WCW Saturday Night 1/11/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Gainesville, GA

1.) Alex Wright defeated Super Calo
2.) Ice Train defeated Tombstone
3.) Hugh Morrus defeated The Cheetah Kid
4.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Bobby Eaton
5.) Psychosis defeated WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal by disqualification
6.) Mike Enos defeated Disco Inferno
7.) La Parka defeated Scott Armstrong
8.) Bobby Walker & Jim Powers defeated The Renegade & Joe Gomez
9.) Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
10.) Harlem Heat defeated the Amazing French Canadians

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tombstone is better known as 911 from his days in ECW. He is actually capable of more than just a choke slam.

2.) Lee Marshall interviews Ice Train and Teddy Long. Long says that in 1996 everyone thought the NWO couldn’t be stopped, but now they can be stopped. Long believes that Train can be the guy who can stop the NWO. Train says 1997 is a new year for him and he is going to work on more surprises for WCW.

3.) Psychosis gets a USA chant going, which is odd since he is from Mexico. They start off with mat wrestling based offense. Psychosis scoop slams Regal but is cut off on the apron and Regal brings Psychosis back into the ring with a suplex. Psychosis gets a near fall after a dropkick and hits another scoop slam. Psychosis heads to the top rope again and hits an elbow drop but Regal kicks out at two. Regal bails to the floor after a clothesline but Psychosis doesn’t go for a dive or anything. Psychosis hits a springboard moonsault onto Regal on the floor. Psychosis heads to the top and attempts a splash but Regal got his knees up. Psychosis locks in an abdominal stretch but Regal strikes the referee to cause a DQ. (*1/2. A cheap finish between these two, but there was decent action for the short match provided.)

4.) Lee Marshall interviews the WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal. Regal says that he is most important WCW wrestler because he is the only one holding gold. Regal says that he isn’t seen as an icon because he wasn’t in the US in 1983. He is going to hold onto the title for a long time this reign and may even retire it. Regal will keep laying down any contenders that come for the gold.

5.) Ray and Carl kick off the main event trading right hands with Ray hitting a power slam to get the advantage. Booker enters to hit a scissors kick. Carl holds Booker up and Jacques drops Booker throat first across the top rope. Col. Robert Parker gets a few cheap shots while on the floor. Booker is dropped again across the top and Jacques briefly works over him. Carl prevents Booker from tagging in Ray and is double teamed in the corner. Ray punches Jacques and Booker hits a leaping side kick to get the quick victory. (DUD. That was nothing of a match, really.)

Final Thoughts:
Not much happening here as the feature matches weren’t all that great whether it be a DQ finish or lasting all of three minutes. The show is focusing more and more on Nitro and uninteresting squash matches for the time being.

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