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ECW Hardcore TV 2/21/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Tommy Dreamer defeated Stevie Richards

Angle Developments:
1.) ECW World Champion Shane Douglas takes a moment to look at his career thus far in ECW. He talks about how eighteen months ago he doubted how a company wrestling in a broken down arena to make an impact in the company. However, he watched a show and he was stunned by the effort the wrestlers put in. He was shocked to see them actually wrestling. Shane talks about people passing the torch in sports and talks about father time robbing wrestlers of their ability. Douglas says that Ric Flair hasn’t been the best for a long time, and Hulk Hogan is just an entertainer. Douglas is taking credit for the Extreme birth of the company and tore off the mask that Doink the Clown wore to reveal the wrestler. Douglas believes he is the very best in wrestling. He talks about knowing he needed to take the spot from Terry Funk, but Funk put up a fight because he wouldn’t retire. Footage of a confrontation with Funk where they ended brawling because Douglas wouldn’t take the belt. Eventually, he talks to the camera as if he is talking to Ric Flair and feels he never got a fair shake. Apparently, everyone was telling Flair that Douglas was the next guy to take over but Flair coward away and backed off. Douglas assures Flair that he hates his guts as much as he does. He hates Flair and everything he has done for this sport. This segment as literally gone on for more than twenty minutes.

2.) Chris Benoit cuts a promo to close the program. He talks about Sabu and Taz, the ECW World Tag Team Champions. Benoit notes that Dangerously claims that they are unbeatable champions. Benoit is confident that he and Malenko will win the tag team titles. When they win everyone will know they are the best tag team.

3.) But wait, there is more. Paul Dangerously cuts a promo saying that Benoit and Malenko need to think they are going to survive. Dangerously says there is no need to hype the match because it all hits the fans on 2/25.

4.) Footage of how Sandman got a concussion is aired. It probably didn’t help that Cactus Jack delivered several unprotected chair shots and kendo stick shots. Thus, Sandman is out of action for at least three weeks.

5.) By the way, the Dreamer/Richards match is from Double Tables, which can be read HERE!.

Final Thoughts:
Do you like to listen to Shane Douglas complain about Ric Flair and not getting pushed properly in WCW. Then, you’d love this show. Twenty minutes of that was ridiculous overkill. The build for the tag team title match has been done nicely as Benoit and Dangerously have really carried the promo work to make it interesting.

Thanks for reading.

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