3PW Raven’s Rules 11/22/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Pain Pro Wrestling presents Raven’s Rules
From: Philadelphia, PA

Alright, so 3PW has returned to the ECW Arena after having to hold shows at the Electric Factory, which didn’t appear to draw very well for the company. At the last show, Justin Credible won the 3PW Heavyweight Championship, but according to the promoters he decided to skip the show in favor for a booking in Japan. Thus, he was stripped by the new 3PW Commissioner who isn’t known. What is known is that the main event tonight will crown a new champion in a TLC match and will feature former 3PW Heavyweight Champion Sabu, Sandman and the 3PW Commissioner himself, whomever that will be.

Opening Contest: Ricky Vega vs. CJ O’Doyle: Early on neither man is able to get a clear advantage and Vega is more concerned with stalling it seems. Vega nails O’Doyle with a clothesline but can’t get a three count because he taunts the fans. O’Doyle goes for an arm bar but Vega reaches the ropes to break the hold. Vega is slingshotted back into the ring from the apron and CJ keeps control with strikes in the corner. Vega comes out of the corner with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Vega hits a delayed vertical suplex and heads to the top rope. Vega misses a diving head butt! O’Doyle plants Vega with a reverse DDT and decides to head up top. CJ hits a leg drop and gets a near fall. O’Doyle signals for a lariat and connects with it after a counter to win the match. (*. A basic match to start the show as the stalling for Vega prevented them from getting out of the first gear it seemed like. The atmosphere is much better at the ECW Arena.)

Second Contest: Amish Roadkill vs. Monsta Mack: Early on, Mack takes Roadkill down with a power slam after they traded right hands. Roadkill doesn’t go down after attempted clotheslines by Mack. Roadkill does hit a side slam and plays to the crowd afterward. Roadkill splashes Mack into the railing and leaps off the apron but misses a second splash and hits the railing. Mack continues his offense with a jaw breaker type of move but to the back of Roadkill’s head. Monsta heads to the top but misses a frog splash. Roadkill connects with a middle rope splash. Roadkill hits a vertical suplex and follows up with a middle rope clothesline for a near fall. Mack moves the referee into the corner and Roadkill splashes the referee on accident. Roadkill avoids a chain shot and hits a TKO! There is no referee for the cover attempt so Mack goes back to his chain and nails Roadkill to get the cheap win. (1/2*. Well, a lackluster match between these two. It is amazing that Roadkill is extremely over with the crowd, but I’d imagine that is more because of his association with ECW which the fans miss quite a bit.) After the match, Mack slaps Roadkill but the referee holds Roadkill back from getting his hands on Mack.

Third Contest: Ruckus vs. Matt Striker: Ruckus is put in the cobra clutch, but Ruckus isn’t hurt by the move and gets out of it quickly. Striker chops Ruckus but isn’t impacted much by it. Ruckus hits a handspring spinning kick but Striker delivers a poke to the eyes. Striker follows up with a Rude awakening and dresses up as Repo Man real quick to ring the bell on Ruckus’s groin. Ruckus avoids an elbow drop from the middle rope and Ruckus hits a Flatliner. Ruckus hits a moonsault leg drop but Striker kicks out at two. Striker super kicks Ruckus and comes off the middle rope with a forearm drop and acts like Bret Hart. Ruckus hits a hurricanrana but Striker comes back with a Back Stabber and hits a top rope big splash for the win. (1/2*. The comedy act that is Matt Striker got the clean win over a guy that is doing fairly well in CZW, who holds shows regularly in the building. They must not have been overly happy with the booking of that match. Striker is entertaining, but should just strictly be a comedy act.)

The new 3PW Commissioner is introduced and Joey Matthews comes out asking who else would it have been. He mentions that he is wrestling for Ohio Valley Wrestling and puts himself as the greatest wrestler in a 3PW ring. Joey knows what it takes to commissioner because he has been around the great commissioners. Bob Artese tells Matthews that he isn’t the commissioner. Here comes Tod Gordon comes out and appears to be the new commissioner. Artese tells Gordon that he isn’t the commissioner either. Jack Victory comes out and says he is not the commissioner but he is the bodyguard. The new commissioner is… RAVEN! The fans really enjoyed that surprise. Raven mentions the stripping of the title from Justin Credible and notes that he never really liked him. Raven proceeds to but Matthews in a match with Low Ki, which causes Matthews to bail to the floor when Ki runs into the ring.

