SMW TV 7/25/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Benton, TN

1.) The Fantastics defeated Joe Cazana & Gary Scott
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee defeated the Stormtrooper
3.) Tim Horner defeated Paul Lee
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies derated Hector Guerrero & Ben Jordan

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dutch Mantel says he will be talking with Dirty White Boy about his match with Brian Lee on August 8th.

2.) Bob Caudle chats with the Fantastics after their match. Apparently, it will be a steel cage match with barbed wire against the Heavenly Bodies on August 8th. They will show who the best tag team is at Fire on the Mountain. They are looking for payback on August 8th. They are ready to bleed if that is what it takes.

3.) Bob Caudle caught up with Robert Gibson about the attack from last week. Gibson has been looking for a tag partner and he has some news for us. Gibson has some old friends and talked to an old friend he hasn’t spoken to in over a year. We see a video of Ricky Morton to talk about making mistakes in his life. Morton is standing in his backyard and tells us that the Rock N’ Roll Express is back together! Morton talked about getting a big money contract and turning his back on the fans but he made a mistake. He says he and Gibson are the best tag team ever.

4.) Bob Caudle is with Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller to talk about that announcement. Golden laughs at the partner choice since Morton attacked Gibson not long ago. Golden says that Gibson has no guts. Fuller wants to talk about the Stud Stable. Here comes Bob Armstrong to set the record straight. Armstrong allows Ricky Morton to come in and team with Robert Gibson!

5.) We see footage from Summer Blast that took place in Knoxville the previous week on July 18th. Highlights of the tag match between the Dirty White Boy/Paul Orndorff teaming against Brian Lee and Ron Garvin are shown. Lee pinned White Boy after Garvin knocked him out with a right hand. Garvin is attacked by White Boy and Orndorff afterward. Orndroff spiked Garvin with a piledriver! Paul Orndorff cut a promo asking Garvin how it felt to take a piledriver. He says that Garvin as some guts and will give Garvin the ultimate piledriver. Ron Garvin refuted that promo and says that it’s a bad mistake that he is still around and talking. They will be having a piledriver vs. piledriver match for Fire on the Mountain.

6.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee is interviewed by Bob Caudle after his easy victory. Brian Lee can get rid of Dirty White Boy once and for all. Lee says that Dirty White Boy is not ready for Primetime.

7.) Down & Dirty is on location to interview Dirty White Boy in Bucksnort, TN. The location is really dirty and poor looking. Dutch is looking for Dirty White Boy who comes out of a rundown bus to be interviewed. Dutch talks about Dirty White wrestling Brian Lee at Fire on the Mountain on August 8th. White Boy thinks it’s unfair for him to have to put his career on the line since he just recently got the fortune around him. White Boy says he isn’t going anywhere because this is home for him. He is going to walk out as the champion on August 8th.

8.) We hear about Davey Rich suffering a broken leg and being out of action thanks to the Heavenly Bodies. He says that he thinks about Jim Cornette and has been thinking of a plan to get his hands on Cornette. He has plenty of people calling him to be by his side. Jim Cornette cut a promo saying that Rich could have had worst luck by being beaten up everyday. Cornette suggests that the Fantastics need a visual demonstration of what it will look like being wrapped in barbed wire.

9.) After the main event squash match, Cornette tries to tie Ben Jordan up with barbed wire but the Fantastics rundown to make the save. We hear from Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies to end the program. Cornette wanted to show the Fantastics what they had to worry about. Cornette is wearing gloves, which the Fantastics won’t be able to use.

Final Thoughts:
A lot of angles continued to get advancement and attention. There wasn’t in-ring wise that was entertaining, but that’s to be expected with SMW when it comes to their TV at this point. I’m really interested in seeing Fire on the Mountain, at this point.

Thanks for reading.

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