SMW TV 6/6/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Spartanburg, SC

1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee defeated Barry Horowitz
2.) Dirty White Boy defeated Tommy Angel
3.) Brad & Bart Batten defeated Joe Cazana & Scott Sandlin
4.) Jimmy Golden defeated Ben Jordan
5.) Paul Orndorff defeated Dixie Dynamite

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Barry Horowitz comes over and tells Dutch Mantel and the audience that he isn’t a loser but rather a winner. He is going by “Bad Boy” Barry Horowitz. Barry says that if he beats Brian Lee tonight he will win the SMW Heavyweight Championship.

2.) Horowitz slaps Lee and runs around ringside but they return to the ring and is met with a hip toss and a dropkick by the champion. Horowitz works over Lee in the corner with a series of strikes and back elbows a charging Lee in the corner. Barry attempts a rollup but can’t keep Lee down long enough. Horowitz heads to the top rope but gets crotched. Lee hits a snap power slam for a two count. Lee hits the Cancellation and picks up the win. (*. A rather quick match and it didn’t make Horowitz a legit threat to anyone. So, Barry is a jobber in the WWF and is the same in SMW.) After the match, Barry has a temper tantrum.

3.) Bob Caudle talks to SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee. Lee says that no matter what it takes he will keep the championship. Lee isn’t playing and will get dirty with Dirty White Boy or wonderful with Paul Orndorff he will because he is keeping the belt.

4.) Bob Caudle is with Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright following the squash match. Wright says he is disgusted with how Dirty White Boy was robbed at the Volunteer Slam. Wright is filing a grievance against Bob Armstrong due to Wright having a stroke. Dirty White Boy calls Lee a dirty cheat and wants to know how much Brian Lee paid off the referees. Dirty says he doesn’t deserve to be in the same building as him. Brian Lee is in the ring and wants a piece of Dirty White Boy. DWB wants to get in the ring but Ron Wright is claiming his heart is hurting him and DWB doesn’t do it because of Wright’s illness.

5.) We hear from Bobby Fulton about his brother Jackie Fulton and his current condition. Jackie had some damage to his knee and that he will be back in apparently a week when the doctor said he should wait longer. They will not be responsible for their actions when they meet the Heavenly Bodies.

6.) SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies cut a promo on the Batten Brothers about their match in West Virginia. Pritchard says they aren’t losing the belts no matter who they face. Jim Cornette chimes in and says that Jackie Fulton is ignoring doctors orders from staying out of the ring. Cornette says that the next time they meet that Jackie’s knee will be taken out for good. He shows off a “I Will Work For Food!” sign for Jackie Fulton.

7.) Bob Caudle talks to Buddy Landell who claims that Tim Horner tried to toss powder into his eyes. Landell claims he had a fever when he lost to Horner. Buddy says he would kick Tim’s ass right now and here comes Horner to get a piece of Buddy. They brawl backstage as we go to commercial. When we come back Tim Horner is there for an interview. Horner says he will put the $5,000 on the line to get a piece of Buddy.

8.) Bob Armstrong has an announcement regarding some stuff from the Volunteer Slam. Armstrong will not suspend Paul Orndorff so that Brian Lee can take care of it himself.

9.) Dynamite works over Orndorff;s left arm to kick off the match and follows up with a scoop slam. Orndorff yanks Dynamite down by the mask to get the cheap advantage. Orndorff scoop slams Dixie but misses an elbow drop. Paul knee lifts Dixie in the midsection and stomps away on Dixie. Orndorff drops Dixie with a clothesline and works over Dixie with a chin lock. Dixie gets his boots up to block a dive from the ropes. Dixie gets a second wind and hits a standing dropkick but misses a second one. Dixie delivers the Confederate Kick and heads to the top to hit a cross body but Orndorff rolls through and gets the win! (*1/2. They kept a good pace but the action was really basic.)

10.) To close the show Paul Orndorff argues about Bob Armstrong being out to get him because people use DDTs and bulldogs. Orndorff promise to beat Brian Lee up so bad that he won’t be able to defend the title.

Final Thoughts:
The episode was good in advancing angles involving DWB/Brian Lee and the tag title situation with the Fantastics and Heavenly Bodies. The action was just lackluster and didn’t keep me overly entertained.

Thanks for reading.

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