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SMW TV 6/26/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Cumberland, KY

1.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Larry Santo & Robbie Eagle
2.) WWA World Champion Chris Candido defeated Chris Comet
3.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated Two Jobbers
4.) Bobby Blaze defeated Dirty White Boy to win the vacant SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed following their victory. They will be wrestling The Bruise Brothers at Summer Blast. They say everyone has a weakness and they will find the weakness in the Bruise Brothers. Morton is confident they will retain the titles.

2.) We see footage from June 11th where Tracy Smothers was attacked by Kevin Sullivan and Dirty White Boy. Brian Lee ran into the ring and made the save fighting with Sullivan and White Boy. Lee has a steel chair in hand to send the heels out of the ring. Lee helps Smothers to his feet and sits Tracy on the chair. Lee raises Tracy’s arm and comes off the ropes to deliver a clothesline to the champion! Lee is attacking Smothers! Lee puts Smothers over his shoulder and hits a power slam! Lee heads to the top rope and hits a knee drop on his former friend. Lee spits on Smothers and delivers a few more stomps. Lee leaps off the top rope to knee drop Smothers again. Lee acts like he is going to leave but kicks Smothers on the side and leaves the ring. Brian Lee has turned heel on SMW and Smothers.

3.) Brian Lee was interviewed backstage and Lee says he was tired of being a big man living in a little man’s shadow before slamming the door on the interviewer.

4.) Chris Candido is interviewed following his victory. Candido now knows why SMW won’t recognize him as a world champion. It is because they are afraid he will beat all their talent. Candido was thinking about leaving the South because the rednecks, but is going to stick around because it is easy in the South.

5.) The Summer Blast main event is Bob Armstrong teaming with Scott & Steve Armstrong taking on The Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. Kanemura is returning to SMW for only Knoxville and Johnson City to take on Kevin Sullivan, who butchered many months ago.

6.) Down & Dirty this week has SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers and Tim Horner as his guests. They are sitting at the desk with the championship on the table. We see footage leading up to their match at Summer Blast. Dutch Mantel is trying to cause issues between them but Smothers is trying to keep the peace. They square off on July 2nd. Smothers doesn’t care that the match is in Horner’s hometown Morristown. They begin to argue some more as Smothers is claiming that Horner may have waved the flag on purpose. They can’t agree on anything.

7.) Tammy Fytch is interviewed by Bob Caudle next. Fytch realizes that Smothers would have been an embarrassment. Fytch teases that she has signed someone to a contract and will be taking Smothers out. She is simply calling him the bounty hunter. Fytch says nobody gets away with insulting her and says Smothers made the biggest mistake of his life.

8.) Another video from Bob Armstrong is aired as he is coming back next weekend to compete in six man tag action with his sons against Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies. Bob says that they are coming for Cornette and nothing will prevent him from getting his hands on Jim Cornette.

9.) Jim Cornette, Killer Kyle, the Heavenly Bodies and Bruise Brothers are interviewed. Cornette still isn’t concern about Bob Armstrong and his kids. Jim puts over the Bruise Brothers for being the baddest tag team in the company. Cornette says the Heavenly Bodies can outsmart anybody and can tie people up in knots. Jim is confident that Killer Kyle will collect the bounty that is currently on SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers.

10.) Kevin Sullivan cuts a promo about wrestling Kanemura again at Summer Blast. Sullivan is going to end things with Kanemura while in Japan.

11.) Blaze takes White Boy over with an arm drag to start the match. Blaze follows up with a hip toss to prevent White Boy from getting any momentum in his favor. Blaze misses a splash in the corner and crashes to the canvas. White Boy continues to control Bobby with a vertical suplex and drops a knee. White Boy works over Blaze in the corner with strikes and delivers a leg drop moments later. White Boy drives Blaze down to the canvas with a choke slam but didn’t go for the cover. White Boy plants Blaze with a DDT but still doesn’t pin Blaze. White Boy scoop slams Blaze and heads to the middle rope but misses a head butt. Blaze takes advantage and pins White Boy! (1/2*. This is the definition of a fluke win. This doesn’t make Blaze a credible guy whatsoever.) After the match, White Boy hammers away on Blaze in the corner with strikes. White Boy is choking Blaze with a chain as Ron Wright is at ringside as well. White Boy plants Blaze with another DDT and Bobby appears to be busted open. White Boy hits a DDT onto the steel chain. White Boy tears up the $1,000 check and shoves it down Bobby’s throat.

12.) Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed to end the program. White Boy is livid saying he kicked out at two and says there is no way Blaze could ever pin him. White Boy doesn’t think Blaze realizes who he is dealing with. White Boy warns Blaze if he gets him in the ring he will shove the chain down his throat.

Final Thoughts:
I didn’t think the Brian Lee heel turn would be so quickly done, but just based off of one promo he appears to be far more confident playing the heel character. This is another week of mostly forgettable action taking place. With Summer Blast close the buildup has been minimal since a lot of feuds are just carrying over from the last big event.

Thanks for reading.

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