3PW Su-Su Superfly 12/27/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling presents Su-Su Superfly
From: Philadelphia, PA

Opening Contest: CJ O’Doyle vs. Rob Eckos: Eckos takes O’Doyle down to the canvas but O’Doyle counters for a brief moment. Eckos gets a two count following a backslide and they trade a few pin attempts. Eckos chops O’Doyle but is dropped with a chop from O’Doyle. CJ backdrops Eckos but misses a clothesline so Eckos can hit a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Eckos sends O’Doyle into the corner back first and taunts the fans. Eckos drives his shoulder into O’Doyle’s midsection in the corner. O’Doyle nearly wins with a rollup but Eckos drops O’Doyle with an elbow strike. Eckos scoop slams O’Doyle but misses a top rope splash. CJ hits a reverse DDT but Eckos kicks out at two. CJ hits a running power slam and signals for the top rope. O’Doyle misses a top rope leg drop and Eckos hits a super kick for a near fall. CJ blocks a second super kick and hits a vicious clothesline but can’t put Eckos away. Eckos stops O’Doyle on the middle rope and hits a side Russian leg sweep for the victory. (**. This felt a little flat to me, but it wasn’t horrible. A rather harmless but average opener to kick off the show.)

Second Contest: Jack Victory vs. Rockin’ Rebel: It’s a rather quick match with Victory using his feet to get the pin on Rebel. Rebel tried the move moments earlier but didn’t out for him. After the match, Rebel asks the referee if he is sucking Victory’s penis. Rebel and Victory attack the referee.

Third Contest: Damien Adams vs. Gary Wolfe: Adams runs down to the ring and spears Wolfe before the bell even sounds. Adams rams Wolfe into the turnbuckles several times and continues to work over the former 3PW champion. Wolfe hits a vertical suplex or a two count. Wolfe misses a running attack and goes over the top to the floor. Adams leaps off the top to hit a cross body on the floor. Adams misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post shoulder first. Wolfe continues his offense with a back suplex and a power bomb. Wolfe hits a second power bomb but only gets a near fall. Wolfe hits a burning hammer and that puts Adams away. (*1/2. A quick match but it was kind of enjoyable for what it was. Adams had a few moments to shine. I’m still not behind the push of Gary Wolfe, though.)

Fourth Contest: Jasmine St. Claire vs. George Frankenstein in a bra and panties match: There is a brawl and another girl named Talia gets spanked by Tod Gordon. I had no interest in this.

Fifth Contest: Ruckus vs. Low Ki vs. Joey Matthews: Ki and Ruckus start off the match with Joey Matthews remaining on the floor to avoid any contact. Low Ki controls Ruckus on the mat with an arm bar but doesn’t get a submission. Ruckus has control with a top wrist lock until Ki drops him with a kick to the back of his head. Ki wrenches on the arm and delivers a few kicks to the ribs of Ruckus. Ki kicks Ruckus into a corner but doesn’t followup on the advantage. Ki works over Ruckus with chops as Matthews has still not entered the match. Ki drops an elbow for a near fall. Ki continues to hammer away on Ruckus with chops and is backdropped to the apron where Ki locks in a dragon sleeper in the ropes. Ruckus hits a handspring back elbow and a standing shooting star press but Ki kicks out at two. Ruckus hits a vertical suplex for another near fall. Ruckus super kicks Ki coming out of the corner but only gets a near fall.

Ki works over Ruckus with a few strikes but misses a kick. Ruckus comes back with a kick of his own and leaps off the top looking for a moonsault but is met with two boots to the chest. Ki hits a handspring kick in the corner and plants Ruckus with the Ki Krusher ’99 to eliminate Ruckus. Matthews has still not entered the ring but now he enters and they trade chops. Matthews chops Ki but they don’t have much impact but Ki’s chops do. Matthews pulls the referee in the way to avoid a handspring kick in the corner. Matthews works over Ki getting a near fall after a knee drop. Matthews gets a two count following a northern lights suplex. Matthews clotheslines Ki in the corner to keep the advantage in his favor. Matthews gets a two count following a standing fist drop.

