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SMW TV 1/30/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Newton, North Carolina

1.) Tim Horner defeated The Dark Secret
2.) Johnny Kidd defeated Kevin Sullivan by disqualification
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tracy Smothers defeated Brad Batten to retain the title
4.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Rock N’ Roll Express to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Caudle interviews Paul Orndorff about his issues with Tim Horner. Orndorff notes that he has beaten anybody and everybody in professional wrestling. Orndorff claims that he hasn’t been getting the proper respect he deserves. He is going to continue his ways until he gets the respect he needs to be getting.

2.) Brian Lee is interviewed regarding his plans of revenge against Kevin Sullivan. Lee notes that every time he wrestles Sullivan he gets busted open. Lee says that Bob Armstrong granted him a match against Sullivan on February 19th. The match will be a first blood match. Lee is confident he will draw blood from Sullivan

3.) This is odd… they air of the Rock N’ Roll Express cutting a promo about getting the titles back from the Heavenly Bodies. That essentially ruins the main event as you can see above.

4.) Sullivan won’t stop beating the crap out of the jobber so the referee calls for the bell. Nightstalker has to enter and pull Sullivan off with a cloth to calm down Sullivan. Bob Caudle caught up with them for an interview. Sullivan says that he really isn’t a bad guy. Kevin says that being persecuted makes people do weird things. Kevin says that Bob has made four mistakes having his sons. Kevin smiles as he talks about splitting open Brian Lee with his spike. Sullivan warns Armstrong to not get involved with his personal life. Kevin wants Armstrong to send more because they all taste good. Such a bizarre character, but it’s interesting.

5.) Down & Dirty this week has Ron Wright as the special guest. Reno Riggins comes over to reveal his answer if he will join Wright and his stable. Riggins says he has thought about the offer for quite sometime and has talked to family and friends. Reno decides to turn down Wright because he’d rather do it on his own. Wright is furious that Reno turned him down and won’t carry Dirty White Boy’s bag. Wright goes after Reno while still in his wheelchair, which is hilarious. Reno just walks away as Ron continues to ramble.

6.) Bob Caudle interviews Jim Cornette and Sandy Scott. Cornette says that he would hate to see the fane be cheated out of a tag team title match. Jim wants a favor that if the Stud Stable doesn’t show up that the Heavenly Bodies get the shot in their place. Dutch Mantel comes over to see what is going on. Sandy says the Heavenly Bodies can get the title shot if the Stud Stable doesn’t show up. Mantel is not happy about this news.

7.) Morton and Pritchard kick off the match with Pritchard working over Morton briefly. Morton monkey flips Tom and hip tosses Lane. Gibson drops Lane with a knee lift and a hip toss. Gibson takes Lane out of the corner with a head scissors and Morton connects with a hurricanrana on Pritchard sending the challengers to the floor. Lane gets double teamed in the corner by the champs and Pritchard gets knocked down by Morton. The Stud Stable comes to ringside and they claim they were changing their tires. Morton backdrops Pritchard as Cornette is on the apron telling the Stud Stable to leave the arena as security escorts them to the backstage area.

Gibson cushions the corner so that Morton doesn’t hit it. Lane tries to do the same but Morton sends Pritchard to another corner. Lane gets kicked several times in the corner and the challengers are sent into each other. Lane accidentally knee lifts Pritchard off the apron but Lane catapults Morton over the top to the floor. Pritchard holds Morton to allow Cornette to deliver a shot to the throat with his tennis racket. Lane works over Ricky with a clothesline and Pritchard hits a double axe handle off the middle rope. Morton is dropped throat first across the top rope and Gibson gets knocked off the apron. The referee is distracted as Morton is double teamed. Morton begins to fight back until Pritchard hits a snap power slam for a near fall.

Lane slams Morton as Pritchard set up for a backdrop but only gets a near fall. Ricky continues to be double teamed but kicks out of the cover attempts. Morton avoids a knee drop and makes the tag to Gibson who cleans house with right hands. All four men are in the ring brawling as the referee is losing control. Morton is tripped by Cornette and the referee gets knocked off the apron. Morton punches Cornette and a double dropkick to Lane! Morton checks on the referee who is knocked out not eh floor. The Stud Stable come out and they attack Killer Kyle and now Gibson is getting involved. Pritchard gets his boot loaded up but is stopped by Dutch Mantel on the floor! Dutch sends Morton the loaded object to deck Pritchard! Gibson has the cover but Bobby Eaton comes out of nowhere to hit a top rope leg drop and puts Pritchard on top of Gibson to give the Heavenly Bodies the victory! (**1/2. A decent title match between the two teams with a big surprise debut of Bobby Eaton. The constant title changes are kind of annoying, though.)

8.) Bob Caudle is with the new tag team champions and Bobby Eaton. Cornette says that he gets stuff done and says that Eaton is back where he belongs. Cornette wishes he and an extra belt to give to Eaton. Cornette wants everyone to know that he has the horses to carry the load. Jim says they are together and they will remain the tag team champions moving forward. Lane says they have the gold as the Stud Stable comes over to confront the champs. Cornette thinks they were scared and thinks the story of having four flat tires at the hotel. Fuller is surprised he knows that and attacks Cornette leading to a big brawl! Rock N’ Roll Express come over and the brawling continues! Eaton gets hip tossed by Gibson on the floor and a dropkick! Cornette whacks Fuller with his tennis racket and runs away.

Final Thoughts:
A good episode this week as the main event was a fine encounter and the debut of Bobby Eaton in SMW is awesome. Eaton is one of the most underrated talents in wresting history. The ending has got me interested in the Stud Stable/Heavenly Bodies, which wasn’t the case as of the last episode. SMW is really good at advancing angles every week, I gotta give them that.

Thanks for reading.

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