JAPW The Homecoming 6/4/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All Pro Wrestling presents The Homecoming
From: Rahway, New Jersey

Opening Contest: All Money Is Legal vs. The Outcast Killaz: Pusha takes Tortuga over with a head scissors early on but Tortuga hits a dragon screw leg whip. Santiago and Pusha enter to clothesline their opponents and now they are the legal guys. Pusha hit a hurricanrana on Santiago but Santiago quickly comes back with a double leg slam. Tortuga puts a surfboard on Pusha but isn’t able to get a submission. AMIL delivers a drop toe hold/leg drop across the middle rope on Santiago and they lock in double team submission briefly. Murda dropkicks both Killaz. Santiago helps his partner by hitting an awkward neck breaker on Pusha to breakup a double team submission attempt. Killaz double team Pusha in the corner with a dropkick and a double knee strike. Tortuga drops Pusha across his knee with a back breaker but only gets a near fall. Tortuga plants Pusha with the Sellout but Murda breaks the cover up at two. Pusha battles back with a sunset flip power bomb off the top. Murda gets the tag and nearly pins Santiago after a shining wizard. Santiago hits a series of German suplexs on Murda until Murda fights out of it and hits a leaping top rope face buster for a near fall. Santiago plants Murda face first but Pusha leaps off the top to kick Tortuga. Santiago nails Murda with a big boot and they put him on the top but they are stopped by a double blockbuster and Pusha hits a nice Swanton Bomb for a two count. Killaz hit the Bronx Bomb on Pusha to get the victory. (**1/4. Some decent action during the match but I didn’t find myself overly entertained by it. I think the Killaz don’t do much for me.)

JAPW Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal comes out for an interview. The interviewer asks if Lethal is going to continue the fighting champion mentality that JAPW has had. Of course, Lethal says he is going to be a fighting champion. Lethal will accept any challenges for the championship. Talia makes her way down better known as Velvet Sky. She rubs herself on Lethal’s groin and rubs the belt. She is all about the gold and wants a Lethal Injection. Beef Wellington makes his way down to the ring now. Wellington couldn’t help but notice her ass in the backstage area. The fans give an applause for her ass. Wellington comes off the top to punch her butt! Here comes the trio of Dixie, Deranged and Izzy. Dixie thinks he should be the first person to get a title shot. Excess comes into the ring to make his claim to be the number one contender. JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion Azrieal comes out because there isn’t enough people at this point. Azrieal knows he can beat Lethal for that belt because he beat him for the Light Heavyweight Championship. Steve Corino and Ricky Landel come down to the ring to say this is a waste of time. Corino confronts Lethal saying that while Lethal was dreaming of becoming a wrestler he was living that life and was the ECW World Champion. Corino has the experience it takes to win the title tonight. Lethal has respect for Corino but can’t let him win tonight. Lethal mentions a few companies that Corino was the top champion for but now they are now out of business. Lethal thinks that if Corino wins the title tonight then JAPW is doomed. Corino slaps Lethal and they have a pull apart brawl to end the segment.

Second Contest: EWR Heavyweight Champion Excess vs. Sexxxy Eddy vs. Eric Cooper: Eddy and Excess showoff their bodies until Cooper drops them with a double clothesline. Cooper lands on top of Eddy for a near fall and Excess hits a standing moonsault on Eddy, as well. Eddy hits a back suplex on Cooper followed a split legged moonsault but can’t put Cooper away. Excess flips Eddy over into the ring from the apron using his legs. Cooper leaps off the top to knock Excess down on the floor in a rather awkward looking spot. Eddy takes both men out with a suicide dive. Eddy leg drops Excess but can’t get a three count. Excess snap power slams Eddy for a two count of his own. Excess hits a slow head scissors and ties up both Eddy and Cooper with a single leg Boston Crab on both men but doesn’t manage to get a submission. Eddy plants Excess down to the mat gut first but Cooper breaks up the cover to drive Eddy down with a gut buster. Excess nearly pins Cooper following a Tiger Bomb.

Cooper rams his butt into Eddy’s face in the corner and Excess stomps on both men in the corner. Eddy avoids a hurricanrana attempt and Excess hits the top turnbuckle groin first. Cooper hits a back suplex on Excess from the middle rope. Eddy comes off the top to hit a moonsault on Excess for a near fall. Eddy with a Russian leg sweep and the Sex on the Beach on Cooper for a near fall. Excess forces Eddy to submit to the Stretch Muffler as Cooper tried to crawl over to break the hold but couldn’t. (**1/4. An average match here with Eddy and Excess being the most impressive wrestlers as Cooper came across as a filler for the match. Excess had some fun offense and Eddy did well with high spots during the bout. I think if Cooper was not in the match it would have been even better.)

