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PWG All Star Weekend VI Night Two 1/6/2008

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents All Star Weekend VI Night Two
From: Van Nuys, CA

Opening Contest: Karl Anderson vs. Alex Koslov: Mat wrestling start with neither man getting the advantage. Koslov hits a head scissors sending Anderson to the floor and takes Karl out with a cross body onto the floor! Anderson comes back with a DDT on the apron. Back in the ring, Anderson maintains control with a leaping heel kick. Koslov hits Anderson with a forearm shot in the corner and several chops. Koslov gets a near fall after a leaping kick to the head. Anderson counters a head scissors attempt with a power bomb but only gets a two count. Koslov nearly wins following a super kick. Anderson misses a splash in the corner abut plants Koslov with a spine buster and locks in the Boston Crab to get the submission win. (**. A fine match to kick off the show. It got less than seven minutes but they got quite a bit in to keep my interest throughout.)

Second Contest: Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero: Hero attacks before the bell as they go to the floor to start the match. They enter the ring and trade chops several times. The chop exchange continues on the floor with Kingston getting the better of the exchange. Hero nails Eddie with a running big boot on the floor. They are on all fours as they trade head butts. Kingston avoids a big boot back in the ring and delivers a back elbow followed by an overhead suplex for a near fall. Hero hits Kingston with a few knee strikes but Eddie avoids an elbow to deliver a slam. Hero no sells chops but Kingston settles for a head butt. Hero hits a roaring elbow but can’t follow up on the cover attempt. Hero hits a flipping neck breaker after several more exchanges of strikes. Hero nearly wins after a vertical suplex turned neck breaker. Hero nails Eddie with a roaring elbow but Eddie rolls to the floor. Kingston gets a two count after a clothesline but Hero manages to roll Kingston up for the win. (**. The finish was rather weak. The action was just a stiff brawl for the most part, which is fine considering the feud. I’ve yet to watch a match between these two where I’ve been overly impressed. Yet, they continue to get booked in matches for the last four years.)

Third Contest: The Young Bucks vs. Age Of The Fall: Jacobs and Matt kick off the contest which has a mat wrestling start to it. Jacobs has the Rings of Saturn locked in but Matt quickly got his feet on the ropes. Matt head scissors Jimmy and delivers a back elbow before playing to the crowd and tagging in Nick. Tyler Black is also tagged in. Nick kicks Tyler several times and hits a hurricanrana. Jimmy is sent to the floor following a leg drop from Matt. Black is knocked down following a dropkick from Nick as well. A side Russian leg sweep/hand spring back elbow combo by the Bucks on Tyler. Nick comes off the top to deliver a double knee strike to Tyler’s arm. Black avoids a moonsault from Matt and Nick suffers the move instead. Jacobs double stomps Matt several times before hitting an elbow drop for a near fall. Tyler and Jimmy hammer away on Matt to maintain control of the contest.

Matt is in a tree of woe and is met with a double dropkick from the Age of the Fall. Jacobs runs into a big boot in the corner and Matt gets a couple of near falls with rollups. Black slingshots from the apron to double stomp Matt back in the ring. Black avoids a Slice Bread from Matt, but Matt sends Tyler face first into the canvas out of a wheelbarrow position. Nick gets the hot tag to no crowd reaction and spin kicks Jacobs to the floor. Nick stuns Black and follows up with an ace crusher for a two count. Tyler is double teamed with a back breaker. Bucks head to the top rope but miss stereo 450 splashes. Jacobs hits a double spear and Black nearly pins Matt after a standing shooting star press! Nick stop Jimmy on the top and Matt nearly pins Tyler. Jacobs hits a top rope senton but only gets a near fall. Jimmy misses a spear and Nick plants Tyler with a tornado DDT. Nick springboards over the top to DDT Jacobs to the floor! Nick takes everyone out on the floor with a corkscrew dive. Jacobs is met with a high knee in the corner but avoids a denton and moonsault attempts. Black holds Nick so that Jacobs can hit a senton splash and Black hits a face buster. Jacobs is choking Matt right in the middle of the ring to get the submission victory. (**1/4. It was a decent match with the final couple of minutes being some really fun action, but leading up to that didn’t keep my interest and Matt being in peril for so long kind of took me out of the match.)

