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ECW on TNN 9/15/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: New York, NY

1.) Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck defeated EZ Money & Julio Dinero
2.) ECW World Champion Justin Credible defeated Steve Corino to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Whipwreck and Dinero kick off the opening bout. Dinero leg trips Mikey but doesn’t last long as Mikey hits a head scissors and hurricanrana. Mikey holds Dinero so Tajiri can splash Dinero after leaping over his partner. Whipwreck leg drops Dinero across the bottom rope and EZ Money tags in. Tajiri enters as well and locks in a submission before hitting a standing moonsault for a near fall. Money comes back with one of his own after a scoop slam. Money locks in the pendulum of pain and delivers an elbow to the neck. Tajiri drops Money with a kick and Electra gets on the apron to allow a low blow from Money. Money and Dinero hit an elevated inverted DDT/spine buster on Tajiri. Tajiri fights back with strikes on Dinero. Julio hits a spinning reverse neck breaker. Tajiri kicks Money and delivers a low blow with a kick. EZ is on his knees and is knocked out with a kick.

Chris Hamrick helps Money avoid the Tarantula. Money plants Tajiri with the Money In The Bank for a near fall. Whipwreck gets tagged in and cleans house hitting the Whippersnapper on Money! Tajiri delivers a baseball slide to Dinero while in the tree of woe. Whipwreck comes off the top to deliver a clothesline on Money. Hamrick comes off the top but Tajiri spits mist into his eyes. Whipwreck knocks Hamrick off the apron and he flips off the apron onto the floor. Tajiri kicks Money off the apron and they hit a double brain buster on Dinero to win the match. (**1/2. I think this match was shown via a clip a couple of weeks ago on the program, but the full match is a solid one. Dinero and Money really had some solid offense for a heel tag team.)

2.) We hear from Tajiri, Whipwreck and Minister as they are standing in Times Square. They are not happy with the FBI because they stole the tag belts from them. Minister says an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth and their lives for the tag titles.

3.) Francine has a contract and it has to deal with Jack Victory. Francine says nothing will prevent her from her man retaining the gold tonight. She got a fax memo where it states that if Jack Victory doesn’t leave the ringside area then the title match doesn’t happen. So, Victory leaves ringside. Corino grabs a microphone and rips on Francine. Corino claims that Credible just fell into his trap. Corino brings out Dawn Marie to be in his corner for the match!

4.) They have been given plenty of time to deliver for the main event as there is just over twenty minutes left in the show. They start off trading punches with Corino getting the better of the exchange. Corino sends Credible into the corner and Justin flips over the top to the floor. Corino punches Credible with a cup of water on the floor and continues to hammer away on the champ. Corino sends the champ over the railing and into the crowd where they continue to brawl. In the ring, Credible delivers a low blow to get the cheap advantage. They trade chops in the corner until Corino runs into a big boot in the corner. Credible sends Corino head first into a steel chair and continues his offense with a scoop slam. Justin hits a middle rope forearm drop before sending Corino to the floor.

Credible sets up a table across the apron and the railing. Francine actually comes off the apron to hit Corino with a hurricanrana on the floor! Credible sends Corino face first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Corino catapults Credible over the top and the champ weakly goes through the table. Corino jabs Credible several times before dropping Credible with an elbow strike. Corino low blows Credible and delivers an atomic drop. Francine distracts Corino but Steve nearly wins with a rollup. The referee gets knocked down and Corino nearly wins with a fisherman suplex but there isn’t a referee. Lou E. Dangerously nails Corino with a telephone but Billy Corgan comes out and whacks Dangerously over the head with the guitar, which doesn’t break. Corgan plays to the crowd and Credible has a kendo stick. Corino nails Credible with a super kick but it takes a minute for a referee to come in and gets a near fall.

Credible fights back with a clothesline to turn Corino inside out. Credible sets up a table in the corner but Corino counters putting Credible through the table with a fisherman suplex. Dawn Marie and Francine have a cat fight. Credible whacks Corino with a kendo stick several times. Corino is up against the ropes and Justin just continues to whack Corino with the kendo stick across the back. Credible hits Corino in the face and Corino is busted wide open at this point. Corino refuses to stay down long enough for a three count. Credible nails Corino with a super kick but only gets a near fall. Corino hits the Old School Expulsion but Credible kicks out before three! Francine begs Corino to not use a chair but he does plant her with a tombstone. Credible hits the That’s Incredible onto two chairs and gets the win. (***. That was a rather good main event to close the show with the fans heavily behind Corino. I think if Credible wasn’t involved so deep with Lynn then there would have been a title chance here. The fans were deflated after the win by Credible more so because he doesn’t exactly measure up to the rest of the talent. He is a good heel, but fans are booing him more because he just isn’t on the same level.)

Final Thoughts:
ECW sure does know how to deliver good shows in New York. They’ve been really good the last several weeks. Some of their best programming on the network, honestly.

Thanks for reading.

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