2CW No Place Like Rome 9/12/2014

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents No Place Like Rome
From: Rome, NY

Opening Contest: TNA World Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Sean Carr: Edwards backs Carr into the corner early on but doesn’t deliver a chop and instead backs off. They have standoff after neither man is able to get an advantage after headlock takedowns. Eddie is the first to get an advantage as he doesn’t relent on chops this time around. Edwards pokes Sean in the eyes but Carr sends Eddie to the floor with a head scissors and hits a suicide dive. Carr somersaults off the apron to take Edwards out with a dive on the floor as well! Carr pummels Edwards in the corner with several forearm strikes followed by a snap suplex for a near fall.

They begin to trade strikes with Edwards getting the better of the exchange and hits a seated dropkick for a near fall. Edwards delivers a flurry of chops and Carr drops to the mat in agony. Carr fights back with a couple of rights but is cut off with a dropkick. Edwards has Carr right in the middle of the ring and has a surfboard locked in. Eddie continues his chop attack before sending Sean to the floor where he continues with the chops. Carr fights back and they are trading chops and punches on the floor for a period of time. Edwards decides to ram Carr face first into the guard railing and fans are throwing their shoes into the ring. Edwards chops Sean with a fans sandal. Carr scoop slams Edwards onto the pile of shoes in the middle of the ring and fans love it. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that. Carr with a rolling fireman’s carry and a middle rope moonsault for a near win.

Carr is tuning up the band but Edwards blocks the super kick. Eddie runs into a boot but delivers a kick in the corner and hits a backpack stunner and switches into a half Boston Crab. Carr tries to reach for the ropes but is pulled back but gets an inside cradle for a near fall. Carr super kicks Edwards and hits a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Carr goes to the top but misses a frog splash. Edwards heads to the top but misses a double stomp. Eddie locks in a half Boston Crab again and Carr is forced to tap out. (**3/4. A good opener between these two despite it starting off rather slowly. It went around thirteen minutes but they probably could have cut a few minutes off from the start and it would have been a better match. Carr is a promising talent in 2CW and should be recognizable name in the future.) After the match, they shake hands and the fans appreciate their efforts.

Second Contest: Jason Axe vs. Colin Delaney: Colin tosses Axe over the top to the floor within ten seconds of the match. Axe tries to do the same but Colin lands on the apron and Axe goes flying over the top to the floor again. Delaney wants Axe to shoulder block him but instead fakes him out and sends him to the floor. Axe blocks a suicide dive with a forearm shot on the floor. Delaney quickly delivers a dropkick from the ring to the floor and continues to deliver a few shots. Axe drops Colin chest first across the railing. Back in the ring, Axe weakens Colin with more and more strikes. Colin comes out of the corner to knock Axe off his feet with a dropkick. Delaney runs over Axe with a few clotheslines but is stopped by a kick.

Axe nails Delaney with a hard forearm but Colin comes back with one of his own and delivers a double knee gut buster. They are on the middle rope trading strikes until Colin rams Axe head first onto the turnbuckle. Axe regains footing but is stopped again. Delaney attempts a suplex but is shoved off. Colin is stopped on the middle rope for a third time. Colin plants Axe with a DDT and wins the match. (*1/2. At least it was a rather quick match as Axe has never done anything for him. Delaney has been on a career rebirth for seemingly two years now. Hope he gets more recognition.)

Third Contest: Cheech vs. Pepper Parks: Cheech goes on the attack before the bell to get the cheap advantage. Parks quickly fights back with a big boot and a splash in the corner. Parks takes Cheech over with a standing hurricanrana and a slingshot dive to the floor. Cheech kicks the middle rope to low blow Pepper and hits a leg sweep/clothesline combo. Parks is placed in the tree of woe and Cheech delivers several knee strikes. Parks fights back with a snap suplex but Cheech kicks Pepper away. Cheech delivers a dropkick from the middle rope for a near fall. Cheech hits s slingshot senton from the apron for a two count. Cheech continues his attack with a gut buster and comes off the middle rope only to be kicked in the head. Pepper gets a near fall after a snap power slam but is sent face first into the middle turnbuckle. Parks hits a snap suplex into the corner and nearly pins Cheech.

Cheech plants Parks with a sunset flip power bomb out of the corner but Parks still has some energy to kick out. Parks delivers a reverse neck breaker and heads to the top to hit a leaping neck breaker and a swinging neck breaker right afterward to get the win. (*1/2. Parks doesn’t bring much excitement to his matches. Cheech was at one point one of the better heels for the company but hasn’t been presented as a serious threat in quite some time. Nothing memorable of a match with a few entertaining spots throughout. I’ve seen a lot worse for filler.)

