JAPW Haas Of Pain 9/10/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All Pro Wrestling presents Haas Of Pain
From: Rahway, New Jersey

Backstage, Brett Matthews and Brian Myers cut a promo saying that they are ready for their debut on the main show. They dominated JAPW Worldwide and they look to do the same on the main show.

Backstage, the Outcast Killaz cut a promo completely disregarding the challenge of Matthews and Myers. They believe they are the tag team of 2005 and the only thing they are missing is the gold. They are pissed that the SAT returned to JAPW without having a match in the year and get a title shot. Their frustration will be taken out on every single team because they get no love from the fans or the promotor.

Opening Contest: The Outcast Killaz vs. Brett Matthews & Brian Myers: Myers is better known as Curt Hawkins and Matthews is actually Zack Ryder. Tortuga and Myers kick off the contest with Tortuga hitting a leg lariat to quickly begin the match. Myers comes back with a clothesline and a couple of drop toe holds. Santiago enters but is dropped by a right hand followed by an arm drag. They begin to trade a series of right hands with Myers getting the better of the exchange and delivers a back elbow. Matthews gets tagged in and double teams Santiago as Matthews hits a middle rope dropkick for a two count. Tortuga tags in and big boots Matthews as he had a rollup. Tortuga drops Matthews across his knee with a modified back breaker for only a near fall. Santiago tags back in and works over Matthews with several strikes.

Santiago takes Matthews over with a power slam and tags in Tortuga to double team Matthews. Tortuga puts a surfboard on Matthews before locking in a modified head scissors but Myers breaks up the submission. Santiago continues to work over Matthews with a scoop slam and stomps away on Matthews. Myers drops Tortuga across the top rope and Matthews hits a neck breker. Myers gets the hot tag hitting clotheslines but is stopped with a dragon screw leg whip. Myers gets out of a submission hold by reaching the ropes. Santiago wraps Myers leg around the ring post. Santiago focuses his attack on the left knee. Tortuga splashes the left knee i the corner as Myers is crotched on the top turnbuckle. Myers fights back to hit a sunset flip power bomb out of the corner. Matthews gets the tag and hammers away on Santiago hitting a back breaker for a two count. Matthews bulldogs Santiago and tags Myers back into the match. Matthews goes tot he top but is shoved of by Tortuge and the Killaz hit the Bronx Bomb for the win. (**1/2. A fine opener to the show as both teams worked hard and put together a fine match. The crowd didn’t seem overly interested in the match, but I enjoyed what they provided. Rather interesting to see Ryder and Hawkins at such an early point in their careers.)

Backstage, Alicia cuts a promo about training since she is 13 years ago while Jackie Gayda won Tough Enough. Alicia has beaten all the challengers in JAPW and it will be no different with Gayda tonight.

Second Contest: Jackie Gayda vs. Alicia: An out of shape Sunny is the special referee for the match. Late in the match, April Hunter appears on at the aisle way and enters the ring while Sunny was distracted. Sunny turns around to see Hunter attacking Jackie Gayda to cause the disqualification. Hunter hits a tilt a whirl back breaker on Gayda and she taunts the fans.

Backstage, April Hunter says she was just driving by and saw a match between Gayda and Alicia. Hunter is pissed about Jackie Gayda and says there was no women’s wrestling prior to her coming to JAPW. She isn’t going to let Gayda come in and ruin the legacy of women’s wrestling in JAPW. She says what she did was an example of paying dues.

Third Contest: JAPW Tag Team Champions The Backseat Boys vs. The SAT: The match starts before the bell as all four men begin to brawl on the outside. Acid and Joel start off the match legally while Jose and Kashmere still brawl on the floor. They begin to trade chops until Acid sends Joel to the floor with a super kick. Jose hits Kashmere with a vertical suplex on the floor while Acid takes Joel down with a head scissors on the floor. Acid gets hung over the top rope and Joel super kicks Acid to allow Jose to deliver a back breaker. Kashmere sends the SAT into each other and spears Joel onto Jose! Hart Attack by the Backseat Boys and they hit the Dream Sequence but Joel hits a missile dropkick on Kashmere. Annie Social gets into the ring and slaps Jose. Kashmere drops Jose across his knee with a back breaker. SAT grab Johnny from the ring and drop Johnny face first onto the floor across a chair! Acid hits a sick reverse hurricanrana on Joel and attempts a moonsault but gets crotched by Jose.

