WCW Saturday Night 2/7/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Corpus Christi, TX

1.) Ernest Miller defeated Glacier
2.) Public Enemy defeated Steve & Scott Armstrong
3.) Bobby Blaze defeated Barry Horowitz
4.) WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5.) Louie Spicolli defeated Mark Starr
6.) Goldberg defeated Disco Inferno
7.) Chris Adams defeated Brad Armstrong
8.) Greg Valentine defeated Mike Tolbert
9.) Eddie Guerrero defeated Silver King
10.) Chris Benoit defeated Raven by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Miller opens the match with a backdrop and nails Glacier with a kick to his chest sending Glacier to the floor. Glacier drops Miller throat first across the top rope to get the advantage. Glacier brings Miller back into the ring with a vertical suplex and chokes Miller. Glacier works over Miller in the corner with several strikes and a throat thrust. Glacier leaps off the middle rope but gets a boot to the face. Miller is stopped on the middle rope and slammed back to the canvas. Glacier attempts a super kick but Miller leg sweeps Glacier and hits a double springboard kick to the face and pins Glacier! (**. That was less than three minutes but I enjoyed that quite a bit. For the short time it felt like a grudge match and worked it very well for what it was given.)

2.) Jim Duggan cuts a promo saying that people have been asking where has been lately. Duggan says that the experts have suggested that he change his look because it is the 90s. Jim says what he does is carry his 2×4 and the flag of the USA. He does what Jim Duggan does best and that is beat people up. He doesn’t care if he wins or loses he will stand over his opponent with his 2×4 and flag, tough guy!

3.) After Adams wins his match, Glacier comes out and claps for Adams in the ring and brings Adams over to talk to him. Glacier insults Adams saying he does well for his age. Glacier knows that Adams uses his move and made the move famous. Adams calls Glacier a boy and says he had been using the move since Glacier was a punk kid in the front row. Adams suggests Glacier show him how it is done. Glacier decides against that and bails from the ring.

4.) Benoit taunts Raven about beating him at WCW Souled Out last month. Benoit calls Raven a cheap shot artist and changes his mind calling Raven nothing. Raven decks Benoit with a forearm but doesn’t follow up on the attack as Benoit smiles before taking Raven down to the mat until the Flock runs in with Benoit slamming Kidman and taking care of both Lodi and Sick Boy locking in the Crossface. Scotty Riggs enters and hammers away on Benoit hitting a swinging neck breaker. Benoit is being laid out as Raven gets a microphone and tells Benoit to look into his eyes to see the hopelessness of Benoit’s career. The locker room empties to save Benoit but they just keep the guys apart until Benoit breaks free and jumps on Raven in the corner. Raven does the same to Benoit as the wrestlers have a hard time keeping them apart. Benoit tried a dive over the top but Riggs cut him off with a dive. Benoit avoids a double clothesline and baseball slides Raven. Kidman hits a somersault flip and Riggs hits a slingshot cross body to the floor! That was a hot ending to the show.

Final Thoughts:
Yeah, we got a bait and switch main event, but the segment was really enjoyable and the quick Glacier/Miller match was entertaining as well. Heck, we even have a feud starting between Glacier and Adams on Saturday Night. You’d think Glacier would win the previous match with Miller, but oh well.

Thanks for reading.

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