JAPW Brotherly Love 2/18/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All Pro Wrestling presents Brotherly Love
From: Philadelphia, PA

Opening Contest: M-Dogg 20 vs. Grim Reefer vs. Azrieal vs. Archadia in a JAPW Light Heavyweight number one contenders match: Azrieal is punched by the other three wrestlers involved in the match and bails to the floor. Archadia takes Azrieal out with a dive over the top to the floor. Reefer and Dogg go at it in the ring with Dogg hitting a dropkick while Azrieal brawls with Archadia on the floor. Azrieal pulls Reefer to the floor to deliver a right hand and returns to the ring to chop Dogg. Archadia sends Reefer into the ring steps. Archadia hits a springboard missile dropkick on Azrieal. Archadia hits a wheelbarrow neck breaker but only gets a two count on Azrieal. Azrieal drives Archadia down with a back breaker and begins to chop him in the corner briefly. Reefer puts Azrieal on his shoulders and Archadia hits a top rope cross body on Dogg. All four men are brawling in the ring trading shots. Archadia and Dogf kick Azrieal in the head. Dogg is on the shoulders of Archadia and Reefer hits the Doomsday Device but Dogg hits a reverse hurricanrana on Archadia as well! Dogg nearly pins Reefer following a spinning front slam.

Reefer drops Dogg neck first over the top rope with a vertical suplex and Dogg crashes to the floor. Reefer hits a springboard somersault dive to the floor onto Azrieal and Dogg. Azrieal catches Archadia, who stepped on Dogg and Reefer’s back, and hits a power bomb for a near fall. Azrieal gets chopped in the corner by Dogg and Reefer. Dogg hits a double stomp onto Azrieal and the fans are appreciative of the action. Reefer hits an elevated DDT onto Dogg but can’t get a three count on the cover. Archadia hits the cross arm Styles Clash on Reefer but Dogg breaks up the cover attempt. Azrieal double stomps Archadia and Reefer as Archadia hit a neck breaker on Reefer. Azrieal hits the South of Heaven on Reefer for a near fall. Azrieal sends Archadia into the guard railing while Reefer gets an inside cradle on Dogg after a flip off the top and gets the three count. (***1/2. That was a really great match by these four guys. Some non-stop action and there was some crazy spots that kept my interest. I wasn’t expecting much between these guys because I’m not overly familiar with most of the guys, but this was a good match.) After the match, Azrieal continues to get some shots in on Archadia to seemingly continue the feud between those two.

Second Contest: JAPW Tag Team Champions The SAT & Xavier vs. La Familia: Apparently, Joel Maximo was stabbed in Brooklyn. Negro and Xavier kick off the contest with Xavier taking Negro down to the canvas with a go behind. Xavier gets a near fall with a crucifix pin attempt. Xavier chops Negro and hits a dropkick in the corner. Jose takes Tortuga with several hip tosses but Tortuga works over Jose to get control and tags in Santiago. Joel wants the tag into the match and he is tagged in. Joel works over Santiago with a few chops but is met with a shoulder block. Joel super kicks Santiago and sends Tortuga to the floor. Negro is clotheslined over the top to the floor by Xavier. Jose leaps off the top to take out La Familia with a cross body on the floor. Xavier takes Negro over with a standing hurricanrana and Negro continues to be worked over in the corner. Negro takes Xavier over with a suplex and Tortuga enters to work over Xavier with a vertical suplex.

Santiago accidentally kicks Tortuga as he misses Xavier. Jose enters but Santiago hits a double leg slam and taunts the fans. Negro hits a senton splash from the middle rope for a near fall on Jose. Negro hits a middle rope elbow drop as well. Jose is worked over by the heels for a few moments. Tortuga hits a clothesline in the corner twice but runs into a big boot on the third try. Tortuga drives Jose face first to the canvas with a swinging front slam and Santiago enters the match. Santiago gets a near fall following a fallaway slam. Negro locks in a Rings of Saturn on Jose for a near submission. Jose cleans house with a head scissors on Tortuga and kicks Negro. Joel gets the hot tag and cleans house with clotheslines and a kick in the corner. Negro kicks Joel to the injured area that Joel was stabbed. Xavier hits a missile dropkick on Negro and follows up with a suicide dive to the floor. Tortuga drives Joel down to the mat gut first for a near fall. Killaz hit a full nelson slam/dropkick for a near fall on Joel. Xavier slams Santiago and goes to the top to hit the 450 splash but Negro hits a top rope leg drop to break up the pin! Jose drops Negro over his knees for a sick back breaker from a power bomb position. Joel gets an inside cradle on Tortuga and gets the three count. (**1/4. Some decent action in a competitive match. Xavier did a good job in his role and La Familia are an entertaining stable. It may have went too long, but it was fine for what it was, really.) After the match, EC Negro is pissed at Tortuga for losing the match but they aren’t splitting up or anything.