Fourth Contest: Joey Matthews vs. Low Ki: They lockup and go to the floor still locked up and neither one letting go of the hold. Matthews controls Ki on the mat and the fans are vocal that they are not entertained by the slow pace of Joey working over the arm. Ki controls a test of strength and has Matthews on the canvas where he delivers a couple of kicks to the thigh for a near fall. Ki strikes Joey a few times with an open palm and has control of the arm. It’s a really slow paced match as they begin to trade chops with Ki winning the exchange but Matthews goes back to stalling on the floor. Ki counters being sent to the floor and delivers a 619 to Joey’s midsection. Ki almost kicks the referee in the corner and Matthews plants Ki with a neck breaker. Matthews sends Ki to the floor and Joey uppercuts Ki followed by ramming him into the apron. Ki kicks Joey and attempts a springboard but is stopped with an atomic drop.

Ki trips the referee and delivers a somersault kick to knock Joey off his feet. Ki chops Joey several times followed by a clothesline and a springboard kick. Ki begins to kick Matthews in the chest but Joey goes to the apron and drops Ki across the top. Matthews hits a top rope clothesline for a near fall. Ki counters a suplex attempt with a series of knees and locks in a dragon sleeper in the ropes but has to break the hold. Ki power bombs Joey but only manages a near fall. Ki kicks Matthews to the corner and hits a handspring kick. Ki locks in a dragon sleeper right in the middle of the ring but Joey pokes the referee in the eye so the referee doesn’t see the tapping. Joey low blows Ki and hits the Virginia Necktie. Ki gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the count.

Ki counters Matthews picking him up and locks in the dragon sleeper a second time and Joey has to tap out again. (**. Honestly, a rather boring match for twenty minutes worth of action. Matthews just doesn’t seem to mesh well with Ki, who has been hit or miss for me anyway. The fans were into Ki and there was a good pop for Matthews losing.) After the match, Ki offers a handshake to Matthews who declines the offer.

Fifth Contest: Rob Eckos vs. The Blue Meanie: Late in the match, Meanie catches Eckos coming off the top to hit a slam. Meanie low blows Eckos and Striker accidentally hits a Stunner on Eckos. Striker had his masked turned around so he couldn’t see anything. Meanie gets the win over Eckos in a rather quick comedy match. After the match, Eckos and Striker hit the Hart Attack on Meanie. Striker hits a top rope splash and here comes Raven. Raven tries to cut a heel promo but the fans want to cheer for him. Raven reveals that Striker will be wrestling Jimmy Snuka next month, whom Striker was pretending to be on the show.

Sixth Contest: Damien Adams vs. Gary Wolfe: This match is being presented as if Adams is going to get murdered. Adams uses his speed to knock Wolfe to the floor after a dropkick. Vixxen, the female associated with Wolfe, pulls the top rope down and Adams crashes to the floor hard. Wolfe tosses a chair at Adams because he can. Adams is busted open from the chair shots on the floor. Wolfe is basically having his way with Damien in the ring. That is until Adams surprises Wolfe with a rollup and gets the win. After the match, Wolfe drops Adams with a clothesline and grabs his chain to choke Adams over the top rope! (DUD. No interest in Wolfe and the match seemed a little predictable that Adams was going over due to the announcers highlighting the difference between the two so much.)

Seventh Contest: Homicide vs. Xavier: It doesn’t take long for the “AC Slater” chants to start for Xavier. Homicide starts the match with a backdrop and works over Xavier with a side headlock. Xavier comes back with a quick dropkick. Xavier takes Homicide out with a slingshot cross body to the floor but Homicide sends Xavier into the railing. Homicide drops Xavier with a few chops but gets sent face first into the middle turnbuckle. Xavier tries a back suplex but Homicide lands on his feet and continues to work over Xavier. Homicide delivers a yakuza kick in the corner to maintain the advantage. Xavier nearly wins following a snap power slam and delivers a dropkick in the corner. Xavier continues to deliver strikes in the corner but misses a knee in the corner and Homicide comes charging over with a boot scrape in the corner. Homicide catapults Xavier on the apron into the ring post! Homicide hits a somersault suicide dive to the floor sending Xavier into the guard railing as well. Xavier comes off the top to hit a clothesline but only gets a near fall.

