ECW on TNN 9/1/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: New York, NY

1.) Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck defeated EZ Money & Julio Dinero to advance in the ECW World Tag Team Championship Tournament
2.) ECW World Champion Justin Credible & ECW Television Champion Rhino defeated The Sandman & Chilly Willy to advance in the ECW World Tag Team Championship Tournament
3.) Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger defeated Danny Doring & Roadkill to advance in the ECW World Tag Team Championship Tournament
4.) Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck defeated Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger, and Tommy Dreamer & Jerry Lynn in an elimination match to win the vacant ECW World Tag Team Championships

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show opens with the Unholy Alliance working over the team of Julio Dinero and EZ Money. Tajiri blows mist into Hamrick’s face and gets a chair shot on the floor. Tajiri handspring kicks Money off the apron with a chair into his face. A double brain buster on Dinero finished him off to allow Unholy Alliance to advance in the tournament. (NR. They only showed the finish of the match, but you can tell the crowd is on fire for this show.)

2.) Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are in the ring to provide their usual opening. Steve Corino makes his way out with Billy Corgan playing guitar for him. Honestly, this had a big time entrance feel for Corino. Corino is happy to be able to perform in New York City. The fans chant that Philly sucks. Corino recalls cheating to beat guys like New Jack, Tommy Dreamer and Dusty Rhodes. He isn’t going to apologize for his actions. Corino will never apologize when he scores a pin fall victory over ECW World Champion Justin Credible. Corino is about to say he is going to be the next champion when Lou E. Dangerously cuts him off. Lou demands that Joey and Joel leave the ring, which they do. Lou insults Billy Corgan and his music. Lou says he will beat everyone up. He even thinks he deserves the title shot at Anarchy Rulz! Lou distracts Corino long enough for Justin Credible to hit Corino from behind with a kendo stick. Billy Corgan chokes Credible with a kendo stick until Lou knocks Corgan out with a telephone shot to the head. Credible delivers his catchphrase, which is now finished off with saying “a message from the Network.”

3.) All four men go at it with Chilly quickly getting GORED and met with a piledriver from Rhino. Rhino and Credible set up a table but Sandman fights back with a kenos stick and hits a white Russian leg sweep on Credible. Rhino gets several shots until Sandman is GORED through the table in the corner. Rhino covers but Sandman kicks out at two! Rhino spikes Sandman with a piledriver onto the broken table to get the win. (NR. The match just put over the heels as a dominate force in the tournament. Fans seemed to be shocked that Sandman didn’t put up much a fight.)

4.) Doring and Roadkill hammer away on Swinger and Diamond. Swinger is sent over the top to the floor by Doring. Roadkill slams Diamond and Doring hits an elbow from the top. Doring leaps off of Roadkill’s back to take the trio of heels out on the floor! Lancaster lariat of lust on Swinger but the referee is distracted on the pin attempt. CW Anderson pulls Doring to the floor and Swinger delivers a baseball slide to maintain control. Swinger hits the Swing Thing on Doring and tags in Diamond to hit a double Flatliner for a near fall. Diamond takes Doring down with several snap suplexs followed by a front suplex for a near fall. Doring stops Swinger and Diamond with a double Bareback! Roadkill gets the hot tag and cleans house on the heels. Roadkill side slams Diamond and does the same to Swinger. Roadkill comes off the top to deliver a double clothesline and plays to the crowd. Roadkill hits a TKO on Diamond and Doring comes off the top hitting a leg drop. Roadkill gets shoved off the top by Swinger and crashes through the table! CW Anderson accidentally punches Diamond and is knocked down by a punch from Doring. Diamond low blows Doring and Anderson comes over to hit the Problem Solver. Swinger covers Doring and gets the win! (*1/2. A huge win for Diamond and Swinger. They have done a great job at making these guys into serious contenders when just a few weeks ago they were a comedy act.)

