3PW That’s Incredible 8/16/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Pain Pro Wrestling presents That’s Incredible
From: Philadelphia, PA

This would be the final show to take place at the Electric Factory. I’m actually happy about that as their shows at the ECW Arena were much more entertaining and everything seemed more professional. Judging by what I’ve seen in the crowd, there is not a lot of people there as the front row is barely sold out.

Opening Contest: Ricky Vega vs. CJ O’Doyle: Vega cares about his looks as he avoids being struck by CJ early on. O’Doyle arm drags Vega a few times and Ricky bails to the floor. Vega comes back into the ring and delivers a knee lift and yanks CJ down by the hair. CJ puts an arm bar on Vega but Ricky quickly reaches the ropes. Vega hits a vertical suplex and cuts O’Doyle off with a clothesline when CJ tried to get some momentum going. CJ hits a belly to belly suplex and both men are down. O’Doyle delivers a spine buster but doesn’t go for a cover. CJ knocks Vega down with a vicious clothesline and almost wins the match. Vega comes back with a super kick and goes to the top rope to hit a diving head butt to get the three count. (**. A couple of solid minutes of action between these two guys. It’s not going to fire you up, but it’s a solid enough opener to give me hope for the rest of the card.)

Joey Matthews, Rob Eckos and Matt Striker come out for a promo. Matthews puts down Striker for not deserving the cheers and that Matthews should be getting cheered and the attention. Matthews slaps Striker a few times and they will watch Eckos beat Roadkill tonight.

Second Contest: Amish Roadkill vs. Rob Eckos: Roadkill gets attacked from behind by Striker and Eckos but they get stopped with a clothesline. Roadkill splashes both men in the corner and they bail to the floor. Matthews causes a distraction on the apron and Eckos goes on the attack again. Eckos kicks Roadkill to the canvas and attempts a cross body from the middle rope but is caught and slammed to the canvas. Roadkill continues his offense with a delayed vertical suplex. Roadkill plants Eckos with a side slam and heads to the top rope but is crotched by Striker due to Matthews distracting the referee. Eckos and Striker attempt a double suplex and Eckos takes Roadkill down with an ugly superplex that looked like Roadkill got dropped completely on his head for the win. (1/2*. Not nearly enough action to be given a worthwhile rating.) After the match, Roadkill is double choke slammed through a couple of chairs.

Third Contest: Joey Matthews vs. Mike Kruel: Early on they go with a mat wrestling pace which seems to be in favor of Kruel early on. Matthews nearly wins with a body scissors rollup. Kruel gets control after an attempted arm drag and gets a cross arm breaker over the top rope! Kruel focuses his offense on the left arm of Joey and tries to get a submission but Matthews reaches the bottom rope quickly. Matthews misses a springboard cross body from the middle rope and is met with a clothesline. Joey decks Kruel in midair after he jumped off the middle rope. Joey knocks Kruel through the middle rope to the floor. Kruel whacks Joey’s arm across the railing and around the ring post. Mike waits on the top but Joey goes to the apron to avoid it. Matthews drops Mike throat first across the top and Joey heads to the top to deliver a clothesline for a two count.

Matthews maintains control on Kruel with a back suplex and taunts the fans knowing he is in control. Kruel stops Joey with a flapjack and a northern lights suplex, which he hits twice and goes for a vertical suplex but settles for an overhead belly to belly suplex instead. Joey goes to the top but Kruel gets up there as well. Kruel hits a superplex and locks in a cross arm breaker. Joey is tapping but the referee has been blinded. Joey reaches the bottom rope. Matthews nearly wins with a reverse neck breaker but Kruel fights back. Joey hits the Virginia Neck Tie, but Mike kicks out at two. Kruel with a clothesline in the corner and attempts a rollup but Matthews counters and holds the ropes to steal a victory. (**1/2. A decent match between these two guys. Matthews is on the rise for 3PW so his win was no surprise. Kruel is a solid hand in the ring as he entertaining with his suplexs. A fine match for the undercard.)

Prior to the next match, Sandman chats about having respect for Gary Wolfe and they are going to have a good match. They drink some beers until Wolfe predictably spits the beer in Sandman’s face. Wolfe says that Sandman’s ass is grass tonight.

Fourth Contest: Gary Wolfe vs. The Sandman: Wolfe hits an overhead belly to belly suplex and gets a two count. Sandman sends Wolfe face first into the middle turnbuckle. They go to the floor where Sandman gets a table but can’t set it up because Wolfe hammers away on him. Wolfe sends Sandman hard into the railing and tosses a chair at Sandman. Sandman places Wolfe on the table and hits a slingshot senton splash from the ring through the table. Sandman attempts a top rope hurricanrana but Wolfe counters with a power bomb but only gets a near fall. Sandman drop toe holds Wolfe onto the steel chair. Wolfe spin kicks a chair into Sandman’s face but gets rolled up while playing to the fans and Sandman gets the win. (*. A couple of decent spots but they don’t work well together and the fans just didn’t seem to overly care for Wolfe.) After the match, a random muscular female horribly botches a handspring back elbow to attack Sandman and without question delivers the worst stomps in the history of professional wrestling. Wolfe hits a Death Valley Driver onto a steel chair.