Fourth Contest: Roderick Strong vs. Jack Evans: The second match of the best of three to crown a new number one contender. Strong keeps Evans on the canvas in the early moments of the contest. Roderick scoop slams Jack, who bails to the floor for a moment. Strong works on the shoulder but can’t get a submission. Evans comes off the apron to hit a hurricanrana on the floor! Evans flips to the apron but misses a springboard spinning kick. Strong drops Evans across the top rope gut first. Strong dumps Evans to the floor and delivers a chop. Strong tosses Jack onto several chairs in the crowd. Roderick delivers a back breaker and follows that up with a gut buster. Strong delivers another side back breaker for a two count. Roderick drops Evans to the canvas from the pendulum swing position for a near fall. Strong wraps Evans back around the ring post! Evans hits a ridiculous springboard back flip kick!

Evans delivers a slingshot double stomp from the apron and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Evans hits a twisting splash but Roderick kicks out. Roderick drives Jack face first down to the mat for a near fall. Strong follows up with a gut buster and a running yakuza kick for a two count! Strong is put across the middle rope and Evans hits a handspring backflip splash for a near fall. Evans heads to the top rope but Strong cuts him off. Strong hits a middle rope fallaway slam for a near fall. Evans knocks Strong off the middle rope and hits a double knee strike while Strong was hanging upside down. Evans heads to the top but misses the 630! Strong drops Evans across the top turnbuckle with a back breaker and nearly wins following a power slam. Strong with a gut buster, Tiger Driver and locks in a leg lock which forces Evans to tap out. (**3/4. A fine match between these two. Evans being so much smaller made Strong’s offense look even better, which likely helped the match.)

Fifth Contest: Candice LeRae vs. Human Tornado: Early on, Candice low blows Tornado but Tornado isn’t hurt by the low blow. Candice dropkicks Tornado to the floor and follows up with a suicide dive to the floor! Tornado comes back into the ring and Candice comes off the top to hit a cross body for a one count. Tornado nails LeRae with a spinning super kick and Candice takes it like a champ. Tornado continues his offense with a vertical suplex. Tornado kicks Candice while she is across the middle rope and jumps to the floor to taunt the fans. Tornado kicks Candice a few times in the face while taunting the fans. Tornado follows up with a vicious dropkick in the corner and Candice shows her fighting spirit but kicking out. Tornado is taking her lightly.

Tornado goes under the ring to grab a steel chair. Candice is place face first over the chair and Tornado heads to the top rope. Candice moves and low blows Tornado with the chair! Candice dropkicks the chair into Tornado’s groin and delivers several shots followed by another low blow! Candice rams Tornado groin first into the ring post! Candice delivers a dropkick to a trapped Tornado in the corner. LeRae nearly wins with a swinging neck breaker but runs into a pimp slap. Tornado slams LeRae to the canvas but gets crotched on the top rope. Candice hits a German suplex off the top rope! Candice heads to the top to hit a moonsault but can’t put Tornado away! Tornado counters a wheelbarrow bulldog with a back suplex but pulls Candice up at two. Tornado hits another back suplex and he is going to piss on Candice! He is unzipping his pants but here comes Chris Hero. Eddie Kingston comes out and decks Hero. The referee has apparently caused for the bell. Necro Butcher runs in and beats Tornado up with a pipe but here comes Claudio to start the next match. (**1/2. I may have enjoyed that more than I should have. Candice is an impressive female talent who held her own with Tornado very well. Plus, Tornado is really good at being a dick heel and it added to the match. This came across as the first match that fans were really into aside from maybe the AOF/Bucks match earlier.)

Sixth Contest: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Necro Butcher in a hardcore match: Claudio is backdropped early on by Butcher who runs Claudio over with a jersey assisted clothesline to send Claudio over the top to the floor. Necro tosses Claudio into a few empty chairs and slams several chairs onto Claudio until Claudio is buried under chairs and Necro hits a senton splash for a near fall in the crowd. Necro atomic drops Claudio over a chair and tosses Claudio into the empty chairs yet again. Necro bulldogs Claudio face first onto a steel chair from the apron. Necro rams Claudio face first into the ring post. Claudio slams Necro off the apron onto the concrete floor!