Matt Hardy makes his way out for an interview. The fans voice their support for Hardy saying that he got screwed and they want him to shoot. Hardy is happy to be here and thanks everyone for the reaction he got. Hardy appreciates all the chants on RAW and for wanting him on television. Matt says in thirty-six days his journey will begin again. He thanks the fans again before leaving the ring.

Third Contest: Izzy, Dixie & The Insane Dragon vs. Archadia & Neeno Capone: A fast start to the match as Archadia and Capone dropkick Dixie and Dragon to the floor. Izzy gets involved hitting a springboard dropkick on Archadia and Capone. All five men get their offense in and it’s at a pace that I could not possibly follow without there being confusion. There is finally some order as Capone is getting worked over by the three heels. Dragon plants Capone with a slingshot brain buster. Izzy hits a springboard ace crusher on Capone while he was on Dragon’s shoulder. Archadia got the hot tag and drops Izzy on his head. Dixie and Dragon hit a super blockbuster on Archadia for a near fall. A side slam/top rope leg drop on Archadia by Dragon and Izzy. Archadia steps off of Dixie back and hits a leg drop on the way down. Dragon drops Capone on his head. Dragon takes Archadia out with a twisting dive over the top to the floor. Izzy pins Archadia following an elevated neck breaker. (**. They were just doing crazy spots for the hell of it and the fans didn’t seem to connect with it, just like myself. Yeah, the moves were impressive but when there isn’t a reason to do it, it falls rather flat.)

Prior to the next match, Trent Acid rips the fans and rips on Teddy Hart for no showing the show. Johnny Kashmere issues a challenge to Teddy Hart and Jack Evans to a tag match at the next show if Hart will show up.

Fourth Contest: The Sandman vs. Trent Acid: Trent works over Sandman with stomps while taunting him on the microphone. Acid sends Sandman to the floor, who is wearing a TNA shirt despite not working for the company in over two years. Acid sends Sandman into the railing but is backdropped over the railing into the crowd. They are in the crowd now as Sandman continues to have control until a low blow stops him and Acid sends Sandman head first into the railing. They are far into the crowd that the camera is using night vision to capture the action. Sandman puts a trash can over Acid’s body and whacks a chair over the can into Acid. Acid sets up several chairs on the floor and lays Sandman across five chairs. Acid hits a springboard moonsault onto Sandman onto five chairs! Sandman puts Trent on the to turnbuckle while delivering strikes. Sandman hits a top rope hurricanrana but gets low blowed by Annie Social and another girl hits a stunner on Sandman but Acid only gets a two count. Sandman kicks out of the T-Gimmick. Sandman ducks a kendo stick and hits the White Russian leg sweep but only gets a near fall. Billy Reil pulled the referee out, apparently. Sandman enters the ring and gets a kendo stick shot followed by the yakuza kick to allow Acid to get the three count. (*1/2. That was basically a garbage match with the finish protecting Sandman for whatever reason. The win gives Acid more crowd heat which he has plenty of anyway. It went by quickly, which was a positive.)

Fifth Contest: Beef Wellington vs. Shark Boy: In the early moments of the match, Beef plants Boy with a DDT but misses a middle rope forearm drop as he is met with a big boot instead. Talia and Rick Silver attack Wellington on the floor but Shark Boy is angry about that. Beef misses a strike and hits the ring post instead. Boy gets a near fall following a neck breaker. Beef ducks a clothesline to hit a yakuza kick for a near fall. Boy dropkicks Beef as he jumped off the top turnbuckle. Beef grabs Rick Silver into the ring but Beef takes care of him with an atomic drop and a top rope punch to the butt to send him to the floor. Talia enters and slaps Beef but Shark Boy enters to bite her ass. Beef spikes Boy with a double under hook piledriver for the win. (*. That was not all that entertaining.)

Sixth Contest: JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion Azrieal vs. B-Boy: Azrieal gets the first advantage with a series of hip tosses and they trade forearm shots as the fans are behind B-Boy. Azrieal nails Boy with a double stomp to the back of his head. Boy sends Azrieal into the guard railing. Azrieal drops Boy throat first across the railing and taunts the fans. Back in the ring, Boy nails Azrieal with a boot to the face after getting out of a sunset flip attempt. Boy hits a swinging neck breaker and a knee drop followed by a rolling neck snap. Boy puts a camel clutch on Azrieal as he has the champion choking himself with his arms but the champ gets the ropes to break the hold. Boy hip tosses Azrieal and gets a near fall with a clothesline. They begin to trade forearms on their knees. Boy tosses Azrieal back into takes Azrieal over with a t-bone suplex for a near fall. Azrieal hits a flipping stunner from off the top rope but can’t follow up on the advantage. Boy and Azrieal are trading right hands until Azrieal dropkicks Boy to the floor and hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor and he hits the railing hard legs first.