Fourth Contest: Brute Van Slyke & Kevin Graham vs. Biff Busick & Gregory Edwards: Graham and Biff kick off the contest with Graham getting the early advantage. Edwards tags in to hit a top tope stomp to Kevin’s arm while Biff held him for it. Graham elbows a charging Biff but is met with an uppercut after jumping off the middle rope. Biff hits a flipping neck breaker for a near fall. Biff nails Graham with a series of elbow strikes in the corner until the referee gets involved and allows an eye rake and a chop block. Brute gets tagged in and bites Biff in the corner. Brute turns Biff inside out with a clothesline but can’t get a three on the cover attempt. Biff gets out of a power bomb attempt and delivers a few uppercuts to stagger Brute. Van Slyke doesn’t go down until a cross body from Biff, which gets a near fall. Edwards gets the tag and knee lifts Graham followed by an elbow strike. Edwards follows up with a kick to the head and Brute accidentally splashes Graham in the corner.

Gregory dropkicks a seated Graham but they can’t get a three count. Graham sends Edwards into Biff on the top to crotch him. Brute has Biff and hits a top rope suplex and Graham hits a big splash from the top for a near fall. Brute tosses Biff to the floor but runs into an elbow from Edwards. Brute catches Edwards and delivers a back breaker before Graham hits a middle rope leg drop for the win. (*1/2. These four didn’t seem to click all that well together and the action wasn’t all that entertaining. This was the first time I’ve watched Biff in action, who seems to be getting some traction on the independents. I’ll have to watch him more before I can form an opinion. I’m glad the regular tag team of Graham and Brute got the win, though.)

Fifth Contest: 20 man Roman Rumble Match: This battle royal features most of the 2CW local talent that is not involved in other matches. Though, Jason Axe pulls double duty and is entered as Jugger Dawg, which is his gimmick wearing a mask. It would be down to Axe and the nerdy character Jasper Whipple. Jasper tried to prevail despite being an overwhelming underdog, but was quickly thrown over the top to the floor. Axe will get a 2CW Heavyweight Championship match at the next show.

Sixth Contest: Neveah vs. Cherry Bomb: After a few minutes of action, Cherry got the win following a Death Valley Driver. The fans like Cherry Bomb.

Seventh Contest: Jay Freddie vs. Dalton Castle: Castle nails Freddie with a high knee as the referee was checking Jay in the corner. Freddie quickly fights back with a series of strikes in the corner. Freddie kicks Dalton off the apron and goes to the floor to chop Castle a few more times. Dalton is sent into the guard railing and Freddie plays to the crowd after another chop. Castle takes Freddie down with a hurricanrana on the floor after countering being sent back into the ring. Freddie dropkicks Castle off the apron and follows up with three suicide dives. Back in the ring, Jay maintains control with a clothesline for a near fall. Castle tosses Freddie across the top rope and delivers a strike across the back and nearly wins after a splash from the middle rope. Castle double stomps Freddie in the corner and sends him chest first into the corner before hitting a back suplex for a near fall. Castle prevents Freddie from getting momentum and focuses his attack on the lower back area.

Freddie pulls Castle to the floor and drops Dalton with a few chops. Jay heads to the top and hits a missile dropkick back in the ring. Freddie hits a German and a full nelson German for a near fall. Castle gets a two count following a scoop slam. Castle runs into a boot but knee lifts Freddie on the top and hits his dead lift German into the corner, but Freddie still kicks out. Freddie kicks Castle on the top and is shoved away. Jay delivers a dropkick and goes back to the top where he hits a hurricanrana and a running yakuza kick. Freddie plants Castle with a brain buster for a near all and locks in a Crossface. Dalton struggles but reaches the bottom rope, only for Freddie to pull him back. Castle gets the bottom rope a second time.

They are on the apron where Freddie big boots Castle and attempts a suplex. Castle avoids it but Freddie still manages to hit a reverse DDT on the apron. Freddie goes to the top and appears to hit a head butt on the apron but Castle gets his foot on the bottom rope on the cover attempt. Dalton tackles Freddie and they trade go behinds until Castle sends Freddie into the ring post shoulder first and hits the dead lift German for the win. (**. That went on for quite awhile it seemed like. Castle is an average worker with above average charisma and wrestled in the 2015 Top Prospect Tournament for ROH. Freddie is a homegrown talent and was pretty good a handful of years ago, but he needs a refresh of character just to make him interesting or something. A few fun moments in this match but it had more of a slower pace than I was expecting.)