Claudio performs the Giant Swing on the floor and spins Necro into a bunch of chairs! Claudio works over Necro in the corner with a back breaker in the ring. Necro attempts a Tiger Driver but Claudio counters with a backdrop. Claudio kicks Necro while on the middle rope and Claudio hits an ace crusher for a two count. Claudio is stopped with a punch to the face and Necro nearly wins with a Tiger Driver! Butcher works over Claudio with several strikes in the corner. Necro misses a hurricanrana off the top and Claudio nearly wins with a middle rope uppercut. Claudio gets another two count with a Water Slide. Necro steals a win with a rollup. (*1/2. This went on for a little too long, but the stuff on the floor was enjoyable.)

Seventh Contest: El Generico vs. Susumu Yokosuka: Generico with a flurry of arm drags and a spinning leg lariat to get a near fall. Generico delivers a back breaker and goes for a split legged moonsault but Yokosuka gets his knees up to block the move. Yokosuka controls Generico with a body scissors on the mat. Yokosuka nails Generico with a clothesline in the corner. Generico gets a near fall with a cross body off the top rope. Generico hits a Blue Thunder Driver but Yokosuka kicks out before three. Yokosuka suplexs Generico into the corner but can’t get a three count on the cover attempt. Generico gets on the top but Yokosuka stops him and hits an exploder suplex for a near fall. Yokosuka drops Generico knee first to the mat but Generico hits an exploder suplex only for Yokosuka to knock Generico silly with a clothesline for a two count!

Generico hits a yakuza kick on the top rope and attempts the top rope brain buster but Yokosuka blocks it. Yokosuka clotheslines Generico off the middle rope and delivers a second clothesline for a near fall! Yokosuka gets out of the brain buster and attempts a clothesline but Generico blocks it to hit two brain busters for the win. (**. It was alright but it wasn’t overly exciting, really. I wasn’t fully invested into the match but the final two minutes were fun.)

Eighth Contest: The Dynasty vs. Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino: Ryan and Doi kick off the contest. They run the ropes which tires Ryan out. Doi kicks Ryan to the floor and here comes Lost. Yoshino tags in and they trade strikes with Lost getting the better of the exchange. Ryan enters and drops Yoshino with a dropkick for a near fall. Yoshino gets worked over in the corner by the Dynasty. Lost knee lifts Yoshino and they go back to trading strikes. Doi comes off the top to double stomp Scott’s left arm. Lost gets worked over with a double vertical suplex. Lost is trapped in he ropes and Doi delivers a running big boot to knock Lost out! Lost is in a Boston Crab and Doi delivers a yakuza kick to the groin area! Lost tries to tag in Ryan but is prevented from being able to. Lost knocks Yoshino down with a dropsault and tags in Ryan. Joey cleans house with scoop slams. Yoshino accidentally clotheslines Doi and Ryan nearly wins with a super kick. Ryan plants Doi with a swinging side slam.

Dynasty hits a spine buster/neck breaker combination. Lost is crotched on the top and Doi sends Ryan into Scott’s groin. Yoshino hits a missile dropkick from the top and Doi hits a superplex on Lost! Doi hits a top rope senton splash on Ryan who was hung across the middle rope. Lost with a spear in the corner on Doi and the same from Ryan. Lost knocks Jade Chung off the apron and Doi drops Lost to the mat face first. Doi with a head scissors on Ryan and Yoshino nearly wins with a shining wizard. Yoshino hits a top rope spinning neck breaker on Joey. Jade Chung plants Doi with an ace crusher and Lost does the same! Lost and Ryan plant Doi down to the mat face first for a near fall. Doi drops Lost with a neck breaker and heads to the top but misses a missile dropkick. Lost elbow drops Doi across Joey’s knee to get the three count. (**3/4. A solid match between these two teams. It went nearly twenty minutes but it felt like maybe half of that time. Plenty of action and very little down time.)

Ninth Contest: TARO vs. Super Dragon: TARO attacks before the bell but Dragon punches TARO away. Dragon misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post shoulder first. TARO goes to the top and leaps off to hit a somersault dive on the floor. TARO baseball slides Dragon and attempts a hurricanrana off the apron but is caught and Dragon tosses TARO into empty seats. Back in the ring, Dragon is mostly just playing around with TARO. Dragon tries to take off the mask, which is noted to have been lost once before.