Third Contest: Trent Acid vs. Monsta Mack in a street fight: Acid attacks from behind as Mack was making his entrance. Trent sends Mack into the guard railing head first. Acid works over Monsta in the corner as the bout officially begins. Trent kicks Mack several times and hits a roaring elbow for a two count. Acid drops Mack with a DDT onto the ring apron. Mack lifts Acid up into the air and Acid hits the pole located in the middle of the entrance ramp. Mack gorilla presses Acid and gets a running start and tosses Acid into the crowd! Trent misses a chair shot and Mack drops Trent face first onto a chair for a near fall. Acid blocks a lariat with two chair shots first hitting the arm and then over the head. Acid hits a tornado DDT onto the chair but Mack kicks out before three.

Acid decides to take the time and moon the fans but misses a bare butt springboard moonsault. Mack hits a running power bomb but Acid kicks out at two. Mack hits a vertical suplex onto a chair but Trent still manages to kick out at two. Mack sets three chairs up and looks for a superplex but Acid is able to avoid it and hits a top rope tornado DDT through the chairs but Mack kicks out at two. Acid hits the yakuza kick but Mack nearly wins with a rollup moments later. Mack ducks the yakuza kick and drops Acid with a lariat for the victory. (**1/2. A couple of sick bumps makes this match far more entertaining than I anticipated it was going to be. I haven’t watched many singles matches for Mack, but that was the best performance I’ve seen of him. Acid was always entertaining and was getting some really good heel heat from the Philadelphia crowd.)

Fourth Contest: Monty Brown vs. Danny Demanto in an open challenge match: Brown issued the open challenge and it was answered by pre-show mainstay Danny Demanto. Monty takes the early advantage with a fallaway slam and quickly hits the Pounce to get the squash victory.

Fifth Contest: Balls Mahoney vs. Monty Brown: This is the return of Balls Mahoney to JAPW after a two year absence, apparently. Balls hip tosses Brown to start the match and goes for a few jabs but Monty continues to cut off Mahoney. Balls drops Monty with a right hand but misses a running attack and crashes over the top to the floor. On the floor, Brown sends Mahoney into the guard railing and face first into the ring steps. Monty hits a power slam on Balls for a near fall. Monty delivers a running high knee in the corner but Balls gets to the ropes before three. They collide following a double clothesline spot. Balls plants Brown with a spine buster and heads to the top rope and hits a frog splash but can’t followup quickly. Brown takes Balls over with a fallaway slam but runs into a super kick that gets Balls a near fall. Mahoney hits the Nutcracker Suite but Brown pops his shoulder up at two. Balls gets distracted by the referee and Brown hits the Pounce for the win. (*1/2. Nothing spectacular about that match whatsoever.)

Sixth Contest: The Briscoe Brothers vs. Sabu & Sonjay Dutt: Sabu and Mark kick off the contest. Early on, Mark gets the early advantage working over Sabu’s arm but that doesn’t last long as Dutt gets tagged into the bout. Mark super kicks Dutt and they go over the top following a clothesline. Jay takes Dutt and Mark out with a dive and Sabu botches a springboard dive off a chair to the floor onto the Briscoe Brothers. Dutt hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor. All four men are on the floor trading strikes. Sabu clotheslines Mark after sending him chest first into the corner for a two count. Mark fights back with a side suplex but Sabu kicks out before three. Sabu puts a camel clutch on Mark and Dutt hits a running dropkick. Dutt arm drags Mark and follows up with a dropkick. Dutt gets stopped by Jay on the apron and Mark decks him with a clothesline as the Briscoe Brothers begin to work over Sonjay. Dutt quickly fights back with a standing senton splash, heel kick and a springboard leg drop for a two count on Jay.

