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WCW Saturday Night 3/26/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Johnny B. Badd defeated John Stevens
2.) Bunkhouse Buck defeated Tom Zenk
3.) WCW World Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys defeated Tom Torres & Jason Johnson
4.) Erik Watts defeated Tony Zane
5.) WCW United States Champion Steve Austin defeated Fire Cat
6.) Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated The Terrorist
7.) Sting & Brian Pillman defeated Pretty Wonderful

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Two weeks ago Bunkhouse Buck attacked Tom Zenk after Zenk won a match. This week, they squared off in a singles match with Bunk winning the match following a punch with a loaded glove.

2.) Tony Schiavone talks with the WCW World Tag Team Champions, the Nasty Boys. Sags says that the belts are not on the line at Spring Stampede in a street fight. Sags thinks that Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne need to figure out what it takes to get out of Nastyville. Knobs says their fight might go anywhere in Chicago.

3.) Apparently, Erik Watts lost his trophy and is going to retrace his steps and if he can’t find it, he will question a suspect he has in mind.

4.) Mean Gene interviews WCW World Champion Ric Flair like he does every week. Flair isn’t looking past Ricky Steamboat. Flair says that Steamboat has his own problems but that’s Flair himself. Flair suggests that Hogan not make the mistake and enter the land of Ric Flair. He believes that Hogan will find out what he should have found out five years ago. Flair will be around to watch the interview that Gene did with Hogan.

5.) Footage from WCW Worldwide where Ron Simmons decked Teddy Long and attacked Too Cold Scorpio. Next week, Simmons will wrestle Marcus Alexander Bagwell.

6.) Mean Gene caught up with Hulk Hogan at the beach. Hogan says that Gene stir things up last time he was here. Hogan thinks that Gene stepped over the line last time. Hulk says that something has been eating him up in life. Hulk says his son asked him a pretty in-depth question at the age of four. Hogan says Nick asked him if he could beat Ric Flair. Hulk told his son he didn’t know if he could. Hogan tells Gene that he would be the first person to know if he decides to enter the ring to face Ric Flair.

7.) Sting and Roma kick off the main event. Sting dropkicks Prety Wonderful and Pillman knocks Orndroff down to send the heels to the floor. Pillman tags into the bout and yanks on Roma’s arm. Roma gets control and Orndorff comes off the top to drive an elbow off the top across Pillman’s shoulder. Pillman hits a springboard cross body for a near fall. Pillman tries another high risk but misses a missile dropkick and Orndorff quickly goes to work with Roma. Pillman tries to fight off Orndorff to tag in Sting, but Orndorff bites Pillman’s nose. Roma has a sleeper on Pillman with Orndorff pushing on Roma to get more leverage. Pillman tries to tag out but Orndorff again stops Pillman with an elbow drop. Pillman gets trapped in the corner again however Pillman big boots Orndorff in the corner and avoids an Orndorff splash. Pillman goes to the corner and tags in Sting as Roma enters. Sting cleans house with strikes and clotheslines. Sting rams Roma gut first into the corner upside down and goes to the top rope. Sting leaps off and hits a big splash on Roma for the win! (**1/4. A decent match between these two teams. All the guys put together a slow match, but the pace picked up at the proper times.) After the match, Sting is tossed to the floor and Pillman gets double teamed. Sting comes back in and makes the save sending the heels to the floor. Wait, here comes Rick Rude and is beating up Sting with his shoe! Rude takes his belt off and chokes Sting and hits a Rude Awakening!

8.) Tony Schiavone interviews Rick Rude. Rude will not standby idle and allow WCW to put the screws to him. Rude is going to dismantle Sting leading into Spring Stampede and will be champion from now until hell freezes over!

Final Thoughts:
A decent show this week. I’m finding it tough to really get into the Rude/Sting feud as it has been going on for almost three years off and on. However, that post-match attack by Rude was nicely done. The feature match had some decent action and was a breeze to watch, really. They are already venturing into non-stop Hogan talk, though. That will be not so great to deal with.

Thanks for reading.

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