Homicide works over Xavier in the corner but is driven head first into the canvas by Xavier. Xavier continues with a hammerlock scoop slam and works over the arm with a few knee drops. Homicide has his left arm dropped across the top and Xavier continues to try and get a submission by working on the arm. Xavier locks in the Crossface but Homicide refuses to give in. Homicide counters a tornado DDT with a couple of atomic drops and a clothesline. Homicide follows up with a swinging neck breaker but Xavier kicks out at two. Homicide hits a t-bone suplex and both men are struggling to their feet. Homicide spikes Xavier with a piledriver but only gets a near fall. Homicide attempts the Cop Killa but Xavier counters with the Un-Prettier for a near fall.

Xavier goes to the top looking for a 450 splash but Homicide cuts Xavier off but is shoved off anyway. Xavier misses a 450 splash and Homicide removes his elbow bad for seemingly a lariat. Xavier ducks the lariat and rolls Homicide up using the tights for leverage to win the match. (**. Some average action throughout the match but people really don’t care for Xavier. There is nothing special about the guy and the fans are completely into Homicide and would have went nuts had he hit the Cop Killa. Homicide should have went over.)

Raven announces that no man will have their entrance music play for more than forty-five seconds or they will be disqualified. Of course, he announced that during Sandman’s entrance. Raven is being a prick and plants Jasmine St. Claire with a DDT! All three guys in the main event give Jasmine CPR.

Main Event: Raven vs. Sabu vs. Sandman in a tables, ladders and chairs match for the vacant 3PW Heavyweight Championship: All three of them lockup but no one gets an advantage. Raven rams Sabu head first into Sandman but the match is starting off rather slowly. Raven hammers away on Sandman and Sabu briefly. Sandman runs over Sabu with a clothesline. Raven returns to the match but is stomped by Sabu a few times. Sabu springboards off a chair and takes Sabu and Sandman out with a dive on the floor. A table is setup on the floor with all three men brawling beside it. Sabu tosses a chair at Sandman a couple of times. Raven is tossing several chairs into the ring and Sabu leg drops a chair onto Sandman for a two count. Sandman low blows both opponents to avoid a power bomb. Raven drop toe holds Sandman face first onto a chair. Raven leg drops a chair onto Sandman for a near fall. Raven trips Sabu and Sabu hits his face on the chair.

Sandman leaps off a chair and splashes both Sabu and Raven in the corner. Sandman pours some beer on Raven and hits Raven with a beer can a few times. Sabu sets up a table but Sandman takes Sabu over with a snap suplex. All three men trade snap suplexs. Sabu places Raven on the table, but the table collapses! Sabu springboards off a chair to splash Raven through the table in the corner for a near fall. Saub places Sandman on a table on the floor and hits a slingshot leg drop onto Sandman through the table on the floor but Sandman kicks out at two! Sabu places Sandman on another table on the floor, and Raven is on the same table. Sabu misses a leg drop and goes crashing through the table.

A ladder is tossed into the ring by Sandman and Raven tosses a chair at Sandman. Raven climbs the ladder but decides against doing anything and Jack Victory helps him down. Sabu nails Raven with the ladder for a near fall. Raven begins to spin around with the ladder around his neck and knocks both men out. Sabu drop toe holds Raven onto a chair. Sabu springboard splashes Raven in the corner. Sandman nails Sabu with a ladder as Sabu hit Raven with a chair a few times. Sabu suplexs Sandman onto a ladder and Raven nearly wins. Raven places Sabu on the table and plants Sandman with a DDT but Sandman kicks out at two. Raven plants Sabu with a DDT but Sabu kicks out at two as well. Raven heads to the top as Sabu is placed on a table, but Sabu crotches Raven on the top. Sabu places Sandman across a table and hits an Arabian face buster off the top but can’t follow up. Raven sure can though and Raven pins Sandman to win the 3PW Heavyweight Championship! (*1/2. The main event wasn’t a great match but it’s what you’d expect from the guys involved. The finish wasn’t exactly thrilling and the fans didn’t react much to the victory for Raven. Just your basic hardcore match with ECW legends.)

Raven grabs the microphone and says that next month he will wrestle Sandman for the 3PW Heavyweight Championship. Sandman low blows Raven and leg drops Raven through an already broken table. Jack Victory pulls Raven out of the ring and helps him to the backstage area.

Final Thoughts:
Well, nothing memorable on this show as there wasn’t a match that provided any lasting entertainment. It’s a good thing that Raven is in the company and the association with Jack Victory is actually fun to watch. Just not any action here that is worth viewing.

Thanks for reading.

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