5.) Some bar owner wants to show us what is really extreme. Balls Mahoney is a guest bartender at the bar with the top being on fire. The lady with him spits fire to end that segment.

6.) Dreamer sends Rhino into the crowd while Lynn brawls with Credible in the crowd as well. Dreamer hits Rhino over the head with a trash can shot. Rhino beats on Dreamer on the balcony until Dreamer falls down to the concrete floor. Dreamer nails Rhino a replica championship belt while Lynn got a near fall on Credible. Dreamer whacks Rhino over the back with a chair. Lynn hits a tornado DDT on Credible but Francine distracts the referee. Lynn spanks Francine and attempts the cradle piledriver but Credible stops that with a super kick. Dreamer hits Credible with a DDT and Rhino GORES Dreamer! Rhino comes off the apron with Dreamer putting him through a table at ringside with a piledriver! Wait, here comes Spike Dudley with a kendo stick to attack Rhino and hits the Acid Drop! Credible cuts Dudley off with the That’s Incredible! Lynn comes over and counters the That’s Incredible to eventually hit the cradle piledriver to pin the champion! (**. It’s not the full match, but it had good crowd energy and Lynn pinning Credible is the right move to promote their feud for the pay per view.) After the match, Lynn checks on Dreamer.

7.) Dreamer comes out wearing a neck brace and is clearly in bad shape. Lynn, Tajiri and Diamond kick off the main event. Diamond gets taken down to the mat by both Lynn and Tajiri. Lynn and Tajiri go at it with Lynn countering a handspring attempt but Tajiri comes back with a hurricanrana. Lynn takes Diamond down with a head scissors and Whipwreck enters the match. Dreamer and Swinger also enter the match. Swinger shows off his body but gets yanked down to the canvas by Whipwreck and Dreamer. Dreamer takes off his neck brace but is attacked quickly by his opponents. Dreamer with a double clothesline to send both men to the floor. All six men are brawling in and out of the ring. Dreamer sends Tajiri to the floor while Lynn brawls with Diamond in the crowd. Lynn sends Diamond shoulder first into a trash can. Tajiri stands on a chair that is over Dreamer’s head. Lynn atomic drops Simon onto a steel chair and follows up with a clothesline. Lynn drives Diamond down with a back breaker while Tajiri hits Dreamer with a suplex on the steps in the crowd.

Lynn has a bow and arrow submission on Diamond but isn’t able to get one. Whipwreck crotches Dreamer on the guard railing to continue his beat down on Dreamer. Diamond is put in the tree of woe as is Swinger and the baby faces step on their groins. Diamond and Swinger get dropkicks while upside down with chairs in front of their faces. Tajiri puts the tarantula on Lynn while Dreamer has one on Whipwreck. Lynn and Whipwreck hit tornado DDTs on Swinger and Diamond. Dreamer puts Mikey down with a DDT but CW Anderson pulls Dreamer out to deliver a chair shot. Dreamer is sent back into the ring and is put away with the Problem Solver! Lynn takes Anderson out with a dive.

Diamond is driven down to the mat with an elevated face buster but refuses to stay down for a three count. Swinger hits the Swing Thing on Tajiri. A double DDT on Whipwreck but he kicks out. The locker room has come down to ringside for the final minutes. Tajiri spits mist at Diamond while he was on the top. Whipweck hits a middle rope Whippersnapper and pins Diamond for the win! (**1/2. A fine match with the crowd exploding for the newly formed tag team winning the titles. I think credit has to go to Diamond and Swinger as they had done a great job in recent weeks to become quality heels. I feel like maybe Swinger and Diamond going over would have been the better choice, but Tajiri and Whipwreck got a great reaction for their win.)

Final Thoughts:
I feel that the Corino segment really made him look like a star for the company. I’m quite interested to see the Corino/Credible showdown for the championship. This week the in-ring stuff wasn’t great. I’m just glad there are actually tag team champions moving forward.

Thanks for reading.

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