat match. It had a big match feel to it and they put forth an entertaining match. Corino is clearly on the cusp of winning the title as fans are heavily behind him. The finish was a little lackluster, but it’s a strong match aside from that.)

4.) CW Anderson is looking for Steve Corino in the backstage area. He sees Jack Victory and decides to attack him. Anderson tells Victory to let his friend know that an Anderson is looking for him.

5.) Francine says that Jerry Lynn broke her ribs. ECW World Champion Justin Credible cuts a promo about some of the legends he has beaten in their hometowns. He beat Shane Douglas in the middle of the ring in Pittsburgh. He pinned Tommy Dreamer in his hometown. The same thing is going to happen to Jerry Lynn at Anarchy Rulz. Credible will be the greatest ECW World Champion of all-time.

6.) Jerry Lynn talks about busting his ass for twelve years and never getting a break. At Anarchy Rulz, Lynn says he will win the ECW World Championship in front of his family and friends in his hometown.

Final Thoughts:
Sure, there was only one feature match but it was really good and worthwhile for the near thirty minutes TV time they got. It’s a good show to promote Anarchy Rulz with the main focus being on Credible/Lynn.

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