Apparently, TARO is looking to beat Dragon to have him accept is apology for his drunken ways and with Dragon refusing his apology, TARO hasn’t been able to recover from alcoholism. TARO counters the Psycho Driver with a hurricanrana for a near fall. TARO plants Dragon with a tornado DDT. TARO pushes the button on his gear and hits a suicide dive on Dragon two times. TARO spikes Dragon with a tornado DDT on the floor! TARO leaps off the top to hit a tornado DDT but Dragon manages to kick out before three. Dragon counters a top rope hurricanrana with a sit down power bomb for a near fall. Dragon drops TARO with a cobra clutch suplex for a near fall. Oh shit, Dragon counters a hurricanrana by dropping TARO on his head. Yeah, that was a botched finish. (**. A sloppy finish but there was some entertaining aspects to the match. It came across like Dragon wasn’t taking TARO seriously, so I never bought into TARO as being able to pin Dragon.)

Main Event: Bryan Danielson vs. CIMA: The fans are really into this match more so than any of the previous matches and I’m only twenty-seconds into it. The dueling chants have been going on for the entire time I’ve been writing about this match. Danielson stomps on the knees of CIMA while having him in a surfboard position. Danielson focuses his offense on the knees. CIMA locks in a leg lock but Danielson doesn’t give in and reaches the ropes. CIMA continues his offense by working over Bryan’s neck. CIMA dropkicks Bryan neck first into the middle turnbuckle for a near fall. CIMA does it again but on the unprotected turnbuckle! CIMA has a submission hold on Danielson which switches into a cover attempt for a near fall.

Danielson kicks CIMA’s left arm to stop the momentum that CIMA had been going for himself. Danielson follows up with a back suplex and is holding his neck. Danielson keeps CIMA on the canvas to work over CIMA’s arm. Danielson wraps CIMA’s arm over the top rope. Danielson scoop slams CIMA with a hammerlock. Bryan takes CIMA over with a suplex and locks in a cross arm breaker, but again doesn’t get a submission. Danielson gets the surfboard locked in and switches to a cross arm breaker. CIMA traps Danielson in the ropes and hits a double stomp from the top and takes Danielson out with a suicide dive on the floor! CIMA gets out of a rollup and double stomps Danielson! Danielson comes back with a running knee strike! Danielson with several boots and locks in a triangle choke but doesn’t get a submission.

CIMA is placed on the top rope and Danielson goes for a back suplex but CIMA counters to land on top for a near fall! CIMA super kicks Danielson and drives him down to the canvas with a sit out Cradle Shock of sorts for a near fall. Bryan nearly wins with a tiger suplex but switches to the Cattle Mutilation right in the middle of the ring, but CIMA refuses to give in. Danielson nearly wins with a rollup. CIMA stops Danielson on the top and balances on the ring post to double stomp Danielson! CIMA goes to the opposite corner to deliver a coast to coast dropkick. CIMA drops Danielson on his head but can’t get a three count on the cover! Danielson crotches CIMA on the top and hits a top rope back suplex! Danielson goes for the cover but CIMA kicks out! Danielson rams CIMA with several elbow strikes for a near fall. Danielson has the cross face chicken wing locked in but the referee goes down! Danielson takes CIMA down as a second referee comes out. The referee checks CIMA who doesn’t drop his arm three times. CIMA kicks off the turnbuckle like WrestleMania VIII and the referees award it to both men as CIMA was apparently tapping as Danielson got a three count. (***1/2. The last few minutes was really good and it helped the overall match. The first 20 minutes were solid, but not memorable, though. The crowd atmosphere made for an easier view, as well. It was obvious that fans really wanted to see this match.)

Excalibur, who was doing commentary after the fact, comes down to the ring but Danielson asks the fans who won the match. The fans are mixed on who got the victory. Honestly, that was the most explosive the fans had been on both nights. Excalibur says he is the law in PWG and the match was a draw. Thus, neither man will get a shot at the PWG World Championship. Excalibur gets knocked out by Dino, who had been doing commentary earlier in the night, I believe!

Final Thoughts:
Honestly, it took me awhile to finish this show, and I have no idea why. Sometimes I lacked interest in finishing it, I guess. It’s actually not a bad show as the matches were either average or good. I’d give it a slight thumbs up with a good main event and aftermath.

Thanks for reading.

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