SAT have Acid on the top rope and they hit a double vertical suplex off the top to the canvas but Acid kicks out at one and basically no sells the huge move. Acid knocks Jose with a forearm smash but gets dropped on his head by Joel. Kashmere leg whips Jose on the apron and hits a neck breaker onto the floor from the apron. Acid nails Joel with a yakuza kick in midair but Joel reaches the bottom rope on the pin attempt! Joel gets out of the T-Gimmick but can’t counter it a second time as the Backseat Boys get the win. (***. That was a rather quick tag match but they got quite a bit in there and it had plenty of high spots. A fun match despite going less than ten minutes and there was no structure to it in regard to having tags or anything. Despite that, I enjoyed it.) After the match, the lights go out and Kashmere is laid out. The lights go out a second time. Teddy Hart appears this time and attacks Trent Acid! Hart drops Acid with an ace crusher and neck breaker. Hart hits a twisting splash off the top and rolls Acid to the floor. So, Hart is back in JAPW.

Fourth Contest: Plazma vs. Danny Demanto: Plazma is better known as Trent Barretta. Danny wins with a full nelson driver of sorts. This was an open challenge match but folks it isn’t over yet. Danny proceeds to call out anyone else to face him and he gets his wish in the form of New Jack.

Fifth Contest: Danny Demanto vs. New Jack: As the case is with every New Jack match ever, Jack works over Danny with a various weapons causing Danny to be busted open early. Jack staples a napkin or something to Danny’s head as the crowd is just eating all this up. Jack wins the match following a shot over the head with a wooden board. It was a complete squash destroying Danny.

Sixth Contest: Rhino vs. Samoa Joe: The fans are quite pumped for this contest and rightfully so. Joe has been on a hot streak and Rhino is just off his WWE release and working hard in TNA. This is on the night before TNA’s pay per view Unbreakable. This is being promoted as an “indy dream match.”

Neither man budges after they collide on a shoulder block attempt by Rhino. Rhino knocks a charging Joe down with a forearm strike and works over Joe in the corner several times. Joe pummels Rhino in the corner as well and delivers a leaping forearm shot but Joe goes down to the mat holding his arm it looked like. Joe no sells a strike and coms back with a head butt. Rhino and Joe begin to trade strikes with Joe getting the better of the exchange in the corner hitting a running high knee. Joe is bleeding from the nose it appears from the corner spot. Joe hits a running boot scrape in the corner. Joe kicks Rhino to the canvas and drops a knee as the fans continue to make incredible noise for the match. They begin to trade chops with Joe getting the better of the exchange but Rhino hits a death valley driver turned into an ace crusher for a near fall.

Rhino controls Joe on the canvas with a chin lock but Joe reaches the ropes. Rhino cuts off Joe with an eye rake but Joe delivers an atomic drop, yakuza kick and a running senton splash for a two count. Rhino looks for the GORE but Joe counters with a sunset flip and gets a STF locked in but Rhino isn’t going to give up. Rhino drives Joe down to the canvas with a spine buster for a two count. Rhino knocks Joe down with a short arm clothesline for a two count. Rhino attempts a piledriver but Joe gets out of it and decks Rhino with a running clothesline for a near fall. Joe runs into a back elbow and Rhino hits the GORE to win the match. (***. It was a fine match but the main surprise for this was how HOT the crowd was for this. Also, a clean victory for Rhino over Samoa Joe was honestly a surprise to see, especially during a time where Joe hardly ever loss. A good, competitive match with a pumped crowd made this fun to watch.)

Seventh Contest: JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship Azrieal vs. Archadia: B-Boy is watching the match from ringside as he is a former champion who was stripped of the championship. Archadia arm drags the champ to the floor after a fast face sequence of neither man getting momentum. Azrieal wants a test of strength and trips Archadia to the canvas. The champ works over the arm of Archadia with a wrist lock. Archadia backdrops Azrieal and sends the champ to the floor with a dropkick. Azrieal attempted a head scissors but Archadia landed on his feet. Azrieal drops Archadia face first to the canvas for a near fall. Azrieal scoop slams Archadia and hammers away on the challenger with right hands. Azrieal hits a senton splash from the apron for a near fall. Azrieal continues to work over Archadia and taunts the fans. Archadia fights back with a leg drop but the champ comes back with a few kicks and a seated dropkick to regain control of the match. Azrieal hits a vertical suplex but doesn’t follow up with the advantage. Archadia fights back with a series of chops but that ends pretty quick. Archadia dropkicks Azrieal to the floor off the apron.

