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SMW TV 5/8/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Barbourville, KY

1.) Dixie Dynamite defeated The Avenger
2.) Dirty White Boy defeated Bobby Blaze
3.) The Nightstalker defeated Paul Lee
4.) Jimmy Golden defeated SMW Tag Team Champion Stan Lane
5.) SMW Beat the Champ TV Champion Brian Lee defeated Killer Kyle by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tammy Fytch came to ringside during the opening match to apparently scout talent for her services.

2.) Tammy Fytch and Dixie Dynamite are interviewed this week. Fytch puts over Hilary Clinton who said she saw greatness in Bill Clinton before anyone else. She wants to do the same with Dixie Dynamite. Fytch says they will get rid of the silly Southern stuff. Dynamite says hell no to Tammy Fytch! That’s the second rejection for Fytch.

3.) Rock N’ Roll Express hype up their Rage In The Cage match in Knoxville. Morton says he knows the Heavenly Bodies are going to try and injure them before their loser leaves town match next week.

4.) Dirty White Boy has the yellow spray paint and sprays the back of Bobby Blaze briefly until Tracy Smothers runs down to run White Boy from the ring.

5.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers is interviewed about the Dirty White Boy. Smothers calls White Boy a coward for spray painting Bobby Blaze. Smothers gets sick just thinking about what happened to him last week. Smothers says nobody has ever called him a coward and he wants a piece of White Boy at Volunteer Slam.

6.) Nightstalker grabs a microphone and says that Kevin Sullivan is no longer the master. Nightstalker is hungry and he will be fed at the expense of Sullivan. He said he was 6’6’’ and now he is 6’8’’. The announcers build him up as 6’10’’. Make up your minds!

7.) A camera man is walking in the woods as we hear Kevin Sullivan screaming and is tied to two trees. Sullivan says he wanted to change and wanted to be good. Sullivan asks how can he be good when they want to put him inside a cage. Sullivan is in the tree of woe saying that various birds have been picking at him. Sullivan says there is no good in his heart. Sullivan asks if he can trust the Stud Stable or the Rock N’ Roll Express. Sullivan tells Bob Armstrong that he is the reason why he is back to being the devil.

8.) Dutch Mantel leaves the commentary table to be in Golden’s corner for his singles match with Lane. Golden runs over Lane with a shoulder block but doesn’t continue with his advantage. Golden blocks a backdrop with a boot to the chest and knocks Lane to the floor. Golden nearly rolls Lane up for a victory but Lane kicks out and complains of a handful of tights. Golden hip tosses Stan and again Lane bails to the floor to regroup. Lane knocks Golden down to avoid a backdrop and stomps away on Jimmy. Lane misses a knee lift in the corner and Jimmy hammers away on Stan before kicking his leg several times. Golden locks in the figure four. Mantel keeps Pritchard on the apron from getting in. The referee is knocked down as Golden scoop slams Lane. Cornette misses an elbow drop and Bob Armstrong runs in to count the pin fall! (*1/2. This was a rather basic match, but the ending provides some hype for Rage In The Cage.)

9.) “Suicide Blonde” Chris Candido shares some pre-tape comments about his eventual debut for SMW. He is the WWA Heavyweight Champion and wants to defend the championship in SMW. Candido says that Bob Armstrong is refusing to acknowledge his championship as the World Championship. Candido is going to show why he is the best thing to come out of New Jersey.

10.) Jim Cornette is angry about Bob Armstrong counting the pin fall in the previous match. Cornette knows that everyone would love to see him die from a heart attack. Cornette says that Armstrong has been against him and everything he has tried to do since day one. He doesn’t care what the fans think about Armstrong and says that Bob is crooked politician. Cornette is ashamed of SMW for having Armstrong running the company. Cornette reveals that Dixie Dynamite is actually Scott Armstrong! He says that Scott Armstrong is ashamed to be part of the Armstrong Family and that’s why he wears the mask. Scott Armstrong comes out and pulls off his mask to say he isn’t ashamed of who he is. Scott says he loves his father with all of his heart and says that Bob raised him and his brothers to be good men. Scott didn’t want any favoritism and that’s why he wore the mask. Cornette doesn’t love his father because Bob has been against him since day one. Bob Armstrong comes over and tells Cornette to not talk about his family and tells Jim to talk to him personally. Cornette tells Bob that he is the lowest form of life he has ever met in his entire life. Cornette says that Armstrong will not achieve in screwing him over. Cornette says that nothing can happen because Armstrong is the commish. Armstrong takes off his tie and wants Cornette to make a move. Bob grabs Cornette for saying that his son Brian deserted the Marines. Armstrong drops Cornette to end the segment! That was a nicely done segment and I hope Dixie Dynamite gimmick is dropped and this allows Steve to wrestle!

11.) Kyle attacks Lee before the bell and hits a scoop slam. Lee comes back with a dropkick and sends Kyle to the floor. Lee slingshots Kyle back into the ring from the apron. Kyle runs into a big boot in the corner and Lee hits a middle rope clothesline for a near fall. The Heavenly Bodies come into the ring and attack Brian Lee. Cornette is in there as well to whack Lee with his tennis racket. The Rock N” Roll Express come in and make the save for Lee.

12.) Bob Armstrong, the Express and Brian Lee are interviewed. Bob Armstrong says in the Rage in the Cage is something Cornette won’t know about until after they leave. Morton also hypes up the loser leaves town match on the 15th saying they are here to stay.

Final Thoughts:
That segment between Cornette and Bob Armstrong may be the best interview segment that SMW has put together up to this point. The reveal of Scott Armstrong is great as I was not a fan of the Dixie Dynamite character to begin with. This show largely promoted the Rage in the Cage big event so it was effective in that regard.

Thanks for reading.

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