Boy misses a kick and Azrieal missed a double stomp. Boy counters a hurricanrana by sending Azrieal back first into the corner with a power bomb! Azrieal nearly wins with a rollup. Boy plants Azrieal with a Death Valley Driver but only gets a near fall on the cover. Boy locks in a submission but Azrieal isn’t giving in as he is able to reach the bottom rope. Azireal rams Boy groin first into ring post. Azrieal has Boy trapped and hits a double stomp! Azrieal has the cover but Boy manages to get his boot on the bottom rope. Boy hits a German suplex and hangs on to hit a couple more. Boy hits a running boot scrape in the corner followed by the shining wizard but that’s only good enough for a two count. Boy kicks out of a backslide and a rollup. Boy plants Azrieal with a forward slam dropping the champ on his head and gets the win. (***. A fine match between these two as the fans were wanting Boy to win the title big time here. The finish was botched once, but despite that it was still an enjoyable title match.)

Prior to the main event, Lethal suggests that Corino send Ricky Landel to the backstage area to settle this like men, but Corino declines. Lethal brings his father to ringside from the bleachers to be in his corner.

Main Event: JAPW Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal vs. Steve Corino: Lethal charges but is met with a clothesline and a vertical suplex for a near fall. Lethal gets out of a cobra clutch with a full nelson suplex for a near fall and Corino rolls to the floor to regroup. Corino works over Lethal with a series of chops in the corner. Lethal ducks a chop and returns the chops to Corino in the corner. Lethal hits a running chop and Corino begs off in the corner while talking to Landel. Corino yanks Jay down by his hair and taunts his father. Lethal dropkicks Corino into the corner and again Steve backs off. Lethal gets out of a headlock with a back suplex for a two count. Jay follows up with a back breaker and a snap suplex for a two count. Lethal sends Corino hard back first into the corner. Lethal dropkicks Corino on the side of the head but can’t put the challenger away. Corino battles back with an ace crusher. Corino dumps Lethal to the floor where Ricky Landel gets several cheap shots in and chokes Lethal while the referee was distracted.

Corino gets a near fall when Lethal is rolled back into the ring. Corino attempts a brain buster but Lethal blocks the move but Corino hits an STO for a near fall. Corino rakes Jay’s eyes to retain control of the match and chokes Jay over the apron. Corino sets up for a reverse DDT and says “Fuck ECW” but Lethal hits a neck breaker/back breaker combo. Corino no sells it to hit a power slam. Lethal hits a dragon suplex and both men are down. Lethal clotheslines Corino a couple of times to get a second wind. Lethal hits a springboard cross body for a two count. Lethal backdrops Corino and hits a middle rope heel kick for a near fall. Lethal plants Corino with a brain buster and heads to the top rope where he hits a diving head butt which only gets a two count on the cover.

Lethal attempts a dropkick but Corino hangs onto the ropes and nails Lethal with a clothesline for two count. Corino puts a modified cross face on Lethal but the champion won’t give in. Landel slides a chair into the ring but Lethal dropkicks Corino’s knee and puts in the Lethal Lock submission! Corino doesn’t give in but Lethal drops Steve face first across the chair for a near fall. Jay goes to the top again but Landel holds Jay’s foot to allow Corino to toss a chair at the champion’s head. Corino hits a superplex and nearly wins but only gets a near fall. Corino attempts a lariat but Lethal doesn’t budge. Lethal blocks a second one with a full nelson suplex. Lethal hits a leaping DDT from the middle rope and that puts Corino away. (***. It’s a good match with a finish that lacked a huge pope or anything. Despite that, they worked well together and the match flew by really. Corino looked pretty good in defeat and Lethal continues to get credible wins as champion.) After the match, Lethal is attacked by Landel and Corino. Landel handcuffs Lethal to the top rope as fans are leaving the arena. Jay father is in the ring and wants a piece of Corino. Ricky grabs Jay’s father and decks him with a right hand. Corino puts a cross face on Jay’s father right in front of Lethal who is handcuffed and can’t do anything. A few guys from the locker room leave to run the heels off. Corino tries to go at Jay’s mother but Jay breaks free and tries to get his hands on Corino but is held back. Lethal breaks free and gets a few shots in on Corino.

Final Thoughts:
Lethal/Corino and Azrieal/B-Boy were the only good matches on the show, but they weren’t good enough to make the show worthwhile. The show came across like a B show for the company as a few of the top names weren’t on the card (Homicide and Teddy Hart more notably.) There isn’t a real reason to check out the show, sadly.

Thanks for reading.

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