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SMW TV 8/8/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Benton, TN

1.) Hector Guerrero defeated Paul Lee
2.) Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated The Fantastics, Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis, and SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies in a non-title elimination match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The winning team in the main event will win $5,000 as well. Dutch Mantel says that Bob Armstrong will be his guest on Down & Dirty.

2.) Bob Caudle was with Killer Kyle earlier in the day about Dixie Dynamite. Kyle isn’t interested in speaking to Bob as they will have a taped fist match soon. Kyle rips a confederate flag and walks off not saying a word.

3.) Down & Dirty with Bob Armstrong is next. Armstrong thanks Dutch for having him on the segment and is there to answer any questions from Dutch. Mantel kisses Bob’s ass and says that other people have asked him to ask Bob some questions. Dutch talks about Paul Orndorff being fined for a piledriver but not Brian Lee’s Cancellation. Bob basically says that the Cancellation is a weaker move and not deadly like the piledriver could be. Mantel notes that Armstrong was the referee for the finals at Volunteer Slam. Armstrong was right there for the action and assumed the position. Bob declares that Brian Lee had won the title fair and square. Armstrong puts down other companies for bad characters and charging $30 for pay per view. Bob says they will be going to all the small towns and leaves while Mantel chokes on his cigar smoke.

4.) Davis and Golden kick off the main event with Davis working over Golden’s left arm with a hammerlock. Davis tags in Pritchard to wrestle Golden. Bobby tags in to get his hands on Pritchard and hits a quick spinning heel kick. Jackie tags in and knee lifts Pritchard, who tags in Davis quickly. Davis takes Jackie down to the canvas but they trade some mat wrestling holds. Davis tags in Golden to wrestle Jackie. Jackie scoop slams Golden and Robert Fuller tags into the contest. Jackie gets the better of a test of strength but Fuller strikes Jackie and gets control of the contest. Jackie atomic drops Fuller followed by a clothesline. Fuller wants to tag in Lane and gets the tag after Lane refused it. Lane is wearing a helmet due to an ear injury, apparently. Lane tags in Bobby to cause the Fantastics to wrestle each other. They run the ropes and tag in the Heavenly Bodies to get into the match!

The champs don’t want to wrestle each other but they have to because it’s the rules. Pritchard gets the tag to Danny Davis and Bobby Fulton is tagged in as well. Cornette hits Bobby with a tennis racket and Pritchard stomps away on his rival. Golden enters and scoop slams Bobby followed by a knee drop. Golden has a bear hug on Bobby but can’t get a submission. Pritchard backdrops Bobby for a near fall. Bobby drops Tom with a spinning heel kick but is stopped by Fuller in the corner and Pritchard delivers a kick in the corner and a running bulldog for a two count. Lane gets tagged into the match and kicks Bobby in the midsection. Lane continues his offense with a side Russian leg sweep and taunts Jackie while Bobby is mauled by the heels.

Pritchard scoop slams Bobby but misses an elbow drop. Lane gets tagged in and strikes Bobby with an axe handle but Bobby nearly eliminates him with a sunset flip but Pritchard breaks that up. Lane slingshots into the ring and clotheslines Bobby. Bobby gets out of a sleeper with a jaw breaker and tags in Jackie for the hot tag and he cleans house on the heels. Pritchard loads his boot and kicks Jackie on the side of the head to get a three count. The Fantastics are the first team eliminated.

Davis hammers away on Prichard and Tom gets hit over the back with a tennis racket by Bobby on the floor. Davis pins Pritchard to eliminate the tag champions! On the floor, Cornette is being attacked by Bobby as the teams brawl to the backstage area.

Golden sends Davis to the floor while the eliminated teams brawl as we go to commercial. After a commercial, Danny is has been busted open big time as Golden hammers away on Davis. Fuller enters the match and opens the wound more with several strikes. Golden squeezes the wound and sends Danny hard into the corner. Fuller stomps Danny on the midsection and Golden hits an axe handle from the middle rope. They collide and Dixie is looking for the tag, but Golden enters and cuts Danny off. Davis hammers back on Golden with right hands but can’t quite make the tag to Dixie. Danny kicks Golden to the canvas but Fuller enters to prevent the tag. Danny leaps and tags in Dixie who is fired up and knocks the heel down with right hands. Dixie has a sleeper hold on Golden while Fuller whacks Davis over the back with a steel chair! Fuller pummels Dixie and he is doubled teamed as Davis is out on the floor. Dixie nearly pins Golden after a kick but Fuller enters and they pummel Dixie some more. Robert Gibson runs into the ring with a boot and sends Fuller and Golden to the floor after a few shots. The Stud Stable win the match by disqualification. (***. One of the more entertaining matches I’ve watched since reviewing SMW and maybe the best TV match the company has put on thus far. Some really good wrestling and everyone played their role very well. All around, that was an easy match to watch and I was worried I’d get bored with a 20+ minute match, but was pleasantly surprised.)

5.) Bob Caudle is with Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller for an interview to copse the program. Golden is pissed about the boot shot from Gibson. Golden is happy about $5,000 being in their pockets and claims they are the best tag team in SMW. Robert Fuller isn’t here to just talk and shows off the check that they just won. Fuller wants the Rock N’ Roll Express to bring it on at Fire on the Mountain.

Final Thoughts:
The majority of the show was the tag team match, which was a fun match. So, it was a fun episode that focused on essentially one segment.

Thanks for reading.

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