Prior to the match, Rockin’ Rebel promises Monsta Mack that he can trust him.

Fifth Contest: Rockin’ Rebel & Monsta Mack vs. Damian Adams & Nick Berk: Rebel and Berk start off with Rebel hitting a power slam after taking a few jabs. Berk drops Rebel with a spin kick and Adams tags in to dropkick Mack several times. Mack gets clotheslined over the top to the floor. Berk punches Mack in the gut and Mack accidentally spits water into Rebel’s face. Rebel pulls the top rope and Adams crashes to the floor. Rebel gets a few shots in and Mack follows up with the advantage. Mack holds Adams up with a delayed vertical suplex and drives Adams to the canvas for a two count. Mack takes Damien over with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Adams shoves Mack into Rebel, knocking Rebel off the apron into the railing. Mack hits a t-bone suplex to regain control of the bout. Mack misses a splash in the corner and Damien nearly wins with a rollup.

Mack goes to the top but misses a frog splash. Adams tags in Berk who decks Mack several times. Berk knocks Rebel off the apron. Mack is getting worked over by both Berk and Adams. Mack plants both men with a double DDT! Mack delivers a Samoan Drop to Berk and Rebel wants a tag. Mack goes to the top and hits a frog splash for a two count. Mack and Rebel begin to argue and Monsta tags in Rebel. Wait, Rebel enters and tags Mack back into the match. Mack gets dropped across the top rope and gets hit with a double spine buster which is good enough for the victory. (*. Probably one of the most obvious turns I’ve ever seen. Adams and Berk are solid workers and are wasted having to carry Mack and Rebel. A bad segment just because of how obvious it all was.)

Sixth Contest: Blue Meanie vs. Matt Striker: This would be your comedy match of the evening. They dance a few times and deliver basic strikes. Meanie nearly wins after a bulldog but Joey Matthews breaks up the cover attempt. Meanie rubs his ass into Striker’s face in the corner. A fan is obnoxiously calling Striker a retard. Striker is acting like several 90s wrestlers such as Earthquake and the Berzerker. Striker misses a stinger splash but Meanie hits it. Meanie attempts a moonsault but gets hit by Matthews two times with a chair. Matthews puts a sleeper hold on Meanie and wins the match. Well, Joey set the sleeper up to give Striker the win. (DUD. Yeah, there were a few comical moments but as a match it was awful.) After the match, Meanie is attacked until Roadkill runs out for the save.

Seventh Contest: Kid Kash vs. Josh Daniels: They counter each other moves early on and have a standoff after trading of near falls. Kash starts to work over Josh in the corner with some strikes and chokes Daniels in the corner. Daniels avoids a spin kick and arm drags Kash to the floor. Kruel brings Kash back into the ring with a suplex from the apron. Daniels gets a near fall after a snap suplex for a near fall. Kash atomic drops Daniels and follows up with a clothesline for a two count. Kash traps Daniels arms and hooks his nose to add some punishment. Daniels refuses to give in but continues to be worked over. Daniels fights back with several strikes and an elbow strike for a near fall. Daniels hits a German suplex for a near fall. They trade several pin attempts until Kash drops Josh across his knee. Daniels tries a few more pin attempts but can’t get a three count. Kash hits a slingshot suplex for a two count. Kash attacks the referee with a low bow and sends the referee to the floor. The referee calls for the bell as Kash has bee DQ’d. (1/2*. Seriously? What a crock of shit that was. These two have similar styles and I have to believe if they had taken the match seriously that it would have been the match of the night. It’s as if Kash showed up, didn’t want to do much, collected his check and left.)

Main Event: 3PW Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk vs. Justin Credible: Funk works over Credible’s arm for several moments to start the match. Funk gets stuck on the middle rope and Justin delivers several right hands but Funk isn’t overly hurt by them and chases Justin to the floor. Credible sends Funk over the top and they are by the timekeepers table. Credible places the table by the railing but is hip tossed onto the table by Funk. They proceed to fight into the crowd with Funk delivering several right hands. They make their way up to the second floor but Funk gets punched down the stairs. Credible sends Funk into the guard railing and slams Funk face first into the timekeepers table. Funk grabs Credible and manages to partially put Credible through the table with a piledriver. Back in the ring, Credible focuses his attack on the right knee of Funk. Credible puts a figure four on but Funk isn’t going to give in. Justin uses the ropes for leverage briefly but has to let go of the hold. Credible misses a baseball slide and hits the ring post groin first. Funk sneaks in a low blow and hits two stunners but Credible gets his foot on the bottom rope. The referee counted a three but then saw the foot. Funk hits the stunner on the referee and a third one on Credible. Credible nails Funk with a super kick and manages to get the three count to win the title. (1/2*. Well, that was one of the worst main events I’ve ever watched. Funk is struggling to wrestle at this point and Credible just isn’t a good worker at this point. He choreographed a lot of what was going to happen and that was quite annoying.)

Final Thoughts:
The show isn’t appealing on paper and the action cements this as probably the worst 3PW to date. There wasn’t a lot of major talent on the card and it featured quite a few lackluster workers. Luckily, 3PW turns the corner and the high end talent returns the next show along with the return to the ECW Arena. I basically reviewed this just to review every 3PW show.

Thanks for reading.

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