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SMW TV 6/27/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Cumberland, KY


1.) Dixie Dynamite defeated Joe Cazana
2.) Danny Davis defeated Paul Lee
3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee defeated Buddy Landel

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.) The show started with the Heavenly Bodies and the Fantastics brawling outside the arena. One of the Fantastics smashed a car window that Jim Cornette was in trying to get his tag team out of the situation.

2.) Earlier in the day, Bob Caudle say down with SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee. Lee will have a surprise partner to wrestle Paul Orndorff and Dirty White Boy at Summer Blast. We saw plenty of footage highlighting the feud over the past several weeks. Lee mentioned a few other guys who are busy with other people. Brian Lee made a phone call to Ron Garvin! Garvin cuts a promo from his living room. Garvin says he is a Smoky Mountain man himself and he ruled the area not so long ago. Garvin says he is in the best shape of his life at the age of 41. Garvin laughs at the thought of Orndorff being the king of the piledriver. Garvin says they haven’t done anything in wrestling. Lee warns DWB and Paul Orndorff to be on the lookout for his punch and his own piledriver.

3.) Ron Wright, Paul Orndorff and Dirty White Boy come over to the announcers table. Wright says that it’s not fair for Ron Garvin to be brought into Smoky Mountain Wrestling because he is crazy. Orndorff says that everything is fine and that Wright just needs to relax. Dirty White Boy says that Brian Lee has gotten scared and had to get Ron Garvin. Orndorff says things have changed and he is the ruler of the piledriver.

4.) We see footage of the Heavenly Bodies brawling with the Fantastics backstage. Bobby Fulton nails Pritchard over the head with a wooden board. Pritchard breaks the board over Bobby’s head. Pritchard whacks Jackie over the back with a piece of cardboard, which he sells. The Fantastics are busted wide open as the brawl continues with trash can shots. Eventually, the Heavenly Bodies decide to bail as the brawl continues outside the arena. Cornette and the Bodies drive off to end the brawl. That was a really fun brawl and makes me really interested to see them fight.

5.) Bob Armstrong is out and cuts a promo saying that the Fantastics went too far. Everyone involved has been fined $1,500. He also announces that the Heavenly Bodies will defend the tag titles at Summer Blast against the Fantastics in a street fight!

6.) Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies are in the ring to be interviewed by Dutch Mantel. Pritchard has his forehead taped up thanks to the Fantastics. Pritchard says that over the course of professional wrestling you’ll come across some really awful people. Pritchard says the Fantastics are the criminal element that you will sometimes come across. Tom says the Fantastics are trying to take them out from going after their other interests outside of professional wrestling. Cornette says the Fantastics aren’t talking about beating them up anymore but rather more serious damage. Cornette says they have the choice to either allow them to do it again or for them to do it to the Fantastics first. Cornette says if there is a choice then the Fantastics will not make it.

7.) Bob Caudle chats with Tim Horner to talk about Buddy Landel. Horner says he didn’t get done what he wanted to because Buddy ran away from him. So, at Summer Blast, Horner announces he and Buddy will be having a strap match so Buddy can’t run away from him.

8.) Buddy Landel cut a promo prior to the main event. Buddy says that he screwed over Tim Horner by not winning the tag titles last week. Buddy says Lee has to worry about him tonight. The last time they wrestled he had a fever of 115 but tonight he is all his.

9.) Lee tosses Buddy down to the canvas out of a top wrist lock position. Lee shoulder blocks Buddy and plays to the crowd. Buddy yanks Lee down by the hair but the referee was out of position and didn’t see it. Landel works over Brian’s left arm with an arm lock in the early moments of the match. Lee goes to the floor to get his hands on Buddy, but Buddy quickly enters the ring on the other side and backs off in the corner. Buddy attempts a scoop slam but Lee counters with a gorilla press slam and hammers away on Buddy. Landel back elbows Lee in the corner. Tim Horner is out at ringside and held Buddy’s arm to prevent a chain from being used and that allows Lee to get a rollup victory. (DUD. Well, that wasn’t even really a match as it was mostly just a way for Horner to get payback on Buddy by screwing him over.)

10.) Buddy Landel gives Tim Horner some credit for screwing him over just moments ago. Buddy calls Horner an idiot for wanting a strap match with him at Summer Blast.

Final Thoughts:

The action wasn’t all that great as the main event was disappointing. The brawl between the Heavenly Bodies and the Fantastics was enjoyable and the lone bright spot of the show.

Thanks for reading.

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