Mark gets a quick tag to hit Sonjay with a springboard knee strike. Mark takes Dutt over with a gut wrench suplex and a knee drop for a near fall. Jay enters and dropkicks Sonjay for a two count. Mark continues to control Dutt with a back suplex. Mark spikes Sonjay with a brain buster for a near fall. Dutt hits a springboard back elbow to knock Mark off his feet. Jay knocks Sabu off the apron to prevent a tag from being made. Dutt is worked over in the corner by the Briscoe Brothers. Jay hits a snap suplex on Sonjay and Mark tags back into the contest. Dutt hits a running hurricanrana and kicks Mark to make the tag. Sabu has a chair and tosses it at both Jay and Mark. Sabu hits the triple jump moonsault onto Mark and hits Jay again with a chair. Sabu has a camel clutch on Jay in the middle of the ring. Dutt has grabbed a table from under the ring.

Sabu sets the table up but Jay attacks from behind to stop Sabu and heads to the top rope. Sabu crotches Jay and tosses Jay over the table and hits a middle rope leg drop. Dutt tags back in and sets the table up in the corner. Dutt head scissors Jay but Jay comes back with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Mark attempts the Doomsday Device but Sonjay rolls Jay up for a near fall. Jay delivers a front suplex as Sabu sends Mark to the floor. Jay looked for the Jay Driller but gets stopped with a chair shot from Sabu. Mark works over Sabu on the floor while Dutt hits a Slice Bread but misses the spinning 450 splash. Jay drops Dutt with a yakuza kick and hits a brain buster. Mark hits a shooting star press but Sabu makes the save on the cover. Mark scoop slams Sabu but is stopped on the top rope and Sabu spikes Mark with an elevated DDT. Sabu hits a top rope Arabian face buster on Mark but Jay makes the save on the cover attempt! Dutt is able to get the victory on Mark after hitting a 450 splash. (***. That was an entertaining match despite a few moments where they seemed to get lost. Sabu performed well and Dutt was probably at the peak of his career in-ring wise.) After the match, Homicide runs into the ring and attacks Sabu. Homicide has been calling out Sabu for three years in JAPW, according to the announcers. Homicide issues a challenge to Dutt and Sabu to a tag match on March 25th. Homicide will be teaming with Low Ki to take on Sabu and Dutt.

Seventh Contest: Homicide vs. Charlie Haas: Early on, Haas takes Homicide down with an arm drag and taunts Homicide afterward. Homicide shoulder blocks Charlie to the floor and Haas is pissed about it. Back in the ring, Haas shoulder blocks Homicide and taunts the fans again. Haas lifts Homicide up by his bad shoulder and drops him down to the canvas. Charlie focuses his attack on the weak shoulder of Homicide. Homicide knocks Haas to the floor with a shoulder attack. Homicide knee lifts Charlie off the apron and hits a somersault suicide dive and Homicide ends up in the crowd! Homicide sends Has back first into guard railing and breaks a plate over Charlie’s head. Haas counters a sunset flip attempt and has Homicide lands across his knee for a back breaker. Charlie sends Homicide into the ring steps and tosses Homicide onto a table at ringside. Homicide tosses a chair at Haas but Charlie delivers a double axe handle and back suplexs Homicide onto the railing a couple of times.

Homicide fights back with a few chops in the ring but Haas locks in a Crossface looking to get a submission. Haas stomps away on Homicide in the corner and sends him hard into the corner. Charlie drives Homicide down to the mat with a back suplex. Haas drives his knee into the upper back of Homicide to maintain control of the contest. Homicide misses a dropkick and Haas hits a yakuza kick for a near fall. Haas takes Homicide over with an overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Haas continues to work over Homicide with a back breaker. Homicide head scissors Haas to counter a third back breaker attempt. Homicide plants Haas with a tornado DDT. They begin to trade forearm shots with Homicide getting the better of the exchange. Homicide continues with a backdrop and trips Haas in the corner. Homicide comes off the top to hit a bulldog but Haas kicks out at two.

