SMW TV 8/1/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Benton, TN

1.) Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated Richie Dye & Ben Jordan
2.) Dixie Dynamite defeated The Stormtrooper
3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee defeated Gary Scott
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee defeated The Dirty White Boy

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dutch Mantel lets us know that the tag team of Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller will be he guests for Down & Dirty.

2.) In order to promote the piledriver match, we get a video highlighting how dangerous the move is.The video is Orndorff performing the move on various guys earlier in the year. We also got the same promo from Ron Garvin from last week.

3.) Bob Caudle chats with Tim Horner and they talk about how they haven’t seen Buddy Landel in recent weeks. Horner has heard that he is scared and thinks that is what the case is.

4.) Killer Kyle comes to the ring after Dixie’s match and attacks Dixie thanks to Stormtrooper holding Dixie’s leg. Kyle press slams Dixie to the canvas and chokes Dixie with a coat hanger! A couple of enhancement talent guys run into the ring but are shoved away. Hector Guerrero enters and whacks Kyle over the head with a steel chair, but Kyle no sells it. Bob Armstrong runs into the ring and stops the madness.

5.) Down & Dirty with the team of Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden is next. Fuller thanks Mantel for inviting him to the segment. Fuller called two ponies and kicked two ponies at his farm that he named Ricky and Robert. He says he ponies were telling him they loved them later that night. Golden says they will beat respect into the Rock N’ Roll Express when they meet.

6.) Bob Caudle is with the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette for a promo about the Fantastics title match inside a steel cage with barbed wire. Pritchard has barbed wire and is holding it with a face of disgust. He says the Fantastics remind him of fruits. Cornette scraps the tomato against the barbed wire and rips it open. He does it again with another tomato.

7.) Dirty White Boy is at ringside sending in a few scrubs to attempt and attack Lee, but that doesn’t work. White Boy gets in the ring and attacks Lee and we apparently have a match between the two right now. White Boy plants Lee with a DDT and stomps away on the champ. White Boy hits a second DDT and several elbow drops but only gets a near fall. White Boy big boots Lee and slaps him a few times. Lee blocks a big boot and gets the win with an elbow strike. (NR. That was a really weird decision to have this match right before their showdown and having White Boy lose cleanly after only an elbow strike. I feel like this wasn’t necessary at all.)

8.) Next week, a four team elimination match for $5,000 will be taking place. The Fantastics are part of that match and they are with Bob Caudle for an interview. They have barbed wire and a newspaper which they shred with the barbed wire. They are excited for the barbed wire cage match.

Final Thoughts:
Mainly just a hype show for Fire on the Mountain, but that main event between Lee/White Boy shouldn’t have happened this week. White Boy losing cleanly made me less interested in their match since they were even heading into the show. That was a weird booking decision.

Thanks for reading.

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