SMW TV 7/18/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Benton, TN

1.) Robert Gibson defeated Jimmy Golden by disqualification
2.) Tim Horner defeated Gary Scott
3.) Dixie Dynamite defeated Killer Kyle in a mask vs. violin case match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dutch Mantel lets us know that Jimmy Golden is his special guest on Down & Dirty.

2.) We see the complete match from last week between the Heavenly Bodies and Fantastics. It was mostly a brawl and they didn’t have a finish. Bob Armstrong announced that there will be a special match on Fire on the Mountain on August 8th. The two teams and Bob Armstrong are in the ring for an announcement. Armstrong announces on August 8th in Freedom Hall there will be barbed wire surrounding the ring. Jim Cornette will be barred from ringside. Cornette is livid and is sick of Armstrong stacking the deck against his men. The Fantastics chime in and say that they are excited about a barbed wire match at the event. Bobby Fulton says Cornette can go to ringside. Armstrong listens to Bobby and Bob Armstrong says Cornette is allowed at ringside and will be the special referee. Cornette throws a huge temper tantrum to end the segment.

3.) Bob Caudle interviewed SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee about the Dirty White Boy. Lee says he has the problem solved and he wants a piece of Dirty White Boy one on one. Lee has gone to Bob Armstrong and signed a contract to wrestle Dirty White Boy at Fire on the Mountain and if Dirty White Boy leaves he will be forced to leave town. Dirty White Boy comes over and is pissed at the champion. Bob Armstrong is between the men trying to keep the peace. So, the match is official at Fire on the Mountain.

4.) Down and Dirty hosted by Dutch Mantel has Jimmy Golden as his guest. Mantel calls Robert Gibson a moron and Golden agrees with Dutch on every insult. Jimmy says that Gibson’s first mistake was stepping foot in the ring with him. Golden continues to run down Gibson until Gibson comes to the ring and they begin to exchange right hands. Gibson knocks Golden to the floor with a right hand. Gibson slingshots Golden back into the ring from the apron and this is a match now.

5.) Golden takes Gibson out of the corner with a hip toss and snap mares Robert to keep control of the contest. Golden works over Gibson with an abdominal stretch and is using the ropes for leverage. Golden scoop slams Gibson for a two count and drives Gibson face first into the canvas. Gibson tries to fight out of the corner but Golden delivers a shoulder ram in the corner and sends Robert hard into the corner. Golden follows up with a running high knee and delivers a few blows to the chest. Gibson avoids another high knee in the corner and Golden hits the top turnbuckle knee first. This allows Gibson to get several shots in and soon hits a bulldog! Gibson goes for the cover but Robert Fuller enters the ring and attacks Robert Gibson! Fuller takes his boot off and whacks Gibson with his boot. Gibson continues to be attacked as Fuller is whipping Gibson with his belt. Fuller chokes Gibson with his belt as Golden comes off the middle rope with an axe handle. There is a new tag team in SMW, folks. (*1/2. A decent match between these two that was basic but it wasn’t a slow plodding match. This is the television debut of Robert Fuller and is a tag team with Jimmy Golden. They went on to be known as Col. Robert Parker and Bunkhouse Buck. The beating afterward may have been a little long, but effective and gave the new duo proper heat keeping everyone involved strong.)

6.) Bob Caudle chats with Tom Horner after his easy victory. Horner talks about Buddy Landel and how they have cost each other titles. Horner issues a challenge to Buddy Landel to an I Quit match at Fire on the Mountain. Horner was gasping for air during that promo and it hurt the delivery of a poor promo guy to begin with.

7.) Kyle misses a clothesline and bails to the floor to avoid a super kick from Dynamite. Dixie hammers away on Kyle but the punches have zero impact on Kyle. Dixie dropkicks Kyle a couple of times but Kyle stops Dynamite to hit a pump handle slam. Kyle tries to get a submission with a bear hug but that isn’t going to be happening. Kyle drives Dynamite to the canvas with a side slam. Kyle delivers a couple of back breakers for a one count as he pulls Dynamite up. Dynamite attempts a sunset flip but Kyle punches him and sits down but Dynamite counters for a two count. Dynamite counters a pump handle slam and hits a cross body for a two count. Kyle sends Dixie to the floor but Dixie heads to the top hit a top rope clothesline for the win. (*. Kyle had some decent power moves, but that was boring otherwise.) After the match, Dixie is going to open the violin case and all that is in there is a roll of tape. Kyle tapes Dixie’s arm to the top rope! Kyle tapes his fist and punches Dixie followed by stomps in the corner. Here comes Tim Horner and Danny Davis to run Kyle out of the ring.

8.) Bob Caudle is with Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden for a promo to end the show. Golden tells Robert Gibson to keep his nose out of his business. Robert Fuller says that if they wanted Gibson dead, then he would be dead.

Final Thoughts:
A barbed wire match for the tag titles sounds like we will see a brutal bloody match on August 8th, which is exactly what the feud needs in order for everything to be settled. The advancement between Gibson/Golden was entertaining along with the debut of Robert Fuller. The violin case reveal was lame as there wasn’t anything in there and it just led to another beating by a heel. I enjoyed the show thanks to the angle progression.

Thanks for reading.

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