Haas is met with an ace crusher but Homicide can’t get a three count on the cover attempt. Charlie hits a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Haas places Homicide onto the top turnbuckle but is slammed off. Homicide hits a middle rope leg drop for a near fall. Haas takes Homicide over with an Angle Slam. Haas puts the ankle lock on Homicide but Homicide refuses to give in. Homicide gets out of it and Haas collides with the referee in the corner. Homicide low blows Haas and follows up with the STO. Homicide puts the Tequila Sunrise on Haas but here comes Sabu to hit Homicide with a steel chair! Sabu leg drops the chair onto Homicide and Haas puts the Haas of Pain on Homicide to get the submission victory. (**. Yeah, that was a really lackluster match. I got several shows thinking that Haas would be putting on stellar matches but this one seemed to lack any real motivation. Apparently, this was the first time Homicide submitted in JAPW. I was disappointed by what they put together here.)

Main Event: JAPW Heavyweight Champion Rhino vs. Jay Lethal vs. JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion Teddy Hart in an elimination match: The crowd is pumped up for this making noise for all three men involved. Rhino opens up with a double clothesline and hammers away on Lethal. Hart and Lethal dropkick Rhino. Rhino knocks them both down with forearm shots. Rhino delivers a boot to Lethal’s head but Jay comes back with a head scissors. Lethal sends Rhino over the top to the floor. Hart and Lethal shove each other and begin to trade strikes with Hart getting the advantage. Hart does a flip off the top rope just to taunt Lethal. Hart hits a reverse DDT and Rhino works over Lethal on the floor sending him into the railing. Teddy hits a springboard moonsault to the floor onto both men but he hits his shins across the railing. Hart is in a lot of pain holding his shins. Rhino goes right after Teddy sending him into the ring steps and drops him chest first across the railing! That at least provides a distraction to his shins.

Rhino works over Lethal in the ring while Hart recovers on the floor. Lethal is tripped by Johnny D on the floor and Rhino gets a near fall. Hart is apparently fine as he enters to work over Rhino but is met with a shoulder ram in the corner. Rhino is super kicked by Lethal and Hart gets a near fall following a moonsault. Lethal gets a near fall on Teddy with a German suplex. Hart takes Jay over with a German suplex of his own. Rhino works over Hart hitting a spine buster for a near fall. Rhino goes to the floor and grabs a table from under the ring. Lethal dropkicks Rhino as he attempts to enter the ring. Lethal has a full nelson on Hart but they counter each other until Lethal hits a full nelson suplex. Rhino covers Teddy for a near fall. Rhino drops Lethal face first across the top turnbuckle but can’t get a three count. Rhino is on the middle rope but is dropkicked by Hart. Hart gets a rollup on Lethal but only manages a near fall. Lethal sets up a table in the corner and Jay power bombs Teddy. Rhino spikes Lethal with a piledriver but Lethal kicks out at two!

Teddy misses a moonsault off the top but lands on his feet. Rhino delivers a GORE but Teddy kicks out on the cover attempt by both Rhino and Lethal. Rhino has Lethal on the top turnbuckle but Lethal hits a sunset flip power bomb! Teddy shoves Lethal off the top to the canvas and Rhino GORE Lethal through the table in the corner. Rhino covers Jay and gets a three count to eliminate Lethal. Rhino gives Teddy the finger as we are down to two.

Hart flips off of Rhino’s back and stumbles out of the ring onto the apron. The fans let Teddy know that he messed that up as Rhino drives Hart to the mat with a power slam for a near fall. Hart avoids the GORE and gets a near fall with a rollup. Teddy takes Rhino down with a side Russian leg sweep and heads to the top rope. Teddy goes for and hits the Triple Bypass but Rhino kicks out at two. Hart goes to the top after dumping some water onto Rhino. Lethal is still at ringside and crotches Hart on the top and Rhino hits the GORE after Hart stumbles to his feet. Rhino doesn’t seem interested in getting the cover. Instead, Rhino lays a table across two chairs and grabs Teddy. Rhino hits a middle rope piledriver through the table and gets the three count. (***1/4. Well, that was a very enjoyable main event though the finish was kind of a bummer but it advances a feud I’d imagine between Lethal and Hart. Rhino is such a believable heel and is being booked very well in JAPW. Teddy Hart is insane, by the way. Lethal was more of an afterthought, really. The crowd was amped for this and the match was plenty of fun.)

Final Thoughts:
The only main complaint with this show is the disappointing Haas/Homicide singles match. The opener was really good and the main event was fun as well. I’d say it was a solid show from JAPW in the ECW Arena.

Thanks for reading.

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