ECW on TNN 9/8/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: New York, NY

1.) Kid Kash defeated ECW Television Champion Rhino to win the title
2.) Balls Mahoney defeated Blue Boy
3.) Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke defeated ECW World Tag Team Champions Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles and Joel Gertner kick off the program with the crowd riled up for some action. Gertner does his usual poetry. Cyrus makes his way out and tells them to hang on one-second. Cyrus yells that ECW has been cancelled and that ECW is off the Network! Cyrus suggests they should have stayed in Philadelphia. Cyrus doesn’t think Gertner has the guts to strike him because he has no guts. Paul Heyman comes out from behind and smashes Cyrus with a telephone and absorbs the cheers from the ECW fans. Wait a second, Rhino comes out and proceeds to GORE Heyman through a table that get set up in the corner. Cyrus is recovered and rips on the fans and Heyman. A fan tries to get into the ring and Rhino GORES a policeman. The locker room empties and now there is a huge brawl is going on. Kid Kash comes out and begins to battle it out with Rhino! The Sandman makes his way out as well to join the fun.

2.) The ring is cleared while Sandman’s music is playing. Rhino is casually choking Kash in the corner. Sandman eventually enters the ring and whacks Rhino over the head with a kendo stick. Rhino recovers and GORES Sandman! Kash takes everyone out with a springboard somersault dive on the floor! Kash connects with a double springboard hurricanrana but Rhino no sells it and takes Kash out with the GORE! That brings out Rob Van Dam who kicks a chair into Rhino’s face. Van Dam hits the Van Terminator! Kash and RVD hit a top rope splash/leg drop and Kash covers Rhino to win the title! (**. Now, to be fair it’s not really a match as there wasn’t a referee and it was hardly one on one. However, the fans enjoyed the entire segment and the loss protects Rhino perfectly and Kash gets rewarded with a championship. Nicely done segment, ECW.)

3.) Sinister Minister, Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri are hanging out in Times Square. Minister spends time in his free time thinking of evil thoughts. He has sent demons towards the Full Blooded Italians. The trio lets out an evil laugh to end the segment.

4.) Early on, Mahoney works over Blue Boy with jabs until Boy hit a middle rope clothesline. Boy hits a side Russian leg sweep after Jasmine St. Claire choked Mahoney while the referee was distracted. Mahoney nearly wins after a sit out spine buster. Mahoney goes to the top and hits a leg drop but the referee is distracted. Balls grabs Jasmine and plants a kiss on her. Blue Boy almost gets a victory with a rollup. Mahoney super kicks Blue Boy and grabs a steel chair. Mahoney whacks Blue Boy over the head with a chair to get the win. After the match, Jasmine delivers horrible chair shots to Mahoney. Balls plants Jasmine with the Nutcracker Suite. Balls puts Jasmine onto Blue Boy in the 69 position. (1/2*. This was mainly just a way to feed Mahoney a heel and to pop the crowd.)

5.) Footage of Redd Dog escorting a drunk patron out of the bar. The guy rips off the patron’s leg! Of course, it’s a fake leg. Redd Dog competed in WWE as Rodney Mack a few years later.

6.) The stipulation for the main event is that if the FBI were to lose, they’d have to split up. Considering they are a fairly new team, that stipulation seems to spoil the outcome for the match. Whipwreck and Mamaluke kick off the contest. Mamaluke avoids the Whippersnapper but not a hip toss. Tony gets control with an arm bar but Whipwreck powers out and drops Mamaluke across the top. Tony nearly pins Whipwreck with a German suplex. Whipwreck plants Tony face first into the canvas and they tag out for Guido and Tajiri. They have a standoff after neither man is able to get a clear cut advantage. Tajiri kicks Mamaluke in the head a few times. Mamaluke gets driven down with a double spine buster and a rolling slam as well. Whipwreck leaps over Tajiri to splash Tony across the ropes and Mikey holds Tony upside down to give Tajiri an opening to kick Mamaluke in the face. The champs kick the challengers and lock in STF’s. Guido is tapping but he isn’t the legal man.

Mamaluke and Guido are sent to the floor where Tajiri takes them out with a springboard moonsault. The champs set up a table in the ring which Tajiri dropkicks into Guido’s face while he was standing on the apron. Whipwreck leaps off of Big Sal’s back on the apron to dive onto Guido and Mamaluke! Tajiri dropkicks Guido in the corner while in the tree of woe. Whipwreck nails Guido over the head with a steel chair. Whipwreck whacks two chairs over Guido’s head and the fans are loving it. Guido nails Whipwreck with a chair and tags in Mamaluke. Mamaluke knocks Tajiri off the apron and plants Mikey with a DDT but the referee is out of position. A belly to back double suerplex by the challengers on Whipwreck for a near fall. Whipwreck drops Mamaluke throat first across the top to counter a head scissors attempt.

Tajiri and Guido get hot tags with Tajiri hitting a handspring back elbow and several kicks. Tajiri dropkicks Guido into a table in the corner, but it doesn’t break. Mamaluke gets crotched on the top rope and Tajiri delivers a chair shot. Whipwreck hits a Whippersnapper through a table on the floor! Big Sal helps out Guido to allow the Kiss of Death onto a chair and Guido pins Tajiri to win the titles! (***1/2. I really enjoyed this one as it was full of action and the last several minutes was just great. Talk about an under appreciated tag division in wrestling history. I don’t mind the short reign because I think the fans will enjoy the chase of the Unholy Alliance going for the gold.)

Final Thoughts:
Two big title changes on the show and the crowd really makes the show a breeze to go through. The segment with Rhino taking out Heyman was awesome and it’s clear that ECW knows how to put together an entertaining talk segment to keep my personal interest. A good show this week, which is to be expected when they go to New York.

Thanks for reading.

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