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WCW Saturday Night 2/8/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Jackson, TN

1.) Villano IV defeated Pat Tanaka
2.) Ultimo Dragon defeated The Cheetah Kid
3.) Jeff Jarrett defeated Hugh Morrus
4.) The Barbarian & Meng defeated Jerry Flynn & Mark Starr
5.) Ron Powers defeated Bunkhouse Buck
6.) Maxx defeated JL
7.) Konnan defeated Billy Pearl
8.) Roadblock defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
9.) Alex Wright defeated Devon Storm
10.) WCW United States Champion Eddie Guerrero fought WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko to a time-limit draw.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jarrett starts the match taking Morrus down with a headlock but Morrus gets up and shoves Jarrett, which gets a pop from the crowd. Morrus continues his offense with a hip toss and pummels Jarrett in the corner with right hands. Jarrett atomic drops Morrus and hits a standing dropkick. Jeff walks on the back of Morrus following a drop toe hold and takes the big man over with a snap suplex. Steve McMichael and Debra appear on the aisle way to allow Morrus to clothesline Jarrett on the apron. Debra is showing concern for Jarrett. Morrus avoids a dropkick and Jarrett crashes to the canvas. Hugh hits a double under hook overhead suplex and signals for a moonsault, but doesn’t go for it. Instead, Morrus misses a middle rope leg drop. Jarrett takes Morrus over with a sunset flip and pins Morrus. (*1/4. That was a rather basic match but at least we got some angle advancement with Mongo.)

2.) Jimmy Hart is interviewed saying that women in WCW is nothing but trouble and lists examples of trouble. Hart says that Jackie being with the Dungeon of Doom just isn’t going to happen. Jackie comes over and tries to talk to Hart about making everything better. Jackie thinks that Nancy is jealous because she got Kevin Sullivan. Jackie tells Nancy to get over it that she can give Kevin what Nancy couldn’t give him.

3.) Guerrero takes Malenko down to the canvas with a leg sweep and works over the leg of Malenko with the crowd fully behind Guerrero. Malenko counters out of the hold to work over Eddie with a chin lock. They are trading mat base offense until Malenko goes to the ropes to cause a rope break. Guerrero hits a spinning heel kick and a slingshot senton splash from the apron into the ring for a near fall. Malenko drives Guerrero down to the canvas with a back suplex. Malenko follows up with a spinning heel kick of his own but Guerrero kicks out at two. Eddie controls Malenko with an abdominal stretch but isn’t able to get a submission. Malenko hits a brain buster but Guerrero kicks out at two. Eddie gets out of a head scissors on the canvas and gets a surfboard on Malenko but doesn’t get a submission either. Guerrero and Malenko crash over the top to the floor after Guerrero hit a hurricanrana. Malenko rolls through a sunset flip for a near fall on Guerrero. Malenko avoids a tornado DDT but Guerrero rolls Malenko up for a two count. Malenko plants Guerrero with a power bomb and attempts the Cloverleaf but Guerrero counters with a rollup for a near win. Dean drops Eddie chest first to the canvas but Eddie gets a near fall with another rollup. The bell sounds as the match ends in a time limit draw. (**1/4. The last three minutes of the match or so was really fun and they didn’t get to that next level. Nonetheless, a quality match for Saturday Night.)

Final Thoughts:
The Jackson, TN crowd is making some noise for the action, which is always a good thing. Malenko/Guerrero was a good television match without showcasing all they had to offer.

Thanks for reading.

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