Eighth Contest: Young Bucks vs. Oi4k: Dave and Jake decide to take out the Young Bucks with suicide dives during their entrance. They brawl on the floor sending each other into the guard railing a few times. The teams continue to brawl on the floor until the referee, Jonathan Ashe, decides to hit a top rope somersault dive! The referee plays to the crowd and is met with four super kicks! The teams go back at it with a new referee. Dave gets kicked off the apron into the guard railing. Bucks dropkick Jake after a double hip toss. Matt and Jake are the two guys to start off the match after several minutes and Jake nearly wins with a German suplex. Dave hits a top rope senton on Matt for a near fall. Dave gets a two count following a standing moonsault. Matt fights back and tries to tag in Nick but is cutoff from doing so. Nick gets knocked off the apron and the double teaming of Matt continues. Nick super kicks Dave on the apron and Matt gets the tag finally.

Nick cleans house with clotheslines on Jake and a high knee in the corner. Nick hits a slingshot face buster from the apron back into the ring and a tornado DDT onto Dave on the floor! Nick hits a top rope swanton bomb for a near win. Jake avoids a super kick but is knocked down by Matt. Bucks miss a slingshot press and are met with two suicide dives, and two more dives but the camera man was out of position to get a good shot but the crowd loved it. Jake nearly pins Nick after a fisherman suplex. Everyone starts hitting super kicks and all four hit super kicks at once knocking everyone down! Matt and Jake are tagged into the bout and trade strikes. Nick accidentally hits Matt in the corner with a knee and is met with a knee strike from Dave. Dave hits a double knee strike from the top onto Matt for a near fall. Nick super kicks Dave off the top to the floor and Jake is met with a double super kick for his troubles. A buckle bomb/kick combo in the corner followed by a spike tombstone piledriver and that’s it. (***1/4. That exceeded the expectations I was anticipating. Bucks are stellar in the ring, but I was quite surprised by Dave and Jake Crist, who had not really done much to make me think this would be a good match. The fans ate this up and rightfully so. It was the best match of the night.)

Main Event: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Nick Ando vs. Matt Hardy: For those unaware, Ando is a ship captain gimmick and normally has an extremely long entrance with fans chanting for Captain throughout. Ando stalls quite a bit on the floor as he typically does. A fan verbally rips on Hardy for a domestic violence issue he had with Reby Sky earlier in 2014. Ando’s expression is clearly uncomfortable as he is standing right in front of the crowd. Hardy grabs a microphone and rips on the fan, who claims he paid to see the Bucks, but yet, stayed for the main event.

A slow start to the match with Hardy casually shoulder blocking Ando a few times before the champ bails to the floor. Ando drops Hardy throat first across the top rope and delivers a few strikes in the corner. Ando sends Matt to the floor and attempts a springboard but Matt cuts Ando off and the champ crashes to the floor. Hardy beats up Ando in front of the heckling fan. Back in the ring, Hardy hits a middle rope elbow strike and signals for the Twist of Fate. Ando shoves Hardy away and pummels Matt with strikes on the canvas. Ando dropkicks Hardy in the corner for a two count as the fans are split on who they want to win. Nick catapults Hardy throat first across the middle rope to maintain control of the contest. Hardy avoids a splash in the corner and both men are down.

Hardy plants Ando with a bulldog out of the corner for a near fall. Ando is stopped on the top and Hardy hits a sit down power bomb for a two count. Hardy misses a top rope moonsault and Ando nearly wins after a clothesline. Hardy hits the Side Effect but Ando manages to kick out at two. Hardy hits a second Side Effect and signals for the Twist of Fate. Ando counters and spears Hardy to the floor. Hardy counters a move into the Twist of Fate but Ando gets his foot on the bottom rope. Jason Axe comes out and is standing on the apron. Axe distracts Hardy to allow Ando to come from behind and roll Hardy up for the win. After the match, Hardy says he wants both Ando and Axe in a triple threat match for the title. I have NO interest in that one. (*. A bad match to close the show. It’s as basic a match you can put on and if you’re a diehard Matt Hardy fan, then you’d enjoy the offense he provided. The finish was lame and I doubt we’ll get a three way involving Hardy, Axe and Ando. There was no way it could follow the Bucks match, anyway.)

Final Thoughts:
I was intrigued to get the show because of the Edwards/Carr, Castle/Freddie and Bucks/Oi4k matches respectively. The opener was a solid match, but I thought it would be a lot more exciting as Carr has been on the rise and Edwards is one of the best going today. Castle/Freddie should have been better and the tag match surpassed my expectations. The filler stuff wasn’t too bad on the show, though the Rumble segment was uninteresting just because of the continued push of Jason Axe. The main event might have caught some people’s attention because it’s Hardy and he tends to get some buzz going, whether it’s bad or good, but it’s a match that isn’t needed to watch, at all. An average show by 2CW with the Bucks match being quite good.

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