Matthews drives Ki down with a back breaker for a two count. Joey chokes Ki over the middle rope and taunts the fans. Matthews drives Ki down to the mat with a back suplex for another two count. Ki chops Matthews several times against the ropes and delivers a forearm shot followed by a kick. Ki hits a springboard kick to the face for a near fall. Ki fights out of a vertical suplex with knee strikes but Matthews dropkicks Ki off the apron to the floor. They begin to trade chops on the floor with Ki sending Matthews face first into the ring post. Ki continues to chop Matthews in the ring but is met with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle. Matthews dropkicks Ki from the apron and hits a top rope clothesline for a near fall.

Joey signals for the dragon sleeper but is kicked by Ki. Ki hits a running somersault kick in the corner. Ki nails Matthews with a handspring kick to Joey’s head. Ki counters a lifting reverse neck breaker with a dragon sleeper but Matthews gets out of it and nearly rolls Ki up for a three count. Ki rolls Matthews up for a near fall as well. Matthews counters the Ki Krusher ’99 with an inside cradle and a hand on the ropes to get the victory. (***. Far from being an excellent match as I had read prior to watching it. It was a fun match and Matthews is really getting into a groove as a heel. Ki demolishing Ruckus and still losing to Matthews is a huge win for Matthews. It’s a fine match, but not crazy amazing or anything. Maybe it was in 2003, but not in 2015.)

Sixth Contest: Blue Meanie & Roadkill vs. Mike Kruel & Monsta Mack: Another match that just doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Late in the match, Roadkill shoves a sock down Mack’s throat. Mack has a chair and whacks Roadkill over the head to get the victory while Kruel held Meanie on the floor. This went on for eleven minutes.

Seventh Contest: Matt Striker vs. Jimmy Snuka: Of course, Matt Strike comes out acting like he is Roddy Piper. Striker is doing a great job as Piper and the fans are reacting very well to the act just as they have every month he has been doing it. Striker has the early advantage attacking Snuka from behind and dropping Snuka with a clothesline. Snuka stops Striker with a back breaker and already heads to the top rope where he hits a big splash and wins the match. This is exactly what you’d expect. After the match, Gary Wolfe comes and attacks Snuka. Wolfe says the fans don’t have any respect cheering for Snuka and not him. Wolfe leaves Snuka laying and taunts the fans.

Eighth Contest: Sabu vs. Jerry Lynn: Lynn kicks Sabu away but they miss elbow drops and have a standoff. Sabu goes for a leap frog and appears to tweak his right knee, but Lynn goes after it so it’s probably just part of the match. Sabu gets a chin lock on Lynn and stomps on his back before hitting a springboard leg drop for a two count. Sabu backdrops Lynn to the apron but Lynn hits a leg drop over the middle rope and they both crash to the floor. Lynn wraps Sabu’s leg around the guard railing to weaken the right knee some more and focuses his stomps on the knee as well. Lynn slams Sabu’s leg across the apron and continues to work over the right knee in the ring. Sabu dumps Lynn to the floor and hits a somersault dive. Lynn sends Sabu over the railing and into the front row. Lynn leaps over the railing to take Lynn out with a cross body.

Sabu drops Lynn throat first across the railing and has a chair to toss at Lynn’s head. Sabu places Lynn on a table at ringside but gets crotched and is upside down with his knee getting wrenched. Lynn plants Sabu with an elevated DDT but only gets a two count on the cover attempt. Lynn delivers a rolling neck snap and dropkick for a two count. Sabu sets up a chair but is met with a clothesline in midair and Lynn nearly wins the match. Lynn slides the table into the ring but Sabu intercepts him and sets it up by a corner. Sabu gets a near fall after a DDT. Sabu places Lynn onto the table and heads to the top rope but Lynn gets off the table and slams Sabu over the table onto the canvas. Lynn sets the table up in another corner standing it upright. Lynn attempts the cradle piledriver but Sabu catapults Jerry into the table and hits a springboard heel kick.

