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SMW TV 4/25/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV
From: Sneedville, TN

1.) Bob Holly defeated Bart Batten
2.) Jimmy Golden defeated Davey Rich
3.) Brian Lee defeated Joe Cazana
4.) Killer Kyle defeated Reno Riggins
5.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated Danny Davis & Joey Maggs in a SMW Tag Team Championship Semifinals match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Caudle chats with Bob Armstrong about the Volunteer Slam. He goes over the first round matches for the SMW Heavyweight Championship tournament to take place on May 22nd. Robert Gibson vs. Jimmy Golden, Tim Horner vs. Paul Orndorff, Buddy Landell vs. Brian Lee and Dixie Dynamite vs. Dirty White Boy. Paul Orndorff enters the scene and Armstrong says that Orndorff won’t get close the championship if he uses the piledriver. Orndorff says that Tim Horner has no idea what he is getting himself into.

2.) Jimmy Golden gets interviewed after his match but Robert Gibson comes over and says that he is going down at the Volunteer Slam.

3.) Brian Lee heads over to Bob Caudle to be interviewed. Buddy Landell enters the scene and says he is taking some of Lee’s airtime. Lee tells Landell to shut his mouth and take his sisters house coat home. Lee says that Landell isn’t ready for primetime.

4.) Carl Stiles explains to us that he had been jail the past couple of weeks and says he hadn’t gotten an explanation from Dutch. Dutch comes over and yells at Stiles for talking.

5.) Ron Wright is with Bob Caudle to be interviewed. Wright says that his AARP card has been suspended because someone from SMW got his discount card suspended! Wright promises that blood will be shed at SMW Volunteer Slam on May 22nd.

6.) Pritchard and Davis start the main event. Davis takes Pritchard over with a hurricanrana and dropkicks the heels in the opening minute of the match. Pritchard stumbles back to his corner and Davis is fired up. Lane tags in and complains about a shoulder to the nose so Davis gets scolded by the referee. Maggs tags into the contest but is yanked down by the hair. Maggs hammers away on Lane sending him to the floor and chases after him. Maggs takes Lane over with a hip toss but Lane comes off the ropes with swinging neck breaker. Joey is holding his injured neck. Pritchard enters and scoop slams Joey before delivering a knee drop. Maggs gets worked over by the Heavenly Bodies for several moments. Lane drops Maggs with a clothesline from behind to maintain an advantage. Maggs sends Lane flipping over into the corner and Davis gets the hot tag.

Davis cleans house despite the referee not seeing the tag and after several moments Davis is sent out of the ring. Pritchard drives Maggs face first into the mat and that is good enough for a three count. (**. A decent match with the Heavenly Bodies clearly being the superior team in every possible way. It could have been a lot worse but there was some quality action in this one.)

7.) Tim Horner cuts a promo on Paula Orndorff. Horner says that Orndorff tried to hurt Hector Guerrero a few weeks ago. Horner is confident that he will beat Orndorff at Volunteer Slam.

Final Thoughts:
The hype for the Volunteer Slam is going strong and my interest for the event is improving more and more. This week the action was awful but SMW needs to start having standout TV matches to keep interest. Hopefully after the first big event that happens.

Thanks for reading.

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