SMW TV 5/1/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Barbourville, KY

1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers defeated The Avenger
2.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Paul Lee & Scott Campione
3.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Bobby Blaze & Robbie Eagle
4.) Brian Lee defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bobby Eaton to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dirty White Boy attacks Smothers after his victory sending Smothers into the ring post and delivers a leg drop in the ring. Ron Wright gives White Boy some yellow spray paint and White Boy spray paints yellow onto the back of Smothers until Horner runs into the ring to make the save.

2.) Tracy Smothers and Tim Horner are interviewed. Horner says they are brothers and he might as well have spray painted his back as well. Smothers chimes in and says the battle rages on between them. Smothers says he isn’t a coward and is going to dance with White Boy at Volunteer Slam ’93.

3.) Brian Lee is interviewed by Bob Caudle about the Volunteer Slam. Tammy Fytch comes over to the scene and meets Brian Lee. Fytch has studied a lot of wrestlers and puts over Lee as having ability and wants Lee to sign her contract. She thinks he could be incredible. Bob Armstrong comes over and says he can’t allow her to interrupt people while talking. Brian Lee says “if I wanted a woman to tell me what to do, I’d get married, and you’re not my type.” Ouch!

4.) Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed regarding the match with Tracy Smothers coming up soon. Wright says he will only wave the white flag the one time that he is doing right now. Wright says he is going to put the flag away under concrete so that nobody can wave the flag. Wright thinks everyone should do a lot of praying for Tracy Smothers. White Boy likes getting busted ope and thinks that Smothers doesn’t like it. White Boy is confident that Horner will wave the flag like he is at the races.

5.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed about the Stud Stable saying they want a shot at the winners on May 15th. Morton warns them if they double cross them there will be hell to pay. Express accept the challenge from the Stud Stable after May 15th.

6.) Down & Dirty this week is with Kevin Sullivan who thinks he is misunderstood. They decide to sit down in the middle of the ring because Sullivan is more comfortable. Sullivan describes killing seals after Mantel asks him about butterfly. Sullivan thinks about Nightstalker tripping and burning his face on the grill when Mantel asks him about flowers. He compares a cage to a waterfall while the Rage in the Cage is full of blood and organs. Sullivan tells Nightstalker he is the master and Nightstalker is the pupil.

7.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed following their match. Cornette tells Caudle that he doesn’t know what is going on in his mind. Cornette reminds us the rules of the Rage in the Cage happening at the Volunteer Slam. There aren’t any rules to the match. He also hypes up the Last Tangle In Tennessee against the Rock N’ Roll Express on May 15th. Cornette has looked forward to being responsible for the end of the Rock N’ Roll Express. Bob Armstrong comes over and delivers a message to Cornette. Armstrong reveals that he is going to the special referee for the Rage In The Cage match!

8.) Lee shoves Eaton away in the corner to get the early advantage but neither man has any lasting offense in the opening moments of the match. Lee shoulder blocks Eaton tot he floor and Eaton rolls away further. Eaton comes back with a knee lift and hammers away on Lee, but Brian drops Eaton with a dropkick. Eaton sends Lee to the floor where Jim Cornette nails Lee with his tennis racket. Lee fights Eaton off on the floor. Lee backdrops Eaton on the floor! Eaton sends Lee back first into the ring post and Lee hits the back of his head as well. Lee misses a twisting cross body off the top rope and crashes to the canvas. Lee ducks a clothesline to hit one of his own and pins Eaton to win the title and $1,000! (**. Well, once it actually got going it was a decent match and the fans popped big time for the victory.) After the match, Eaton whacks Lee with the tennis racket and the Heavenly Bodies attack Lee until the Rock N’ Roll Express come in for the save. Killer Kyle enters the ring and hammers away on Lee. Cornette whacks Morton over the back to end the segment.

9.) Brian Lee and the Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed to end the show. Jimmy Golden come over and says he and Robert Fuller are going to have to bail the Express out at Volunterr Slam. Morton warns Golden if they are double crossed they will be all over the Stud Stable.

Final Thoughts:
Tammy seems to have her eye on Brian Lee, who didn’t seem interested at least for now. The Smothers/White Boy feud continues to be entertaining as their rematch is hopefully at the same level as their chain match. Bobby Eaton’s run in SMW is over, and while it was fun he didn’t really put anyone over other than Lee, who didn’t really need it. I’d say this was a fun overall episode that advanced several feuds.

Thanks for reading.

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