SMW TV 4/24/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Barbourville, KY

1.) Tim Horner defeated The Avenger
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bobby Eaton defeated Bobby Blaze to retain the title
3.) Dirty White Boy defeated Scott Campione
4.) The Nightstalker defeated Kevin Sullivan by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Caudle interviews a new female talent named Tammy Fytch. Tammy is a member of the New England Fytch family. She has filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit saying that the company hasn’t hired any female talents. She attends the same college as Hilary Clinton. Tammy says she will start off as a manager once she gets the right person. Tammy says he will move on to other positions once she masters the art of being a manager. There were a few parts where she looked nervous and uncomfortable, but the angle has some promise.

2.) Volunteer Slam ’93 will feature Rage In The Cage. The match will see the Heavenly Bodies, Killer Kyle, Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac compete against the Rock N’ Roll Express, Stud Stable and Brian Lee. The team that win three out of five singles matches earlier in the night will get the advantage in the cage match. The rules are basically War Games. There are two ways to win. You can win by submission or by handcuffing all your opponents to the cage!

3.) Bob Armstrong is with the Rock N’ Roll Express for a special announcement. On May 15th there will be a special main event, but Morton shows us footage from last week that saw him get honey and feathers tossed onto him. Morton says it is the last time that Cornette will ever embarrass them again. On May 15th, the loser of the fall will have to leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling forever and they will never return to the company. Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies come over and they are pissed about the stipulation. Armstrong says that somebody on May 15th in Johnson City someone is leaving Smoky Mountain Wrestling!

4.) Jim Cornette and Bobby Eaton are interviewed about Eaton’s last appearance being next week because of what Bob Armstrong revealed last week. Cornette is pissed about the Rage in the Cage and now loser leaves SMW match. Cornette says that the banishment will be short term while the Express leaving SMW will be forever.

5.) Bob Caudle interviews Dirty White Boy after winning his match in twenty-two seconds. White Boy and Ron Wright have a white flag. White Boy explains the coward waves the white flag match where when someone waves the flag, the match is over with. White Boy says that Tracy Smothers is going to have Tim Horner in his corner for the match at Volunteer Slam ’93. Caudle is confident that Smothers will not wave the flag. White Boy guarantees that Smothers will wave the flag. Ron Wright promises to not wave the flag because he has a heart of steel.

6.) Down & Dirty this week is with SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers and Tim Horner. Dutch Mantel talks about the coward waves the flag match that Smothers will be competing in soon. Smothers gets a cheap pop saying it is great to be in the South. Smothers says he has been busted open more than in the last six months than he had been in six years. Tracy says the White Boy doesn’t matter anymore. He respects Dirty White Boy and mentions that Horner is in his corner. Smothers isn’t going to wave the flag and give up in anything. Smothers says that Horner is his best friend and asks if Horner will wave the flag, but Horner says he will not wave the flag.

7.) Sullivan clotheslines Nightstalker over the top to the floor but Nightstalker jumps right back into the ring and rams Sullivan head first into the top turnbuckle several times. They go to the floor and begin to brawl into the crowd where they hit each other with a plastic chair. They head back towards ringside where Sullivan chops Nightstalker but they don’t do any harm. Nightstalker hits a slingshot clothesline back in the ring and they go back into the crowd. Sullivan grabs a wooden stick to hit Nightstalker, but it doesn’t do any damage. Nightstalker lifts Kevin up by his neck and slams him down to the canvas. Sullivan sends Nightstalker into the ring post but Nightstalker no sells it! Sullivan avoids a dropkick by hanging onto the ropes. Sullivan monkey flips Nightstalker out of the corner. Nightstalker knocks Sullivan to the floor and follows to deliver a double axe handle before sending Sullivan face first into the ring post. The referee calls for the bell to stop the match as Sullivan used something on Nightstalker. (*. This was just a brawl, but I found myself entertained by Nightstalker and if he were to stick around he would have been a good baby face for the company.)

8.) Kevin Sullivan is interviewed to close the program. Sullivan had some kind mist as it is all in his mouth and chest. Sullivan says he doesn’t like being in a tag match unless he is with people he controls, but he makes the exception for Volunteer Slam. Sullivan thinks that the Express and Lee have made a mistake by having The Stud Stable and Brian Lee as their partners. Nightstalker runs over and attacks Sullivan slamming him on the floor. The show ends with the two men still brawling.

Final Thoughts:
I’m quite interested in the Rage In The Cage idea as all the men involved have some kind history with one another. Tammy Fytch was hopefully just nervous and will get more comfortable the more she is on television because the angle has some promise as the company does need another heel manager so that Cornette isn’t so over exposed. I thought it was an enjoyable week of television.

Thanks for reading.

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