They go to the floor where Archadia is working over Azrieal with forearm strikes. Azrieal drops Archadia across the guard railing chest first and chops the challenger. The champ baseball slides from the ring to deliver another chop. Archadia fights back with strikes on the floor. The champ is sent back first into the railing and chest first. Archadia jumps and balances on the champs back to leg drop Azrieal across the railing, which was impressive. Back in the ring, Archadia is thrown off the middle rope but he comes back and hits a big superplex! They begin to trade forearm shots until Azrieal pokes Archadia in the eyes but Archadia hits a nice wheelbarrow neck breaker for a near fall. Archadia nearly wins with an inside cradle. Azrieal counters a step up hurricanrana by hitting a power bomb and gets a near fall. Archadia hits an arm trapped Styles Clash but only gets a two count on the cover. Archadia misses a top rope double stomp and Azrieal hits a running yakuza kick. Archadia hammers away on Azrieal but misses a top rope hurricanrana. Azrieal hits top rope double stomp to the head and wins the match. (***1/4. A fun match between two guys that I had not seen much of prior to this. Azrieal is a really good heel and was very good at getting crowd heat. Archadia had a few impressive moves during the match, as well. A job well done by these two guys. Also surprised that B-Boy didn’t do anything at ringside.)

Due to the arrogance of another promoter, the match between Homicide and James Gibson was cancelled and replaced with Homicide taking on B-Boy. That is in reference to ROH booker Gabe preventing Gibson from competing against Homicide.

Eighth Contest: Homicide vs. B-Boy: Early on, they have a mat wrestling focus with neither man getting the advantage. Boy takes Homicide over with a couple of arm drags but the match continues to have a slow start. Homicide wants a microphone and rips on James Gibson for being a pussy. Boy attacks Homicide and dropkicks Homicide to the floor as the match picks up for sure. They go to the floor where Homicide sends Boy into the railing but Boy returns the favor. Boy hits a spinning heel kick to send Homicide to the floor. Boy takes out Homicide with a sling shot cross body. Boy takes Homicide down with a snap power slam back in the ring for a two count and scoop slams Homicide before going to the middle rope to hit a leg drop for a two count. J-Train trips Boy from the floor and Homicide takes advantage with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Homicide works over Boy’s knee with a splash across the leg a few times.

Boy is sent to the floor where J-Train continues to hammer away on Boy. Homicide drops a leg across Boy’s throat on the apron. Homicide hits a running knee strike in the corner. Homicide locks in an arm trapped submission but Boy doesn’t give in. They begin to trade strikes on their knees. Boy counters an ace crusher attempt with a back breaker! Boy dropkicks Homicide in the corner for a two count. Boy atomic drops Homicide and follows up with a kick to the head for a two count. Boy hits a northern lights suplex and rolls through to get a near fall after a fisherman suplex. Homicide takes Boy out with a somersault suicide dive to the floor! J-Train clotheslines Boy on the floor to help Homicide maintain control. Back in the ring, Homicide plants Boy with a spine buster for another two count.

Homicide hits a hurricanrana from the top but only gets a near fall on the pin attempt. Homicide continues with an elevated DDT. Boy hits a spinning sit out suplex but only gets a near fall. Boy hits a Death Valley Driver for another two count. Homicide stops Boy on the middle rope and manages to connect with an ace crusher off the middle rope for a near fall. Homicide backdrops Boy and heads to the top rope. Homicide gets caught in midair as Boy hits an ace crusher for a near fall. Boy with another two count after a shining wizard. Homicide plants Boy with another ace crusher but Boy nearly wins with a rollup. Homicide decks Boy with a lariat for a near fall. Homicide decks Boy again with a lariat and wins the match. (***. A good match once it got going. I’ve never been all that interested in B-Boy, but this was a fine encounter.)

