SMW TV 4/18/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV
From: Sneedville, TN

1.) Robert Gibson defeated Rip Rogers
2.) Paul Orndorff defeated Davey Rich
3.) Buddy Landell defeated Reno Riggins
4.) Dixie Dynamite defeated Carl Stiles in a SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament Match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) There is a video of Orndorff piledriving Hector Guerrero on a chair. We hear from Guerrero with a neck brace and says that Orndorff will pay for what he did to him. He has a family to feed and he will be back to come after Mr. Wonderful.

2.) Mr. Wonderful says that if you can’t handle violence in wrestling you should stay at home, just like a woman should be. Orndorff is still angry about not being able to use the piledriver. Bob Armstrong comes over and says the move will not be legalize. Armstrong says the move injured a young kid and Armstrong fines Orndorff $2,500 but the fine doesn’t bother Paul. Any time Orndorff uses the move he will be fined $2,500.

3.) Bob Caudle is with Ron Wright for an interview. He says DWB is training hard and is learning how to fight from the ground up. They show a video of Dirty White Boy in action. Wright says that DWB is going to be let loose at the Volunteer Slam because DWB is going to win the championship.

4.) Bob Caudle talks with the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. They will be wrestling Joey Maggs and Danny Davis next week. Maggs and Davis said they are going to be there and will give 100% in a pre-tape comment. Cornette puts over his guys as being the hottest thing going today. Stan Lane talks about sexual harassment directed towards them by the women and they are sick of it. He is going to notify the authorities.

5.) This is Buddy Landell’s debut with SMW. His nickname is “Nature Boy” and dresses very similar to Ric Flair and has the same mannerisms as Ric Flair. As you might have guessed, Landell won with the figure four.

6.) Bob Caudle chats with Buddy Landell who says nobody wants to wrestle him because he is way too good. Landell is confident he will win the SMW Heavyweight Championship on May 22nd.

7.) Stiles starts the match working over Dynamite sending him into the corner. Dynamite quickly fights back with a scoop slam and Stiles bails to the floor. Dynamite continues his offense with a few scoop slams and hits a double axe handle from the middle rope. Dynamite comes back with a quick cross body for a near fall. Stiles gets a near fall after a back breaker. Dynamite battles back with a dropkick and a series of strikes. Dutch Mantel leaves the announcers table as Stiles hits a power slam. Dutch gets on the apron to give Stiles direction. Dynamite nails Stiles with a kick and wins the match. (1/2*. Stiles is incredibly green and made for some awkward moments. Judging by how Mantel has talked as well, a Stiles face turn is likely sooner rather than later.)

8.) Dutch Mantel calls Stiles one of the dumbest guys he has ever met and wonders how he will ever be champion because he is so dumb.

Final Thoughts:
Paul Orndorff is doing a very good job at being the top heel in the company. He is the most interesting aspect of SMW in the early stages of the company. Heavenly Bodies are entertaining as well, but this week didn’t have a quality match or anything so it’s a lackluster program.

Thanks for reading.

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