SMW TV 4/11/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

Smokey Mountain Wrestling TV
From: Sneedville, TN

1.) Bob Holly defeated Ben Jordan
2.) Joey Maggs & Danny Davis defeated Ivan & Vladimir Koloff in the SMW Tag Team Championship Tournament
3.) Paul Orndorff defeated Hector Guerrero in the SMW Heavyweight Championship Tournament
4.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated Brad & Bart Batten in the SMW Tag Team Championship Tournament

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tonight, we will finally find out the tag team associated with Jim Cornette. The past several weeks Cornette had been promoting the team.

2.) Bob Caudle interviewed Ivan and Vladimir Koloff. Ivan says they have paid their $500 fine and they are back to dominate the tag team tournament.

3.) Bob Armstrong lets us know that the Volunteer Slam has been rescheduled for May 22nd. Armstrong notes that the reason is their partnership for Japan promotions. The SMW Heavyweight Championship and SMW Tag Team Championships will be crowned. He also refuses to make the piledriver legal, which will surely piss off Paul Orndorff.

4.) Ivan and Maggs kicks off the match with Maggs missing a cross body but hitting a dropkick. Davis comes off the middle rope to deliver a double axe handle. Davis gets a couple of near falls with rollups on Ivan. Vladimir gets tagged and drops Davis with a shoulder block. Maggs and Davis drop Vladimir with a double shoulder block. Maggs gets caught with a back breaker to give Vladimir control of the match. In a botched spot, Joey loses his footing after a leapfrog and falls to the floor through the middle rope. Maggs proceeds to get double teamed for several moments. Maggs manages to hit Vladimir with a kick to the side of his head and tags in Davis! Danny cleans house on the heels. Ivan knee lifts Davis on the back from the apron and gets worked over in the corner. The Fantastics have come out and help Davis avoid a splash and pins Vladimir to win the match. (*. The fans were really behind Davis and Maggs but the match was not entertaining and rather boring. Ivan didn’t look interested in selling much, either.)

5.) Ron Wright is interviewed for Dirty White Boy being fined for his attack on Brian Lee. Wright is mad because he has to use basic health meds now and his heart can’t stay stable. He promises that DWB will be ready for the Volunteer Slam.

6.) Dixie Dynamite, Hector Guerrero and Paul Orndorff are interviewed about being Wild Card entrants in the SMW Heavyweight Championship tournament. Orndorff is not happy about it and he is quite angry about it. He has sold out to buildings all over the world. He has beaten Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and yet he is a wild card. Hector shoves Paul after he puts his hands on him. Guerrero wants Mr. Wonderful in the ring to settle their issue.

7.) Orndorff takes Hector down to the canvas but can’t maintain control as Guerrero quickly gets out of the hold. Guerrero nearly pins Orndorff with a rollup and Paul gets frustrated with that. Orndroff works over Hector with several strikes in the corner to get the advantage. Orndorff drops an elbow on Guerrero but doesn’t go for a cover. Orndorff sends Hector to the floor and stomps on his hand. Paul takes Hector over with a snap suplex and a dropkick. Guerrero avoids a second dropkick attempt and hammers away on Mr. Wonderful. Hector nearly rolls Orndorff up for a win and comes off the top to hit a cross body but Orndorff rolls through and pins Guerrero to advance in the tournament. (*1/2. A basic match between these two. I wasn’t overly invested into the match at all.) After the match, Orndorff plants Guerrero with a great piledriver and the same happens to Ben Jordan. Reno Riggins comes down and gets met with a piledriver as well! Joey Maggs comes out but misses a splash and gets a piledriver for his trouble. Orndorff has a chair in the ring and piledrives Hector on the chair! Dixie Dynamite runs in and checks on the guys who have been destroyed.

8.) Jim Cornette introduces his new tag team, the Heavenly Bodies! Stan Lane and Tom Pritchard make their way down to the ring.

9.) Lane and Brad kick off the main event. Lane kicks Brad away after a hip toss and hits a scoop slam before taunting the fans. Pritchard tags in and slams Brad as well. Lane enters and is dropped by double hip tosses a dropkicks. Pritchard enters and the same happens to him. Pritchard gets double teamed by the Batten’s for a few moments. Lane and Pritchard get control on Bart and choke him in the ring. Bart has a pin on Lane but Pritchard enters and kicks Bart in the face. Brad gets the tag and cleans house on the Heavenly Bodies. Brad nearly pins Pritchard with a cross body. Lane drops Brad with a duplex after Tom went for a backdrop and they get the pin on Brad. (*. Another rather uninteresting match though the Heavenly Bodies are one of the few guys who come across as stars for the company.)

10.) Jim Cornette says that they have beaten every guy they have to offer. Pritchard chimes in and says they aren’t here for the weather. They aren’t here for the women because none of them are worth having. They are here for titles and for money.

Final Thoughts:

A rather subpar show from SMW this week. Like I’ve said, that trend will likely happen until the Volunteer Slam so they will have champions in place and build a show properly that way.

Thanks for reading.

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