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SMW TV 6/13/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Spartanburg, SC

1.) Robert Gibson defeated Paul Lee
2.) Killer Kyle defeated Tommy Angel
3.) Johnny & Davey Rich defeated Joe Cazana & Scott Sandlin
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Joey Maggs & Ben Jordan
5.) The Dirty White Boy defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The main event is to be SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee to take on Rip Rogers. As you can see above, that didn’t happen but why? Lets find out.

2.) Bob Armstrong talks about Summer Blast taking place in mid-July which is the next super card for SMW.

3.) Bob Caudle is with Jimmy Golden following Robert Gibson’s squash match. Golden says that he wants one more chance to wrestle Gibson because he has never beaten him. Gibson accepts the offer saying he will do it again. Golden calls Gibson a liar.

4.) We hear from Danny Davis and Dixie Dynamite saying there will be explosions going off when they are in the ring. They wanna hear your feedback on the show. “Smoky Mountain Wrestling will explode all over you.”

5.) Earlier today, Dutch Mantel sat down with Barry Horowitz on the ring apron in the empty arena. Dutch says that Carl Stiles is in a mental hospital unlike Horowitz. Dutch makes note that Horowitz has lost 43 matches and won zero. Dutch says he is going to put Barry under his wing and Horowitz will be a champion in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

6.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies cut a promo following their easy win. They continue to talk about the Fantastics. They don’t care who wants the titles because they will beat them. Stan Lane says the Fantastics girlfriends have been calling them non-stop so they had to change their phone numbers. Pritchard says that the Fantastics remind them of the disgusting fans.

7.) Bob Caudle is with Tim Horner and they show what happened last week between Horner and Buddy Landell. Horner is sick and tired of Buddy and says he has his attention. Tim says if he can’t beat Buddy then he will leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

8.) Ron Wright and Dirty White Boy come out and give Rip Rogers about $2,000 to get out of the match and he accepts the money. Rogers attacks from behind and Lee hammers away on Rogers. Dirty White Boy is now in the match and sends Lee hard into the corner back first. They trade right hands with Lee dropping DWB with a right hand. Lee backdrops Dirty White Boy out of the corner for a near fall. Lee runs over DWB with a clothesline and hits a scoop slam for a two count. Lee runs into a big boot in the corner and DWB works over the champ. Lee drives his shoulder into DWB’s midsection but DWB continues to work over Lee with strikes. Lee misses a splash in the corner and DWB continues to work over Lee with kicks. DWB slaps Lee in the corner several times while talking smack to the champion. Lee and DWB trade right hands with DWB getting the better of the exchange. DWB plants Brian with a DDT but can’t get a three count on the cover attempt. DWB follows up with a leg drop but doesn’t makes a strong cover and Lee kicks out again at two. Lee boots DWB in the corner and gets a second wind hitting a running clothesline. Lee hits a snap power slam but can’t get a three count. DWB hits Lee with an illegal object from Ron Wright on the floor and continues to hammer away on Lee. DWB continues to work over Lee as Hector Guerrero comes out and Lee has been busted wide open. Lee grabs the illegal object and decks DWB, but the referee sees it and disqualifies Brian Lee. It looks like a pair of brass knuckles. After the match, Paul Orndorff enters the ring and attacks Brian Lee with a briefcase! Hector Guerrero enters the ring and is getting attacked by DWB! Hector has his tie tied to the top rope and DWB hangs Hector over the top . Orndorff spikes enhancement talent with a piledriver. DWB and Orndorff continue to beat down the babyfaces. Dirty White Boy is also bleeding and Hector is still hanging over the top rope. The locker room empties to make the save to end the show. (*1/2. The match was mainly just a brawl and didn’t have a lot of entertainment but that aftermath was nicely done.)

Final Thoughts:
The main event is one of the biggest in the short existence of the companies TV run but it didn’t deliver. The aftermath was nicely done and maintained my interest in the Lee/DWB feud.

Thanks for reading.

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