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WCW Saturday Night 2/28/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Palmetto, FL

1.) Disco Inferno defeated Evan Karagias
2.) The Barbarian defeated Barry Horowitz
3.) Davey Boy Smith & Jim Neidhart defeated Public Enemy
4.) Barry Darsow defeated Todd Griffith
5.) Eddie Guerrero defeated Bobby Blaze
6.) Billy Kidman defeated Doc Dean
7.) Ernest Miller defeated Frankie Lancaster
8.) Jim Duggan defeated William Worthy
9.) Bobby Eaton & Bobby Walker defeated Disorderly Conduct
10.) Chris Benoit defeated Raven by disqualification in a Raven’s Rules match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Smith and Grunge start the tag match with Smith getting yanked down to the mat by his hair. Smith dropkicks Grunge from behind and hits a couple of hip tosses on Rock and Grunge. Grunge cheap shots Smith from the apron and Rock continues to work over Smith. Grunge chokes Smith over the top rope with the referee is distracted. Grunge leg drops Smith on the groin and Public Enemy double teams while Neidhart distracted the referee. Smith big boots Grunge as he comes off the middle rope. Neidhart gets the hot tag and cleans house on Public Enemy. Neidhart is met with a double clothesline and Smith is worked over. Rock attempts the Drive By, but hits Grunge who goes crashing through a table. Neidhart power slams Rock to get the win. (*. That sucked. Public Enemy is incapable of working a non-hardcore style.)

2.) Eddie Guerrero is interviewed about his upcoming WCW Television Championship match at Uncensored against Booker T. Guerrero says that Booker T has made the biggest mistake of his career by giving a complete wrestler like himself a shot at the title. Guerrero doesn’t care about the fans and all he cares about is getting his arm raised. Guerrero says he will bring Booker down mentally.

3.) Raven shares some pre-tape comments regarding WCW United States Champion Diamond Dallas Page. Raven says they have been friends, enemies, friends again and enemies once more. Raven says that DDP would make us believe that he is a self made man and hasn’t had any help. Raven taught DDP how to inflict pain and how to hurt people. Raven says that DDP doesn’t remember his help. DDP is a superstar and a champion, but what about him? Raven will find his way and he will step over Benoit in order to get the WCW United States Championship. Raven says that he will torture DDP and tonight he wrestles Benoit where he will feast on Benoit’s pain and then come for DDP.

4.) Scotty Riggs attacks Benoit from behind on the floor and that allows Raven to get the cheap advantage delivering a forearm drop on the apron. Raven dropkicks Benoit from behind and gets a two count. Raven stomps on Benoit on the floor and leaps off the apron to elbow drop Benoit. Benoit gets a rollup back in the ring but only manages a near fall. Raven dumps Benoit to the floor again and grabs a chair. Raven arm drags Benoit back first onto the chair! Raven rams Benoit face first into the chair and pummels Benoit in the corner. Raven continues with a drop toe hold onto the chair to keep Benoit down. Benoit nearly wins with an inside cradle and hits a snap suplex onto the chair. Benoit drops Raven gut first across the top rope and Raven crashes to the floor. Benoit baseball slides the chair into Raven’s face! Benoit wedges the chair into the corner and sends Raven back first into the chair. Benoit stomps the chair onto Raven’s face and heads to the top rope. Riggs crotches Benoit on the top to save Raven from the flying headbutt. Benoit slams Raven off but again Riggs gets involved with Benoit fighting Riggs off on the apron. Saturn comes in as well and Benoit is beaten down by the Flock. DDP coms in and holds Raven but Benoit accidentally decks Page to end the show! (**1/4. A few good moments in the match and I was not expecting the arm drag onto the chair, honestly. A fun main event to close the show this week.)


Final Thoughts:
The main event was a bright spot and the promos by Guerrero and Raven were nicely done to promote their respective feuds. The ending keeps the viewer interested in the fallout between Benoit and DDP, as well.

Thanks for reading.

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