SMW TV 7/4/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Cumberland, KY

1.) Paul Orndorff defeated Gary Scott
2.) Tim Horner defeated Joe Cazana
3.) Robert Gibson defeated Rick Cannon
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee defeated Paul Lee
5.) Bart & Brad Batten fought Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dutch Mantel lets us know that Buddy Landel will be his special guest for his Down & Dirty segment later on in the program.

2.) Bob Caudle interviewed the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. Lane says that the Fantastics are lunatics and should be sitting on death row for attempted murder. Stan thinks that Bobby and Jackie Fulton are jealous of them and that was why they brutally attacked them. Cornette talks about the street fight at Summer Blast and how there are no rules. They are going to get the Fantastics before they get them.

3.) Tim Horner is with Bob Caudle to chat about Horner screwing over Buddy Landel last week. We see footage of the screw job. Horner is happy about it and says it was a taste of his own medicine. Horner decided he is going to fight fire with fire. Horner says that Buddy is going to be thinking about him constantly.

4.) After the Horner victory, Buddy Landel enters the ring and attacks Horner with a strap and uses the strap to whip Horner several times after a clothesline with the strap.

5.) Footage from a recent non-televised show that saw Jimmy Golden pin Robert Gibson following a shot with a chain around his fist. Golden cuts a promo saying that he knocked Gibson out once and he will do it again. Golden has never used a chain and will beat Gibson again.

6.) Down & Dirty is next with Buddy Landel. Dutch was happy to see the attack that Buddy just issued to Horner. Buddy says that professional wrestling is a game of mental game. Buddy says he can get a title shot any time he wants. We see Tim Horner running into the ring from behind and wildly swings a strap to send Buddy to the floor. Dutch begs off Horner in the ring and he hopes that Horner gets revenge. Horner leaves after talking about what leather is all about.

7.) Bob Caudle chats with SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee following his victory. Bob says everyone is buzzing about Ron Garvin coming to SMW to team with Brian Lee. We get a highlight video of what Garvin was done in his career including a cage match with Ric Flair which saw him pin Flair. We get the same interview from the other week. Lee says there is nowhere for Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff to hide at Summer Blast.

8.) Bob Caudle is with Dirty White Boy, Ron Wright and Paul Orndorff. Wright is worried about Ron Garvin and how dangerous he is. Orndorff says that everyone has beaten Ric Flair. Dirty White Boy says that Brian Lee is scared of them and had to get a guy like Ron Garvin.

9.) The Fantastics come out and tell us they are looking for the Heavenly Bodies and they are looking forward to the street fight at Summer Blast.

10.) The main event doesn’t last long thanks to the Heavenly Bodies coming in and attacking the teams. The Fantastics come down and get their hands on the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. Jackie Fulton uses a tennis racket but gets his injured knee chopped and Cornette uses a steel chair on Bobby. The show goes off the air with everyone still brawling.

Final Thoughts:
The hype for Summer Blast continued and the feuds are progressing well. The matches in SMW aren’t all that entertaining, at least at this point on TV, but the ability to progress story lines every week in an interesting and entertaining manner makes it watchable television. The issue between Horner/Buddy has gotten quite heated and the tag team feud for the titles has made for some great television early on for SMW.

Thanks for reading.

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