Backstage, JAPW Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal is interviewed regarding his match with Charlie Haas. Lethal says it’s an honor to be in the ring with Haas but was disrespected by Haas recently. Lethal thinks that Charlie is trying to use this as a stepping stone to get back in the WWE. The slap to the face will not go unheard and will walk out the championship.

Backstage, Charlie Haas was interviewed regarding the title match as well. Haas says that it is time for Jay Lethal to count down until the end of his title reign. Haas is all about business and he is going back to the top of JAPW.

Main Event: JAPW Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal vs. Charlie Haas: Haas starts the match working over the left arm of Lethal, but the champion gets out of the wrist lock to put one on Haas. Charlie takes Lethal down to the canvas and keeps control of the arm for a rather slow start to the match. Haas takes Jay down with a series of arm drags and pats the champ on the face saying what he did was too easy. The fans remind Haas that he was fired from the WWE back in July. That gets under Haas skin but then other fans say “fuck McMahon” as if to support Haas. This is an interesting atmosphere for the match. Lethal botches a hip toss but then takes Haas down with a series of arm drags and does the same pat on the face. Lethal drop to holds a charging Haas to regain control of the left arm. Lethal hits a couple of dropkicks for a one count. Their timing seems to be off a little bit.

Lethal sends Haas to the floor and Haas hits the guard railing face first. Lethal hits a somersault dive over the top to the outside. Lethal begins to chop Haas several times on the floor and sends Charlie into a chair up against the guard railing. Haas stops Lethal on the apron with a shoulder block and sends Jay shoulder first into the ring post in the ring. Lethal is stuck on the middle rope and has his arm wrapped around the ring post. Haas lifts the champ up by his arm and slams him down to the canvas. Haas performs the move a second time and stomps away on Jay. Charlie sends Lethal shoulder first into the top turnbuckle and wraps the arm around the top rope. Haas hits an ace crusher but can’t get a three count. Haas places Lethal across the top rope gut first and knocks the champ to the floor following a knee lift.

Haas works over Lethal with a few chops and taunts the fans. Lethal gets a near fall following a sunset flip from the apron but gets stopped by a clothesline from Haas. Haas drives Lethal down to the canvas with a shoulder breaker and heads to the middle rope to deliver a leaping knee strike for a two count. Haas drives his shoulder into Lethal’s midsection and drops Jay with a right hand in the corner. Lethal fights back by leaping off the middle rope and plants Haas with a DDT! They begin to trade right hands with Lethal getting the better of the exchange. Jay runs over Charlie several times and has a second wind. Lethal delivers a knee lift and a neck breaker but only gets a near fall. Jay hits a running vertical suplex before heading to the top rope and hits a flying head butt! Lethal hits a leg lariat from the middle rope for only a near fall on the cover attempt.

Jay runs towards the corner but is met with a back elbow and Haas hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Lethal surprises Haas with a rollup but only gets a near fall. Haas quickly regains control with a clothesline. Charlie drops Lethal with a knee lift and a knee drop gets a near fall. Lethal hits a back suplex for a two count. Haas rams hits a running shoulder in the corner and takes Lethal over with a suplex. Haas has the Haas of Pain locked in right in the middle of the ring but isn’t giving up and instead reaches the bottom rope. Haas takes Lethal over with an Angle Slam and goes for the Haas of Pain but Lethal counters and pins Haas to retain the title. (**1/2. That was a huge disappointment for me as I was expecting so much more. I literally wanted to see this match for 10 years as I remember hearing great things about the match, but this did not deliver a great match. It was a decent match, but far from what I had been hearing about these two. It was slow and often times they had poor timing with each other. ) After the match, Charlie Haas admits that he got his ass handed to him and puts over Jay Lethal before he low blows Lethal and rips on the fans and doesn’t care about Lethal or his heart. Haas low blows the referee too because he is a badass. The champ is left laying holding his groin as the show comes to an end.

Final Thoughts:
The tag title match, Homicide/Boy, Joe/Rhino and the Lightweight Championship match were all good matches and makes the whole show a worthwhile experience. The main event was a disappointment largely because I expected them to deliver lot more. Despite the disappointing main event, I’d say it was overall a good show with several entertaining matches.

Thanks for reading.

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