Lynn trips Sabu sending him face first into the chair to avoid the triple jump moonsault. Lynn hits a backpack driver but Sabu kicks out at two. Lynn lays Sabu onto the table but is stopped on the top rope. Sabu hits a top rope hurricanrana onto the table but the table doesn’t break. Sabu goes to the top and leg drops Lynn through the table for the victory. (**1/4. That was rather a sloppy contest but it’s what the fans apparently wanted to see. There were several spots that we didn’t get to see so they didn’t pull out all the stops, which sucks, but it wasn’t embarrassing.)

Raven says there will not be any in-ring music for the Sandman. He also says there is no cigarette smoking in his ring. Jack Victory takes the cigarette away from Sandman. Raven continues by saying there is no beer drinking in his ring either. Raven censors CZW as well. Messiah was told that he didn’t need to come to the show because Raven doesn’t like to tag with people he has never met. Raven doesn’t like Sandman nor does he trust Sandman and makes Sandman his partner because they know each other. Raven tells Zandig he can find a partner for himself. Wifebeater comes out to be Zandig’s parnter.

Main Event: 3PW Heavyweight Champion Raven & The Sandman vs. John Zandig & Wifebeater: Zandig is attacked by Raven and Sandman until Wifebeater enters the ring and sends Raven and Sandman to the floor. Sandman and Wifebeater kick off the match legally. Sandman hip tosses Wifebeater and controls the arm of Wifebeater after an arm drag. Sandman tosses Wifebeater to the floor and attacks both Zandig and Wifebeater with right hands. Raven comes over to send Zandig into the ring post. Raven sends Wifebeater into the guard railing back first and they are going toward the Eagles Nest. Wifebeater hits a snap suplex on Sandman on the stage. Wifebeater places Sandman onto the table and follows Raven up to the Eagles Nest. Wifebeater is tossed off the stage through the table!

Zandig and Sandman heads towards the ring where Zandig is sent into a wooden platform and is busted open. Raven whacks Zandig over the head with the wooden platform. Raven drop toe holds Zandig face first into a steel chair and wants to shake Sandman’s hand but Sandman isn’t interested. Zandig sends Raven into a chair in the corner and plants Sandman with a spine buster for a near fall. Raven comes back in to clothesline Zandig. Raven wants Zandig to quit but he refuses. Raven big boots Zandig and Sandman refuses to tag into the match. Raven gets another near fall following a snap suplex. Raven puts a cobra clutch on Zandig but doesn’t get a submission out of him. Zandig rams Raven into the corner but is worked over by Sandman. Zandig ducks a double clothesline to hit a clothesline of his own on both men. Wifebeater has recovered and is on the apron to get a tag. Wifebeater cleans house on Sandman and Raven.

Wifebeater hits a power slam but Sandman kicks out at two. Sandman attempts a DDT but Wifebeater counters with a sit out choke slam. Jack Victory hits Wifebeater with a chair twice as Zandig rolls a table into the ring. Zandig works over Sandman with strikes in the corner. A table is set up in the corner while Zandig stomps away on Sandman some more. Sandman hits a side Russian leg sweep on Zandig. Raven tags in and cleans house on the CZW guys. Raven clotheslines Wifebeater and a knee lift. Raven hits a running bulldog out of the corner on Wifebeater and the same for Zandig into the table in the corner. Sandman plants Raven with a DDT and that allows Wifebeater to pin Raven. (*1/4. Well, that match wasn’t all that good but what would you possibly expect. Wifebeater being tossed off the stage through the table was insane and the only entertaining part of the match.) After the match, Zandig is going to make some stipulations. Zandig puts the previous censorships back into place to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the triple threat match there wasn’t anything entertaining on the show. That didn’t surprise me due to the lineup not being all that appealing to me. Sabu/Lynn was a disappointment but that was 50/50 going in anyway. 3PW’s last show for 2003 gets a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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