WCW Saturday Night 2/15/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Jackson, TN

1.) Steiner Brothers defeated Bunkhouse Buck & Mike Enos
2.) Maxx defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
3.) Roadblock defeated Sledgehammer
4.) Super Calo defeated JL
5.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Devon Storm
6.) Chris Benoit defeated Billy Pearl
7.) Harlem Heat defeated High Voltage
8.) Jeff Jarrett defeated Villano IV
9.) Hugh Morrus defeated Pince Iaukea
10.) WCW United States Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated Konnan by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Chris Benoit and Woman are interviewed by Lee Marshall. Benoit will be having a death match at Superbrawl with Kevin Sullivan. Woman isn’t afraid to be strapped to Jackie in the match. Benoit asks if we are talking about the death of Sullivan’s mind and career. Benoit is going to beat, use and abuse Sullivan at Superbrawl.

2.) WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko is interviewed about his upcoming match with Syxx at Superbrawl. Malenko still doesn’t have his championship that Syxx stole. Dean tells a story about Syxx training with his father to get into the business. Malenko knows his father taught Syxx about respect, which is being ignored. Malenko is not fan of how Syxx went about getting a title shot. Malenko is going to beat respect into Syxx at Superbrawl.

3.) Jeff Jarrett is interviewed regarding his match with Steve McMichael at Superbrawl. If Jarrett wins then he becomes a Horsemen. Jarrett says that Flair made him a Horsemen but all the members didn’t like it, but he has beaten the members in the ring leading up to Mongo. Jarrett knows that Debra sees talent in him and he thinks he will leading the Horsemen after a victory at Superbrawl.

4.) Konnan quickly opens the match hitting a press slam and taunts the fans. Guerrero nearly wins with a rollup but Konnan runs over Eddie with a quick clothesline. Guerrero comes back with a head scissors and tries a slingshot cross body to the floor but Konnan sends Eddie into the railing instead. Konnan rams Eddie face first into the ring steps and keeps control with a chin lock on the canvas. Konnan nails Guerrero with a rolling clothesline but only gets a two count. Konnan dropkicks a seated Eddie for a near fall. Konnan hits a crucifix sit down power bomb but Guerrero kicks out at two. Konnan misses a splash in the corner and Eddie goes on the attack with right hands. Guerrero drops Konnan with an uppercut. Guerrero gets another two count following a spinning back elbow. Konnan recovers and has a full nelson and tries to have Jimmy Hart use his megaphone but Hart hits Konnan on accident. Guerrero hits the frog splash but Jimmy enters to cause the disqualification. (**1/2. That was a fun little match between these two as Konnan displayed some good power offense and Guerrero was his usual great self.)

Final Thoughts:
A good episode of Saturday Night once again as they continue the strong feature bout streak and we got some good promos to hype up the pay per view taking place in a couple of weeks.

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