ECW on TNN 9/22/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Mississauga, Ontario

1.) Rhino defeated ECW Television Champion Kid Kash to regain the title
2.) Nova defeated Chris Hamrick
3.) ECW World Tag Team Champions Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke defeated Danny Doring & Roadkill to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles and Joel Gertner open the show in the ring to kick off the program, as per usual. This is the debut for ECW in Canada. As it turned out, it would be the only time the company ever went out to Canada. Gertner delivers his sexual poetry, with TNN actually censoring “beef.” Jerry Lynn makes his way out to be interviewed. He gets a ECW World Championship match on October 1st. Lynn says he only has one thing, but is cut off by the champion, Justin Credible. Credible tells Jerry that the only thing he is going to say is “thank you champ for the title shot and for kicking my ass in my hometown.” Here comes Steve Corino to join the party. Corino talks about Lynn using his blood as body art. Corino turns his attention to Credible, who he believes is afraid that Corino could beat him for the title. Corino is confident that he can win the title any time from either one of them. The party isn’t over as Spike Dudley makes his way out. Spike has been named the special guest commissioner and that means he makes the matches tonight. Spike proceeds to make a triple threat match for the ECW World Championship. He has a special referee for the match and for Anarchy Rulz. Before he can announce the referee, Rhino comes in and GORES Spike Dudley! New Jack makes his way out and saves Spike from Rhino and Credible attacking him. Jack is the special referee, apparently. Credible is saved by Jack and whacks Jack with several kendo stick shots. The heels stand tall to end the segment.

2.) Kash suicide dives onto Rhino as the match starts. This one aired on Hardcore TV, but I’ll cover it here as well. Kash leaps off a chair and onto Rhino in the crowd. Rhino tosses a chair at Kash and goes under the ring to slide a table into the ring. Kash dropkicks Rhino and hits a double springboard hurricanrana to take Rhino down. Rhino goes to the floor and Kash hits a springboard twisting dive to the floor! Rhino drops Kash with a short arm clothesline and sets the table up in the corner. Rhino nails the GORE to stop Kash quickly. Rhino GORES Kash through the table in the corner! Rhino covers and gets the win to regain the title. (**. A quick match but it was still a fun little match as it was a non-stop high spot/hardcore match. I kind of wish that Kash had a longer run, but Rhino as a dominate heel champ for a match with RVD makes sense.) After the match, Rhino gets on the microphone and calls out Rob Van Dam. Van Dam runs into the ring and knocks Rhino down with a kick but Rhino hits the GORE! RVD gets out of the piledriver attempt and several officials run down to breakup the brawl.

3.) Hamrick hits an elbow drop from the top on Nova, as the match is joined in progress. Nova attempts the Kryptonite Krunch, but Electra got involved. Jazz enters and that led to a brief cat fight. Hamrick super kicks Jazz and clotheslines Nova. Hamrick gets crotched on the top and Nova hits the Kryptonite Krunch for the win. After the match, Chris Chetti comes in and whacks Nova over the head with a steel chair. Chetti plants Jazz with a sit out suplex. Chetti slams Nova onto the steel chair and grabs a microphone. Chetti is sick and tired of being held back by ECW. Chetti says he is only legit athlete in the backstage area. He says he looks better than anyone here and says he swings a chair better than anyone. Of course, that brings out Balls Mahoney. Chetti delivers a chair shot, but Mahoney isn’t hurt by it and Chetti bails to the floor. Here come Da Baldies to attack Mahoney.

4.) There is a referee and a bell so I’m assuming there is a match going on now. Chilly Willy runs into the ring and saves Mahoney from a double team. Well, we don’t see the result of the match just the save from the beating.

5.) Early on, Guido gets the early advantage taking Doring down a few times but Doring comes back with an arm drag and backslide. They have a standoff after neither man can get an advantage. Mamaluke tags into the match and the fans want Roadkill. Roadkill tosses Tony over the top and onto Big Sal, who caught him. Mamaluke returns and hits a tornado DDT followed by an arm drag. Roadkill sits down on Mamaluke for a near fall as Guido made the save. Guido avoids a splash in the corner and rolls Roadkill up for a two count. Roadkill slams Guido and hits an elbow from the middle rope. Doring tags into the match and Roadkill plants Guido with a swinging side slam. Doring hits the Lancaster Lariat of Lust on Mamaluke. Doring misses a slingshot cross body to the floor and hits the concrete floor. Roadkill gets distracted on the middle rope and Mamaluke hits a side Russian leg sweep off the middle rope for a near fall. On the floor, Big Sal splashes Roadkill against the guard railing.

Mamaluke botches a springboard and falls off the ropes. Doring and Guido go at it with Guido sending Doring into Big Sal and nearly winning after a leg drop from the middle rope. Doring low blows Guido to hit the G-Spot Sweep! Roadkill and Mamaluke get the tags with Roadkill hitting a power bomb on Mamaluke and a side slam on Guido. Roadkill springboards off the top to clothesline the champs! Roadkill splashes the champs in the corner and Doring hits the Bareback on Mamaluke. Roadkill holds Guido and Doring hits a top rope leg drop but the referee gets pulled out by Big Sal. Doring leaps off the top to take Sal out with a cross body. Roadkill hits the TKO on Mamaluke and heads to the top but Guido shoves him off and Roadkill crashes through a table at ringside. Doring plants Guido with a jumping double arm DDT but there isn’t a referee to make the count. Big Sal enters and choke slams Doring. Sal goes to the middle rope and splashes Doring! Guido is put on top and gets the three count. (***. A good TV match by these two teams. The crowd is really behind Roadkill at this point. Guido and Mamaluke are at the top of their game as well, so it really made for a fun match with plenty of action.)

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a good episode this week for ECW. The only complaint I have about the episode is the opening segment not being blown off with the main event match. Instead, we have to wait for next week to see the triple threat. The tag match main event was a good one, but my interest was completely into the three way dance that was set up earlier in the night.

Thanks for reading.

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