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SMW TV 3/6/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Jellico, TN

1.) Tim Horner defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion The Nightstalker to win the title
2.) Brian Lee fought Kevin Sullivan to a double count-out
3.) Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden & Dutch Mantel defeated Larry Santo, Len Fields & Reno Riggins
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Tracy Smothers to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Kevin Sullivan sent in a tape that had him at the beach. He claims his therapy has calmed him down and is feeding birds. He has named the fish various wrestlers he hates. Sullivan as a spike and chases after the birds with the spike.

2.) Horner uses his speed to avoid Nightstalker early on in the contest. Horner slaps Nightstalker in the corner. Nightstalker rams his shoulder into Horner against the ropes and attempts a press slam but Horner got out of it. Horner drop toe holds Nightstalker but doesn’t continue with the advantage. Horner has a hammerlock on Nightstalker but the moves is countered until Horner takes Nightstalker down to the canvas. Horner is placed on the top turnbuckle but Horner takes the champ down with a sunset flip for a near fall. Nightstalker hits a snap power slam on Horner and follows up with a back breaker. Nightstalker focuses his offense on the lower back with several strikes. Horner comes off the ropes but is met with a backdrop. Nightstalker side slams Horner but misses a dropkick. Horner hammers away on Nightstalker and drops him with a back elbow. Horner hits a middle rope dropkick for a near fall. Horner attempts a crucifix pin but Nightstalker drops Horner with a Samoan Drop. Horner rolls Nightstalker up and wins the title. After the match, Kevin Sullivan runs into the ring to attack Horner with Nightstalker. Brian Lee runs into the ring and decks Sullivan to the floor. Lee clotheslines Nightstalker over the top to the floor as well. (*1/4. These two just don’t mesh very well together. Horner might be a better champion and put together better matches than Nightstalker. The fans didn’t seem to care much about this one either.)

3.) Bob Caudle interviews Tim Horner and Brian Lee. Horner is pumped and thanks Brian Lee for having his back. Lee wants Kevin Sullivan tonight instead of March 21st.

4.) Brian Lee doesn’t wait for Sullivan to get into the ring and they fight on the floor. Horner takes care of Nightstlaker while Lee sends Sullivan into the ring post head first. Lee runs into a big boot in the corner and Sullivan gets control with right hands. Lee is busted open since he had a cut on his head from a previous attack. Lee fights back with several strikes and knocks Sullivan to the floor. Lee and Sullivan brawl on the floor leading to a double count out as Horner goes outside with them to continue the brawling. Lee rams Sullivan into the side of a truck. Lee and Horner return inside as Sullivan gets a piece of railing looking for Lee but isn’t able to find him to end the segment.

5.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed by Bob Caudle. Armstrong says they get plenty of people call in complaining about Kevin Sullivan. Armstrong books a three team match at Bluegrass Brawl as the Heavenly Bodies, Studd Stable take on the Rock N’ Roll Express in a street fight. It will be a nine person match with the Rock N’ Roll Express getting a mystery partner. It will be an elimination match as well. So, if you are pinned then your entire team is eliminated.

6.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed about who the mystery partner could be. Cornette says that no combination can defeat this team. Tom Pritchard says it doesn’t matter who they bring in because they will not be defeated. Stan Lane recalls that they have never lost a street fight and is confident that they will never lose a street fight.

7.) Dutch Mantel, Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden want the Heavenly Bodies to come into the ring. Mantel says they will win the street fight at Bluegrass Brawl. Golden says they don’t need a referee and they will bring the fight to them. Robert Fuller says they have never needed to leave because they can make a living here kicking ass.

8.) Smothers hammers away on White Boy and rams the champ head first into the corner to kick off the title match. Smothers rams White Boy several times into the top turnbuckle. Tracy hammers away on White Boy ten times and gets a near fall. Smothers drops White Boy with a back elbow for a two count. Smothers continues to punch White Boy several times and knocks the champ back down to the canvas and scares Ron Wright at ringside. Tracy punches White Boy to the floor and Smothers follows him sending White Boy into the ring post. White Boy has been busted open following the ring post shot. Tracy knocks White Boy off his feet a few times with punches. Smothers heads to the top rope and misses a twisting cross body. Ron Wright distracts the referee as White Boy tosses Smothers over the top to the floor. White Boy nails Smothers with the championship on the floor.

Smothers is busted open now as well as White Boy beats on Smothers with right hands. White Boy hammers away on Smothers in the corner but is stopped by Tracy and an atomic drop. Smothers works over White Boy in the corner with punches but it met with a low blow. White Boy plants Smothers with a DDT but only gets a near fall. Smothers nearly wins with a small package but White Boy runs over Smothers with a clothesline. White Boy decks Smothers over the top to the floor. Tracy punches White Boy and hammers away on the champ on the floor before they return to the ring. Smothers absorbs a few right hands but remaining on his feet. Smothers decks White Boy with a right hand and heads to the top rope. Smothers leaps off and hits a double axe handle for a near fall.

Tracy splashes White Boy in the corner and hits a super kick. Smothers heads to the top rope to hit a leaping uppercut! Ron Wright gets out of the wheelchair and decks Smothers with a right hand that appeared to have brass knuckles! The referee was out of position and White Boy pins Smothers! (***1/2. That was a really good title match and exactly what needed to happen with both guys getting color and the fans were into the whole match. Ron Wright getting out of the miracle was not expected and that leads to another layer in that angle moving forward. This delivered a really good TV match, and probably the best match on TV for SMW thus far.)


9.) Bob Caudle interviews a bloodied and defeated Tracy Smothers. Smothers doesn’t know what happened and says that was the toughest match he has ever had. Smothers knows that he had White Boy beat in the middle of the ring. Smothers says it is all about blood sweat and tears. Smothers is going to whoop White Boy’s butt like his mother should have done. Smothers is going to jack his jaw because this is not over with.

Final Thoughts:
The main event makes this a fun show all around and is exactly what I was hoping to see from those two. The feud between Sullivan and Lee is getting quite old at this point, honestly.

Thanks for reading.

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