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Would You Go To This Show? Volume Eleven

Batista would NOT be on this show.
Batista would NOT be on this show.

WYGTTS series continues as I take a look at house show World Wrestling Entertainment held on January 9th, 2006 in Elmira. For those who may forget the concept, I look at the card and determine if it’s a show that I would attend. Feel free to leave a comment below to leave your thoughts on the show as well and if you’d attend.

The show had an attendance of 2,000, so it was a smaller house show crowd than they normally had at the time. I believe the venue is rather small as an independent company known as 2CW ran the same venue last year and got the same attendance, roughly. Lets check out the card for the show and see if it’s worth the time to attend.

The Card:
1.) Nunzio & Vito defeated The Dicks
2.) WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash defeated Sho Funaki & Jamie Noble to retain the title
3.) The Boogeyman defeated Simon Dean
4.) Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Mark Henry
5.) WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions MNM defeated Psychosis & Super Crazy to retain the title
6.) Bobby Lashley defeated Sylvan
7.) Chris Benoit & Matt Hardy defeated Randy Orton & Orlando Jordan

As I was typing the card for the event, I felt like it was a lackluster show with nothing on it to really make me want to go to it. The opening match was between two teams that wouldn’t be around with the company for long, though I am a fan of Vito since his WCW run. I may be the only person to admit that.

The Cruiserweight Championship match doesn’t seem so bad, though the involvement of Funaki drags it down a little bit. I’d imagine a match between Kash/Noble in a singles capacity would provide some entertainment.

I wouldn't pay to see that face.
I wouldn’t pay to see that face.

I hated the Boogeyman character as it was just ridiculous and the fact it was able to get even a little bit of a push is embarrassing. The match with Simon Dean would be nothing but a comedy act, and likely wouldn’t accomplish much in the laughing department.


Mark Henry was originally supposed to wrestle WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista, but the champion was injured in Verona the day prior with Henry tearing his triceps and would be out for nearly a year. Personally, I didn’t find Henry to be a credible heel until 2010/2011. He was damaged so much with the Sexual Chocolate gimmick with me, that it was hard to believe him as tough heel. Rey is a good performer, but a match with Henry wouldn’t be able to fully utilize his abilities.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Psychosis and Super Crazy. Sure, they weren’t near the prime of their career but I would be heavily interested in seeing them live. Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury were a really good tag team and provided a spark in the tag division that was much needed. This seems like a match that could be high quality and a surprisingly fun contest. The first match that I’d be interested in seeing.

A minute squash match for Bobby Lashley would not entice me to attend the show. Not even a little bit.

The main event being a tag match between Chris Benoit/Matt Hardy and Randy Orton/Orlando Jordan is lame one at that. The involvement of Benoit and Orton is fine, but their tag partners make it feel like a match that should be on in the middle of the card. This was around the time that Orlando Jordan was constantly tapping out to Benoit in under a minute. I know that happened numerous times over the summer of 2005. So, Jordan didn’t have much of any creditability going for him. It’s not an awful main event, and I suppose it’s suitable for the venue they held it, but this on the marquee would not make me think twice about not going to it.

So, as you can tell, I’d actually skip out on this one. There is only one match that I would really be interested in seeing as the WWE Tag Team Championship match features four good talents. Batista not being on the show doesn’t impact my decision because I wouldn’t want to see Batista/Henry, either.

Would you attend this show or would you skip out on it?

Leave your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading.

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